August 11, 2019

Epstein Update

The fallout from the Epstein saga grows and grows as the full scope of the operation slowly reveals itself. In an unexpected twist today the Vatican became enveloped in the scandal.The Vatican finance minister released a statement following revelations of an unpaid invoice for 'services rendered' from Epstein Global Girls LLC. or EGG as it was commonly known possibly as Epstein's egotistical reference to his uniquely shaped penis. A Vatican insider however declared the story untrue and the invoice a fake. Allegedly the invoice totaled almost $600,000 and was for pizza. As the insider stated the Vatican for the large part is anti pizza and more inclined to munch on hot dogs. In a show of inter faith solidarity the pope addressed the crowds and implored the faithful to invest in Israel based telecom stocks and pray backwards whilst sacrificing their pets for the salvation of Epstein who according to the holy father had simply strayed from the path of righteousness and been caught. The jewish community responded saying that whilst they had enjoyed running the Vatican bank,infiltrating and mocking Catholics worldwide and some of the tamer multi faith sex parties frequently thrown at the Vatican, they neither needed or desired prayers for one of their own.

     Over in the UK newly instated Trump clone Boris Johnson called the head of MI6 to downing street to find out if he was implicated in the Epstein affair. Upon finding out he wasn't he demanded that documents suggesting over 60 trips to pedo island by himself be slipped in to the FBI files in order to 'save face'. "Britain is the pedo capital of the world and i won't have the countries hard won reputation destroyed whilst i'm pretending to run it ! " he screamed according to insiders. He also made reference to Trump's 'ridiculous' hair and suggested he wasn't a natural blonde.

     Meanwhile at Buckingham palace prince Andrew sought an audience with the Queen who snubbed him. She was said to be too busy mowing down peasants in the palace grounds with her Range Rover and was described as 'livid' when one became wedged in the wheel arch bringing a premature end to her weekly routine. The heavily pregnant woman was removed by staff and fed to the corgis. A royal spokesperson later issued a statement to the effect that Andrew was no longer welcome at the palace and that whilst the Crown sanctioned all forms of abuse regarding commoners,it was unacceptable to get caught. Prince Philip was clay pigeon shooting using Asian midgets and in such a state of euphoria it was deemed rude to interrupt him for comment.

    The Epstein story did make the UK news until mid morning when the surprise return of London pensioner, Mavis Riley's assumed dead cat kicked the story off the top spot. A truck fire and the mysterious death of a barn owl in a small northern town vanquished Epstein to the 'in other news' summary. Boris Johnsons promise that Britain would certainly, most definitely and in all likelihood leave, or certainly distance itself, possibly by quite a large margin, but not guaranteed, from the EU was the final straw and Epstein was relegated to the history books.

     We sought a statement from our Irish correspondents, but Brizer was still incapacitated and we don't know the whereabouts of Delcroix due to him currently denying houses exist and his last known residence being a hedge just south of Dublin which unfortunately was aggressively pruned shortly after he moved in.



Panzerfaust said...

Are there any podcast dealing with this issue in a serious manner?

Tim said...

this was not a clinton bodycount, this was mossad

twitter allowed clintonbodycount to trend that says enough..................

Tez said...

@ Panzerhaust. There are hundreds of serious podcasts out there. Humour is an effective weapon also and yes humour is subjective. Sorry you found the post stupid,but personally after over 2 decades of this shit i'm depressed,burnt out and sick of it. As you know most are blind to it all and us 'awake' are spread thin and wide. We are mocked,ridiculed and ignored or at least i am so i assume that's standard. None of this is funny. Poison food easily proved by pulling the MSDS (MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET) for the chemicals in foods.Blatant financial and property rights theft. Draconian laws.Rampant injustice.Traitors in our midst.Corrupt justice system.Corrupt 'medical' system.Child abuse,murder, and more. So lets study,study and study some more.Let's learn the most depraved secrets of our enemy.We know much of it and nothing changes.Maybe if we learn it's entirety (which i doubt possible in one lifetime) suddenly the clouds part and the enemy is vanquished? I'd guess at you being American? Well you guys have a large population, tons of hardware and a 'take no shit' attitude so what have you done about all this?........Same as the rest of us.......FUCK ALL! The slight difference is the rest of us have no means to resist. I want to see the real USA win and i want the humiliation of you boys calling us all pussies as you genuinely liberate Europe (not your usual 'liberation').It ain't happening this week....or next.I do what i can as do us all. If you have positive input fire away.No one forces anyone to come here or look at any of the posts and regardless of how shit a post may be it's gone in a few days at worst.Try swinging by Tuesday and there'll be tons more depressing and more importantly, SERIOUS analysis of the Epstein saga and shit around us.

Amanda said...

Yes, Tim, that's my take on it too--Mossad operation, whisked him away to Tel Aviv (nose on alive Epstein doesn't match nose on dead guy on gurney). Probably broke him out of there while the goyim were distracted by the deep state shooting hoax marathon. The guy probably has a new face and his hanging out with that Ghislane Maxwell lady. She probably has a new face too.

There was no way the Mossad was going to let the truth come out in a courtroom that this was a Mossad blackmail operation and that this is how the US govt is really run behind the scenes with the Mossad controlling most of the US govt w/sexual blackmail.