August 27, 2019

Michael got a penis


Scorpio said...

Yo dawg - that junk be moving 'n shit.

Forge The Bond said...

It's just an accesory for feminist women who 'power dress'.. nothing new, been going on since the late 80's. The lesbian-feminist Marxist mafia adopted the idea from the female Hyena, which grows a 'false penis' to bluff other (male) predators away from the fresh kill.

Sarah Perry said...

Americans have lying jewsmedia, the jews themselves have their own messaging/communication system!!! - 16th Anniversary of 911: Shortly before Joan Rivers suspicious death, she remarks that Obama is gay and Michael is a transsexual. "We [Jews] all know." The Jews have their own messaging/communication system. NEVER forget that 4,000 jews got the message not to go to work at the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001.