February 21, 2020

Trudeau to Change Immigration Oath to Elevate the status of Aboriginals over "Canadian Citizens"


spoonful said...

Vive les Quebecois!

Voltman said...

Dear Mr. Putin,

Please feel free to invade Canada. It would't be enough to meddle in our elections. We are stuck with a traitorous, felonious and erroneous punk of a Prime Sinister called Justin Trudope. This fake little puppet clown is way over his head in the deep swamp. His masters are slimy money monsters like George Sorass & His Mass Morass Dumbass Ensemble who are incessantly replacing true Canadians with unnecessary and incompatible immigrants.

Mr. Putin, we offer you and your country a port in Vancouver, a port in Kingston and a port in Halifax. You are granted access to the St-Lawrence and the Great Lakes.

Canada recognizes your prowess and success in Syria, in the context of the war on terror. You are invited to join Canada in the war on terror as well. As you know, the country south of our borders harbors the Biggest Terrorist Organization in the world: the US government and its agencies.

Thank you,

Captain O'Kanabec