February 21, 2020

False Flag Weekly News Will Be Delayed 24 Hours This Week


AdolfRichtar@gmail.com said...

This SHITHEAD his hatred of Trump make him IDIOT, he can't even see difference between shit and sausage. Kirk is just a little shitspit on USA politics, he was just servant to international JOOW satan who own USA. Why don't he focus on Fucking joows and stop this BS about idiot Trump. Look to the fucking mirror you shitspit !!!

Zeebra said...

KB's Trump-hate has long since grown dull... such a scholar, encyclopedic mind, reduced to school yard "such a dummyhead! bet he's never read a book, can't even read!!" ad homs, zzzzzz

Hey Zap, could U post this “David Hogg can’t remember his lines” clip?

#BigTechCensorship has been damn near successful in memoryholing it, and this 1 min .MP4 file which was just posted, surely won’t last long!! It’s only 1.9 MB to download, which I heartily recommend:


related 5 sec clip, lolz