February 07, 2020

The Lion King Decoded In Plain Sight


Nona said...

For pete's sake, is this guy still presenting bible proverbs? The jewish bible? Really?

This place the Lowest and slowest Level of Existence.

THis about Polarity, exists ONLY in this Level.

There are other Levels, Places, Dimensions, that the religions, Elite have hidden from the Populace, in order to keep us suppressed. And all the while, THEY know and use this knowledge. And encourage the Populace to mock those who want to learn and know about other Existences.

But it's sure darn better than adhering to the beliefs of religion, isn't it? THe false, vicious, blood-thirsty, violent, psycho jewish "god" jehovah?

THis usurper said, "I am the Lord your god, you shall not have any other gods before me. " And, "I am a jealous god."

But a god, that is God, doesn't force you to worship it, or adhere to it, or slaughter you if you don't. A God that is God, is TOO elevated, for this nonsense.
It doesn't NEED its own Creation, to worship it! It gives you Free Will, to do it or not. It doesn't condemn, a "Pagan" or an atheist.

Nona said...

THere isn't any devil, or Hell or Eternal Punishment, it's all made up by religions, clerics, to keep people under the control of the clerics. And they sure, have done a job on us.

THere is NOTHING as addicting, no landgrab, no mansions, no gold, no opium, or mary jew-ana, as addictive, as POWER!

Power over your fellow Beings.

Chains said...

If you reject the Bible that's up to you. It's your call. :)

Harry Mack said...

Sometimes there are treasures in the books removed in creating the 'jew bible'; before the"jew" was even relevant, the 'jew' was not at Mount Sinai - Lamentation over the Fate of Most People - Regardless of race, religion or creed we Have to Fight to Keep Our Bloodline Alive - I Love my racial brothers and sisters and will fight to the end.

2 Esdras Chapter 7

The angel answered and said, “This is the "significance of the contest" that all who are born on earth shall wage:

if they are defeated they shall suffer what you have said, but if they are victorious they shall receive what I have said. For this is the way of which Moses, while he was alive, spoke to the people, saying, ‘Choose life for yourself, so that you may live!’ But they did not believe him or the prophets after him, or even myself who have spoken to them.

Therefore there shall not be grief at their destruction, so much as joy over those to whom salvation is assured.”

Nona said...

Yes, it is bible babble. It is between THE God and me,
say what you want.

Alan said...

Nona your comment just stinks of unknowing presumption and wishful thinking. You don't get to invent the God that you want. It is evil to deny your creator. Just as it is evil to deny your parents. If God doesn't directly condemn a "Pagan" or atheist - for simply being such - then their actions will condemn them. A lifetime of actions taken with no fear of God are bound to be sinful.