February 07, 2020

"The True Cause of Diseases" by Barbara ONeill


Amanda said...

Thanks for this--I'll check it out (pretty sure I've listened to some of her talks before).

And on the issue of "do viruses even exist," years ago, Spingola had Dr. Nancy Banks on her show (Banks used to go on DBS's iamthewitness.com radio show), and she basically seemed to hint at that. It went completely over Spingola's head, but Dr. Banks said that there's been so much scientific fraud that we don't really know anything (as in what viruses, bacteria, etc really are-at least something to that effect). She basically said the scientific fraud was so bad, that we had to start over. And she's also someone who calls BS on the whole idea that HIV causes AIDS.

Amanda said...

Also, I thought this was interesting on the pleomorphic nature of germs:


As discussed in The Lost History of Medicine, the Terrain is more important than the Germ.

Pasteur described germs as non-changeable. We know today, from the use of Darkfield Microscopes that microorganisms are pleomorphic, that they can change and often do. A virus can become a bacterium which can mutate into a yeast or fungus. Modern medicine has yet to acknowledge this because it would turn the pharmaceutical interests on their backs like a helpless tortoise. Again, we follow the money….”

“…It was Bechamp who discovered the pleomorphic nature of germs, and later on Bernard described the “milieu” or environment that affected/caused those changes. Bernard is the one responsible for our theories today on pH and how the nature of the microorganisms change as the body moves from an alkaline pH to an acidic pH. (This is covered in depth in our article The Lost History of Medicine.)

On his deathbed, Pasteur recanted, saying that Bernard was right; the Terrain is everything, the Germ is nothing.

However, since the Germ is so profitable, the medical world has written off his final statements as the madness of a dying man. We should all be so mad.

Chains said...

@Amanda , Yeah its really fascinating stuff. I posted a talk on the world economic forum titled Global Risks Report 2019 a few weeks back, in the video at 23:28 the organizer coughs and says "excuse me I'm doing my best to put pandemics back on the global risk map" and its met with laughter.Do you think they knew something we didnt ? :) Its worth watching IMO if you have not seen it.


Amanda said...

Jon Rappoport even questions whether the coronavirus even exists (after seeing the scientific fraud they pulled with HIV, I question this too). This one is worth a read (all the way through) IMO.


In my research on so-called epidemics and viruses over the last 30 years, I’ve examined a point very few people want to think about.

Does the virus being promoted actually exist?

It might seem absurd to ask that. “Well, of course it exists. Why else would experts be saying it’s causing disease and death? Why else are they developing a vaccine?”

I don’t buy that reply at face value. Never have, never will....

If you grasp the essentials of this discussion, you’ll see there is every reason to question the existence of HIV, because the methods for proving its existence were not followed.

Therefore, more questions emerge. How many other viruses have been named as causes of disease, when in fact those viruses have never been isolated or proved to exist?

Of course, conventional-consensus researchers and doctors will scoff at any attempt to raise these issues. For them, “the science is settled.” Meaning: they don’t want to think. They don’t want to stir the waters.

I want to be clear about what I’m asserting here. There are very serious questions about whether a variety of viruses have ever been isolated, proven to exist, and proven to be causing disease. An OPEN, lengthy, ongoing, published debate needs to be undertaken among researchers—including independent researchers.

These vital issues should never be concealed behind closed elite doors.

Amanda said...

@chainsawmillerman- Thanks for that link. I'll be sure to check out too. And, yeah, I think they know something that we don't--the laughter is a good clue!!

Nona said...

Yes, I've known about Bechamp for years. It's amazing!
Basically, he said, disease originates from inside us.... Our State of Mind.
Then, goes outward.

This is what Edgar Cayce said.

And then, one wonders, what is Real? Could it be that everything is Mind, and we manifest our Reality?

Are we Observers?

Chains said...

@Nona I personally believe that is pure Kabbalistic fantasy to be lapped up by the Goyim. The double slit experiment is pure unadulterated BS. The way I manifest my reality is to get up off my ass haul my flesh and bones about and manifest with my action. The universe is not a cosmic vending machine that is initiated by staring into your navel with your best intentions. Do we create our own reality? Yes we do, but not as freely as believers of YCYOR claim. As it exists, YCYOR is a faulty belief system IMO whose incomplete nature was presented by design. This belief system is a dangerous spiritual weapon used by these kabbalists to disarm . People who seek the New Age as an alternative to atheism or organized religion are not improving their situations. They are merely falling for further deception. IMO. I hope i didn't insult you Nona just my opinion. :)

Chains said...

I should add I used to subscribe to this stuff 10 years ago myself, but got wise to it. OTOH, If it works for you, who am I to say it doesn't :)

Chains said...


If you don’t believe in evil, it cannot harm you because it will not exist in your reality.
True or False?

Amanda said...

Nona- I didn't know about that aspect of Bechamp.

I just thought that when he said it's the "terrain" that matters and not the germ, that he meant by keeping yourself healthy (clean water, healthy food, proper nutrients, low stress, no drugs, exercise,etc.), your "terrain" is such that you won't be vulnerable to the germs b/c your immune system will be able to wage a robust response. I never took it to mean state of mine (but maybe I just didn't read enough of his writings).

And perhaps this, from the link above, also plays a role in sickness:

"Bernard is the one responsible for our theories today on pH and how the nature of the microorganisms change as the body moves from an alkaline pH to an acidic pH"

Chains said...

Thanks for bringing us back on topic! LOL

Liam said...

There is but one virus and it be a mind virus with many, many strains.
Big claim? Yes. Do I have evidence?
Will a few quotes from a published author of a claimed to be non-fiction book suffice as fact checking?

Albert said...

Very Very Interesting Lady!

... Somewhat "cult"-Like !!!

Q: Is it "necessary" for most-folks, that things BE "cult"-Like?

A: Maybe !!!

🌝 🌚 🌞

Chains said...

Well our current medical system that the bulk of the population adheres to is certainly cult like Albert!