May 26, 2020

Bill Gates - Epically Exposed


Voltman said...

Trump Appoints Exec Connected to Bill Gates to Head Vaccine Development
Derrick Broze – The Last American Vagabond May 15, 2020

President Bullshit appoints the medical gangster he was told to appoint, as the incompetent BLOTUS keeps on pretending he is in charge of something other than fooling the unprincipled cheerleaders who still praise the God damn traitorous shithead in spite of all the putrid bullshit this monstrosity of ignorant vanity has spewed since he was selected by the controllers who rig all the elections with no trouble at all while they laugh in the face of all the desperados who are so easily fooled by this two bit bullshitting asshole of astronomical proportions.

King Vyrus The Wirst is a Very Special Kind of Stupid Ignorant Mass Murdering Sack of Rotting Garbage

Voltman said...

COVID Response = Total Control And Murder by Proxy
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Universal Masking And The Call To Resist

At All Levels
WIKI JOE Imbriano
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Minnesota cop kills man while other officers stand guard
Richie From Boston

When are we going to see a video of someone mowing down these police turds with a machine gun?! None of the onlookers shot these two pieces of shit! What a shame! What a shitty little world of order followers!
"Make America Great Again"...??? It never was great except in the minds of its deluded slaves!

Press For Truth
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Captain Ahab said...

I remember first encountering Scott Roberts back around 2006 or so. He has been doing this a long time and has always been consistent and focused on point and doesn't clown around. He isn't the most charismatic guy, but I don't think he is given enough credit for the impact he has had on spreading the truth about the chosen ones.

In the 20 minute Bitchute video below, he does a good job communicating what I have been saying for awhile; that we must operate on the 'worst case scenario' in relation to this Covid-19 scam. Mass-murder has occurred everywhere where these bolshevik bottom-feeders have secured power. They are coming to do more than just poke us with a needle and make sure we're being tracked. The blood-thirsty Kabbalistic face born from lowest regions of Dante's Inferno will not show itself till much later. For now, they are maintaining the illusion of law and adherence to process, but that will change when more and more people begin to become desperate and act out.

Joe Atwill is one of the few guys I've encountered who understands just how severe our situation is even in the next couple of months. When we realize just how weak and pathetic was the resistance to this world-wide shutdown, we can understand just how timorous and feeble people have become. I have a hard time going out into public at all anymore. I see nothing but mass-hypnosis and fear!

Where are the Goethe's of today? Where is there a Beethoven or Shastakovich? A Dostoyevsky or Melville? Is there an Alexander hidden amongst all this trash?

Voltman said...

"This is a video about "philanthropic" billionaire, Bill Gates.
We go into his family history, his early childhood, education, extracurriculars, and time at Harvard to answer the question
"Who was Bill Gates before Microsoft?""

Who was Bill Gates Before Microsoft?
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COVID Response = Total Control And Murder by Proxy
Max Igan
The Truth Behind The Current TWISTED NIGHTMARE...
By Gregory Mannarino
How to Screw Your up Your Child
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