May 26, 2020

Scorpio's Conspiracy Show 2020.05.23

Scorpio Show # 15 on

Topics Include:

Hour 1:

1) Pavlovian Scooby Snacks For All
2) Don't Stand So Close To Me
3) Turd World Virus Infected  Zombies Are Welcome Here
4) Planning The Global Script 10 Years In Advance

Hour 2:

Guest Terry Dodd of Handling The Truth podcast comes aboard and we 
discuss conspiracy reality from 911 to present day hoax hysteria. 

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KnownUnknown said...

Beach sand is a super spreader, Faucci did the research...

Captain Ahab said...

Theater of the Absurd- Dining Out In The "New Normal

Captain Ahab said...

I went to the grocery store today and this specific store has just started to tape plastic over the credit card machine touch-pad. I told the cashier(who was also wearing gloves)that it didn't matter whether the plastic was there or not, because, all you do is just add an additional layer with the same problem. The 'germs' are now on the plastic, instead of the touch-pad. I told her the same about her gloves! I said, "Do you wash your gloves after ever transaction?" She said, "No!" So I asked, "How are the gloves/plastic preventing anything? Instead of having the germs on your hands or the touch-pad, they are now on the plastic and your gloves instead, you've haven't solved anything"

Of course, she only grasped the logic of the situation for a nanosecond before her cognitive dissonance kicked-in and she told me that she was just doing what she was told. The nightmare just keeps coming!

Prussian Revivalist said...

@Captain Ahab, yep, it's disgusting... As the plandemic is "supposedly slowing down" people are wearing more headshields, and I even see businesses adding MORE plexiglass to their currently already added plexiglass setup. More and more equipment, more stickers, etc. How people continue to go along with this is beyond me!

You want to know what I tell staffers who say "I'm just doing what we're told." or if they say "The state says we have too." I ask them if they are told they need to hammer their thumb everyday as a condition of employment, will they go along with that!? I ask them too if they were told they need to jump off a bridge, will they go along?

Albert said...

Scorpio-Without-a-Mask/Helmet: Hell! Open the Store-Door!

"Mask-Wearer"-Robot: I'm Sorry Dave, I CAN'T DO That! ;-)

Scorpio said...

^^ Thanks for the insightful comments with a healthy dose of humor, guys.
All of them gave me a much needed chuckle.
We really do live in an open air insane asylum.

Forge The Bond said...

I'm starting to laugh daily, at this point. The absurdity makes me do it.

Here in Aussieland, we have (allegedly) 100 corona deaths in a pop. of 25 million. It's so pathetic that the gov't are now forced to "tone-down" their rhetoric on the track-n-trace app.

This week, the local grocery has returned to normality. No masks, no gloves, people ignoring distancing (staff included). Walking around the neighborhood has normalized too - very few going wide on sidewalks when passing. Doggies are getting pats from strangers again. :-)

zapoper said...

I used to tell the NPCs: "Look at the official numbers, are those numbers reflecting a pandemic?".

Now I've reduced it to: "When was the last time that healthy people were quarantined instead of the sick?"

They have no answer for that one. I then give examples of the many Ebola outbreaks in Africa. Did they quarantine the whole world for those? No! They quarantined the affected villages.


zapoper said...

"I'm starting to laugh daily, at this point."

You're lucky to see it that way Forge.

Rense was talking about people that were not going back to restaurants etc and he said it was because of fear.

I'm sure that he's right about that but I'm also sure that a whole lot of people are like me and don't even want to engage. I keep my outings to a minimum now because it angers me to see all the idiots with masks, walking into traffic just to avoid me on the sidewalk.

I can't stand the brain dead zombies anymore.

Prussian Revivalist said...

Scorpio, as always your shows are the most inspiring and favorite ones I look forward too. Always hitting the mark!

The Mask is such a big deal and one that we must be confrontational about as you are doing yourself. I keep thinking to myself too, how is this going to drag on through the summer with the humidity!? I really am curious to see what it's going to take for people to toss these stupid masks.

Everyone who began wearing masks and those who demanded people should be wearing masks were completely short-sighted at what kind of ill social effects and other unintended consequences will come from wearing them. There's no way people will want to dine out wearing a mask, and as tensions grow, people will want to loot stores and you can't identify people as easily with masks on. I just cannot believe how many people wear masks even in situations where they are not mandated to do so.

I also get a kick out of people who raise the mask as soon as they come near me.

It's amazing how mental illness has become a badge that's worn across the face.

I'm also glad you posed that question to the people you confronted about where do they think this will all end about more freedoms being eliminated... In my interactions I have mostly been getting similar treatment. I still plant the seeds, but most people eventually go silent on me and want leave my presence or look for someone else nearby to talk to who is in "sheep mode". Truly sickening.

There really are not many valuable humans left on this planet anymore. If we ask ourselves, when is truly the last time we've encountered someone of absolute value and someone we respect and appreciate and would want more in our lives!? It's hard to think of anyone.

Anyone who is absolutely genuine would surely be begging to find out more about the truth and want to be immersed around people who like truth, but of course we always see most people are turned off by anything factual and real.

Forge The Bond said...

"... but of course we always see most people are turned off by anything factual and real."

This was the essence of the Room 101 sequence in Nineteen-Eighty Four. To feel safe and loved by Big Brother - and accepted by others like-minded - rational thought processes must be avoided. The correct response to "How many fingers..?" was "I don't know." i.e. Please tell me what the actual facts really are, because my judgement is faulty.

Captain Ahab said...

"It is necessary for higher men to declare war upon the masses! In all directions mediocre people are joining hands in order to make themselves masters. Everything that pampers, that softens, and that brings the 'people' or 'woman' to the front, operates in favor of universal suffrage that is to say, the dominion of inferior men...the majority of people are only piecemeal and fragmentary examples of man: only when all these creatures are jumbled together does one whole man arise. Whole ages and whole peoples in this sense, have a fragmentary character about them; it perhaps be part of the economy of human development that man should only develop himself piecemeal. But, for this reason, one should not forget that the only important consideration is the rise of the synthetic man; that inferior men, and by far the great majority of people, are but rehearsals and exercises out of which here and there a whole man may arise; a man who is a human milestone, and who indicates how far man has advanced up to that certain point"- Nietzsche

zapoper said...

OK. That could have been avoided.

Chains said...

Masks, tape on the floor, caution tape, hand sanitizer and social distancing are all extremely useful props to maintain the illusion of something real where nothing real exists. It is the wholesale participation in the charade by trusting cattle that need a parental figure because of arrested development, lack of critical reasoning/rational thought and personal responsibility in their lives.

The argument for the roll out of a chipped populous that's linked to their banking information is coming if we don't dispense with the masks soon. Face Ban Its a majority of dupes being led to slaughter whilst fearing for their safety for all the wrong reasons and a troubling lack of courage and the inability to discern the reality of their situation. All these props are essential in solidifying their false reality. That is why its so important to do public shaming with maskless masks and toilet paper roll necklaces if we can :). I really don't know what else can be done, I have lost faith in humanity more so than ever before. It's been a depressing realization just how brain dead people are.

WWS said...

Too many causes, real or imagined, have given the jewthink magus, and its media octopus, the means to misdirect and create continual argumentation, which obfuscates everything.

For JFK, best stick to the ridiculous "single bullet" BS.

For 9/11, stick to the obvious WTC-7 demolition.*

The Virus Scam has proven that "the madness of crowds" is intact, and that fear of death easily motivates it.

Overcome this, preferably without using religion.

*Save other aspects for court.

Forge The Bond said...

In today's world, one can't avoid thinking that the process, described above by Nietzsche, will produce The Anti-Christ. One who will lay waste the quality 'fragments' in order to thwart the next upward cycle of synthesis.

Holly Woodrow said...

Christianity and Catholicism are infiltration into countries under the guise of spreading the gospel the samurai viewed it as treacherous, covert,deceptive would cut the missionaries heads off. Martin Scorsese movie, the silence, revealed it

BREW said...

Beach Sand at the Croch, syndrome -- Fauci and cohorts are stopping this terrible, irritating nuisance, one beach at a time.

All Hail the system, and those that sacrifice so much, in order to assure its forced upon you.

spoonful said...

Like the guest - many new incites

Albert said...

@Chainsaw :-)

I would Like to somehow: Voice-Box TALK: with YOU !!!

I Had a Dream which Became Somewhat-"Disturbing" ...

Then, as I Lay-Half-Awake with the Dilemma of How:

WHEN You TRY to: "Brute-Strength" STOP Bully-Entities ... They Get-STRONGER!
And you LOSE, and Have-to-WAKE-UP: to Escape such a Downward-Spiral-Problem/"Situation"!


Somewhat: "Peer-to-Peer" Situation: on THIS Somewhat-PAINFUL Plane!?????

CERTAINLY-BEFORE: WITH Powerful-GIANT-Saintly-Generous-Grandfather-Santa-Like-KINGS:

Like many Little-Children: The "RULES" Were that "Bullies" were "Discouraged" !!!
(BY the MORE-Powerful!)

We OBVIOUSLY Still Function in Societies: As IF the "Rule-of-LAW" still-Functioned ...
-- Which is Now, Certainly-BECOMING: a TYPE of "Childish"-Naivete !!! ;-)

WHY do "they" NEED us ALIVE, to FEED-Off of us!?!?

And IF ((((trump))) IS indeed "ONE-of-them"!
HOW Could HE simultaneously somewhat-BE: "Our Friend" !!!? ("Good"-Cop)

(HE is of the FACTION Exclaiming: to-the-Other-Blood-Thursty-DESTROYERS-Faction:

DON'T KILL: "The Goose that LAYS the Golden Eggs!!!!!")

🌝 🌚 🌞

I just WROTE A POST Below Black-Bird-9 Latest-Talk ...
-- But, it SEEMS that Zap's "RULE" is NO: "Re-Posting" !!! ;-)

I Had-to Scroll-Down: A LOT of Comments-Sections to FIND YOU! -- Chainsaw! ;-)

CAN we Somehow: TALK / "Brainstorm": MY NEW: "Diss-Coveries" !!!?????? ;-)

Albert said...

What the Hey !!! ;-)

The EXCEPTION PROVES the-"Rule" / Rules are MADE to be "Broken"! ;-)

Wow !!!

Frederick YOUR Puzzle-Pieces are GREAT!

* Game Theory, Different Rules and Different End-Games, Folks Either "Making-Up their Own Rules" / Playing-By-DIFFERENT Rules, hence NOT Fair / ie Cheating!

* Master Slave versus Peer-to-Peer

* And MORE-Clearly Today: A DIFFERENT Species which is: NOT the Same as us Humans (With a Soul!)
-- (((who))) are Fully-CAPABLE: of COLD-Calculating-MURDER and not only with NO "remorse" ...
-- but even Chuckling / Laughing at our: Cowardly Betrayal, and Terrible Torment! :-(

Souls are on the Bottom of our Feet

LOVE is the Natural Growing-FLOW: that Comes From Being-ROOTED to Our Family-TREE!

(((those))) (((who))) WOULD "RULE"-"Over" us ... Are: ROOTLESS-Cosmopolitans!

(((vampires))) HAVE NO Soul / Empathy-for-US! -- (((they))) FEED-Off: Our-LIFE!

I NEED to Voice-Box TALK to You Frederick !!!
(I could Never TYPE all this, as my-finger-tips have-only-just-brushed it Today Myself! -- and in Fully-Awakening it almost-slips-Away!)

Last-Night-This-Morning I: "Pieced-Together" Not-Only: "The Answer!", But Then, within an Hour of Semi-Awakeness-Processing:
--> The ANSWER to the Question ... which-Follows THAT-Answer! ;-)

I CAN Intriguingly Give You a CLUE:

--> At, or Before Reaching-YOUTH: Our Father is Supposed to TELL (have Told / "Shown") us About: "The BIRDS and the BEES"! ;-)

Yes! -- You are Totally-RIGHT: that THESE are: Peer-to-Peer, versus Queen-Worker! ...

BUT: There is ANOTHER System: Which is NEITHER: Master SLAVE, NOR: Peer-to-Peer!
(Yes! -- A tiny-bit of a "Riddle"! ;-)

Master---Slave (Axis), and Peer---to---Peer (Axis), Can Each be Seen as Axes ...
--> There is THIS THIRD-Axis!

(Anti-Thesis) Master-Slave is MOON / Negative / Minus / MIND / DESTRUCTION ...

(Thesis) Peer-to-Peer-(Sort-of-Maybe!) is SUN / POSITIVE / Plus / Head-Intellect / Powerful-CREATION ...

(Syn-Thesis) This THIRD: TRANSCENDENT: "Black-Sun" is The GOAL / REALISATION ...

and Helps to Unify / "Explain": All of the "un-necessary" PAIN on THIS-Plane !!! :-)

(It ALSO Helps to Explain the Mystery of "Christianity's" / Jesus' LOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Which would SEEM-to-Be: Weak / Foolish / un-reciprocated / almost-"suicidal"!])

In a Sense: My "Explaining" this Third-"Axis" ... Would Seem somewhat of a: Disappointment / Anticlimax ...
-- But: Fractal-Like: Repeated in Higher and Higher Levels ... it is the UN-ERASE-ABLE Source and Climax of the Mystery that is LIFE-Itself!

While LIVING: This Short-Life is a "Learning" / "Choosing" Experience! ;-)
After-DEATH: We (Self)-Sort-Our-Selves !!! :-)

🌝 🌚 🌞

For Decades I SAW: Young-MEN as Entering-Into the FRIENDLY-("Loving"/"Honest"/"Straight-Forward")-Realm of: "Peer-to-Peer" "Give-and-Take" ...

-- Whereas WOMEN ALWAYS Engaging in ("Cold Calculating" -- "Loveless" -- "Manipulative" -- "Weak" etc...): "Reward and Punish" !!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

-- This THIRD-"Axis" Unifies / Explains How ALL Can-UNITE to Form a TRANSCENDENT-Synthesis! :-)

(Childhood is the "Mind" ["Taking"] [FEAR] : Youth is the "Heart" ["Give-and-Take"] [Feelings] : Old-Age is the "Intellect" [Generous "Giving"] [Head])