May 26, 2020

Radio Free South Africa with host Schalk van der Merwe 2020.05.26

Updates On The South Africa Situation

Guests, Richard Buckner (American)

Revolution.Radio Studio A
Resolution Rdo
Radio Free South Africa

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Albert said...
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Albert said...

Maybe a Way to Describe:

A LIFETIME of "watching": (((TV))) + "Absorbing": State-School (((Bill-Gates)))-"Text-Books" ...

is: "LACK of IMAGINATION"! ;-)

We have ALL Heard: "Knowledge is POWER!"
--> WHY would "they" Tell us the TRUTH of "Politics", or Anything Else!

WHY BeLIEve: That Ray-Gun Gave an "impromptu"-Speech:
"Mr Garbage: Tear-Down this-Wall ..."

WHEN Germany is NOW: BOTH West AND East: America-CONTROLLED! (NO Sovereignty)
--> Like the "Hostages" in Iran being (by Prior-DEAL) RELEASED on Ray-Guns Election ...
Why NOT Imagine: Ray-Gun "Freemasonically" PRE-Arranging WITH Garbage-Chief: Let's PLAY at THIS! ;-)

I dislike some of what Joe-Atwill Chucklely-Says ...
BUT the Term: "Actors" is very very very Appropriate: to WHAT the (((TV-News))) and "Politicians" Actually-DO:
WHEN READING-Off: Their WRITTEN-BY-someone-Else: Teleprompter SCRIPTS!

Just LIKE: A James Bond MOVIE is ONLY as GOOD as its clever-Villain ...

WHY NOT TRY to IMAGINE: Being an (((actor))) with a Starring-Role: As a "Likeable"-"Good-Guy"!

(((Fauci))) etc... are the "Bad-Cops" ...

(((Trump))) wants to PLAY "Good-Cop" ;-)

Looking-Through HIS: Lines / Script He SAYS / Thinks:
(High-Up ACTORS are-Allowed to Also "Adlib"! ;-)

How about I "Throw Them": Cloroqine ... as a "Good-Guy" "Friend" ...
in these (((Our "Team" Rigged / "Created"))): DIFFICULT Times! ;-)

Yes! -- We ALL Like to: "Hold-ONTO": "Our" Childhood-BRAINWASHED: Childish World-View:
Of "Left" / "Right", "East" / "West" ... Good-Guys Heroically-"Fighting"-for-US: AGAINST the Bad-Guys ...

But Like: The CUTTING-Ridicule: Of a "Representative-Republic" ...
-- (jews) Oh No !!!!! Whatever you do: DON'T PLACE the Millions-of-PEOPLE'S-Power in-the-Hands of a FEW-"Representatives" !!!!!!!!
-- HOW: would (((we))) EVER be-ABLE to EASILY-"STEER": The Course of "Politics" ...
-- With sooooo FEW, and Moral-Characterless Puppet-Leaders to-"Influence" ?!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

(((they))) are LAUGHING ALL the Way to the BANK ... With these "Nationalists" ... STILL BeLIEving in the OLD:
Left / Right, East / West, Good-Guy / Bad-Guy ... "STRUGGLE" ...

SAME-ONE-(((team))): SHEEPLE: Child-Like / Childish: "Puppet-Show" !!!!!!!!!!!

WE ALL NOW KNOW: That "we" HAVE NO: "Voice"!!!
(-- Whether we SAY: "Campaign Financing", "Lobbying", "Contributions", "Compromised" etc -- WHATEVER!)

ALL of the Law" / "Constitution" etc (words/"Guarantees": written on Paper -- Which WHITE South-Africans Found are WORTHLESS!) ... FANTASY is Simply a PRETEXT!

MIGHT is "RIGHT" -- The POWERFUL DO: As (((they))) LIKE, and simply Make-UP: Stories (ie LIES / Fantasies) to "Justify" Such!

"I do Not Consent!" --- Dhuh! ---- NONE of US: EVER-HAVE !!! -- (((they))) CARE-NOT for ANY "Impediment" to (((their)))-ASS-Pirations: TO-POWER!

(((they))) "Remove" ALL of these "Impediments" ... However seems EASIEST!

Hindsight is 20/20 !!!

It can be Seen: That MANY are "Triggered" by: "Mudflood", "Flat-Earth" etc...

BUT: When LOOKING-BACK: At these Ridiculous STORIES: Of "Going to the Moon", 10,000s of "Nuclear Bombs", etc.

(((they))) have been Obviously NOT Telling US the TRUTH, ie: Giving-US-the-POWER to BECOME FREE !!!

Albert said...

--> By "Con-Trolling" the "PAST" ...
(((they))) "cleverly" STOP / BLOCK us From EVER Becoming-FREE in-the-FUTURE !!!
-- LIKE Domesticated "Pets" (Dogs / Cats), or Farm-Animals ...
BORN," Living", and DYING ... in CON-TROLLED-Captivity!
NEVER KNOWING: Our PAST, Potentials, or What it IS to ever be Truly FREE! :-(

Albert said...

* "Consent" actually-MEANS: INFORMED (with the TRUTH!) TRUE-Consent! 🙂