June 09, 2020

Just a thought about vaccines.

So tell me guys. What's it going to look like when the vaccine finally arrives ? Will people have to practice social distancing? Will they have to line up for blocks? Trump said several hundred millions of vaccines will be administered and it will happen very quickly with military involvement. I really wonder what the logistics of rolling this out will look like. Obviously i will not be included in the numbers as I'm sure most of you will not go for the shot, but it seems it will take some time and will not role out as quick as they say. I haven't looked into this so i thought I'd ask what you all what you think? "Viruses" as supposedly supposed to mutate during their "contagious timeline" so as always, what makes people think a vaccine would be anymore effective than not taking one? Where is the common sense gone?


BillyBob said...

Gates met with the Clinton's, Bobby Rush and the usual suspects in August of 2019 to divvy up the Contacting Cash, long before anyone knew the virus was coming. https://truepundit.com/exclusive-bill-gates-negotiated-100-billion-contact-tracing-deal-with-democratic-congressman-sponsor-of-bill-six-months-before-coronavirus-pandemic/

Voltman said...

"What's it going to look like when the vaccine finally arrives ?"






Liam said...

Good to see you back, chainsaw.
Does this mean Ogster, too will be back? Or was his 'offense' unforgivable?

I like someone who asks questions, and, of course, will respond with more questions and conditional agreement.

Please consider this hour of internet radio;

Is there an upside to covid?
I say YES!

Chains said...

Another interesting little factoid is it seems that the general world wide mortality rate is quite a bit lower than the the mortality rate from vaccines, LOL That seems like a bit of a problem if when the scumbags are trying to make the case for global vaccines, especially a fast tracked one that will likely end with many dead and a shrug from the PTB.