June 09, 2020

Syrian Girl By Luna Lee

Syrian Girl

I want to give to that Partisan Girl - I could be happy the rest of my life
With that Syrian girl

A painter of wonders - She brightens the night
She's got it together - Pointing her flashlight
My Syrian girl

She has the mind of a scholarly girl
Would be so fine just to go for a whirl
With my Syrian Girl!

A truther for martyrs who fell in the fight
Her heart is fine, she's a beautiful pearl
Yeah my Syrian Girl!
I'd save her country now - Hope that they make it somehow
They need another chance - You see she has me in a trance

Syrian Girl : Mimi al-Laham
NEIL YOUNG - Cinnamon Girl

 SYRIA: Dr Bouthaina Shaaban speaks to Vanessa Beeley, Damascus
Vanessa Beeley – Patreon June 8, 2020

blake121666 said... I found the backup music for your lyrics!
Mama Mimi
Assad Must Stay


Michael Cornelius said...

Has this site become a hook-up venue for a lesbian?

blake121666 said...

Here's another lesbian ode to Syrian Girl for your enjoyment:


Alan said...

Pass the bucket