June 09, 2020

Operation Jump Start , Lockstep , & Warp Speed Exposed!


zapoper said...

I thought that my quota of religious stuff was over the limit after listening to a sort of christian Zionist on Radio Free SA. I was wrong.

Chains said...

Praise the lord brother love! I found on the whole there was some interesting stuff in this video. Some of it I don't agree with but as they say chew on the meat...

Albert said...

Yes! Today's Radio-Free South-Africa is DIFFICULT !!!
-- But I am Soldiering Through it !!! ;-)

-- This: "Scriptural Interpretation" is CRAZY !!! and Quite UN-PRODUCTIVE !!! :-(

Nearer the Beginning He ALMOST-Said: "Thank G-d I bought Toilet-Paper!"

-- I suppose this Show SHOWS: just HOW-MANY LAYERS of (((shit))) WE have already "Waded-Through" !!! ;-)

-- Thank-Goodness: WE are NOT Back at THIS "Retarded": "I'm NOT a Racist, I'm NOT a Racist, I'm NOT a Racist!!!!!" Stage!

--> It's the jews, and Ni88ers ... Stupid! ;-)

:-) :-) :-) Thank G-d WE are-NOT "Equal" to The DESTROYERS of ALL that is GOOD! :-) :-) :-)

RickB said...

Deplorables Matter... or

Deplorables Matter More... because they pay the bills.