June 23, 2020

Scorpio's Conspiracy Show 2020.06.20

Scorpio Show # 19 on Revolution.radio

Topics Include:

1) Corporate Biosphere Sterilized From Independent Business Infections
2) Corona Virus: Convenient One Stop Shopping For All Your Agenda Needs
3) Subservience To Government Decree: The New Morality
4) Coffers of Magic Shekels Tossed Into The Black Hole Of Social Engineering

Hour 2: Giuseppe comes aboard and later Joined by Paul from California

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zapoper said...

Great show guys! That intro was brilliant scorpio. I think I laughed for the first 12 minutes.

Giuseppe's first clip was hilarious. I'd like a link to that one if possible. When he told the mask story I couldn't believe it because for the first time today, when I was waiting in line to get in the grocery store I actually made the sheep sound twice. I mean wtf are they drinking. It's not even mandatory yet and 1/3 of the population are wearing masks. If I continue doing that, I may have to absorb the first punch. LOL

Paul was a good addition too in the last half hour.

Original Larry said...

Yay! I've been waiting for this all day. Now I can drown out the sounds coming from what's her name. thank you!
Since I retired from work, I have to find my little pleasures where I can.

zapoper said...

BTW. I was listening to a live broadcast of the Trump rally before you went live but it had not started yet. They were saying that they were handing out masks for free. That young woman you talked about who trusted her immune system was probably forced to wear one to enter the "event".

zapoper said...

Update. They are not wearing masks.

Scorpio said...

MSM headline coming soon:
Bombshell - Inside Trump's Dome of Death, Virus Spreads Like Wildfire

Holly Woodrow said...

I can just see a p**** movie in the making thru mask hardcore triple x

Albert said...

Hour ONE :-) :-) :-)

Hour TWO :-) :-) :-)

Hour THREE .... ?!? ;-(

KnownUnknown said...

Fantastic show! Really nailed the problems, as I see it at least, and explored all those solutions we never ever discuss - like affordable housing.

Nailed it.

Captain Ahab said...

Good job again Scorp!

If only we had men around today like Leon Degrelle. I have a framed, enlarged photo on my living room wall of him shaking hands with Hitler when they met at the Wolf's Lair in September of 1944!


Captain Ahab said...

We Dreamed of Something Marvelous


Amanda said...

great show!

CaptAhab- thanks for the link

Also, this one from Patric Timpone is worth a listen IMO- at 28 min, very interesting info that gives an alternative explanation for how chicken pox goes from one kid to another:

Dr. Thomas Cowan M.D. and the evidence the classic germ theory that modern medicine and vaccines are built on is absolutely false, June 9, 2020


Amanda said...

two good sites to share:



Brizer said...

@ Amanda.

Virus? What virus?

Oh yeah it's all shite. Isn't it great to know that? Now let's move on...I know you are onboard. Lots more to do though so let's go do it.

Albert said...

Explaining to Folks that there ARE NO "Viruses" is VERY IMPORTANT !!! :-)

VERY SOON it will BE "Wave-TWO" ...

With Maybe: REAL KILLING-MILLIONS: POISONS Spread by the (((well-poisoners))) ...

--> But CALLED: Con-vid-20 or Whatever, and, AFTER MILLIONS Actually-DIE: the "Virus" SHIT will BEGIN-"on-Steroids"! ...

7 minutes:


BillyBob said...

Keep in mind that BLM does not exist! Legally or in any other way .. BlM is just a website! BLM has NOT filed charity papers, they are NOT a legal entity. Donations to BLM are collected by ActBlue - who charge them 3.9% for every donation. ActBlue has donated over a billion $$ to Biden, Bernie, Mayor Pete, AOC - but ActBlue is a 501(c)3 - Tax Law states that 501(c)3's cannot get involved in politics of any kind, period. Also ACTBlUE has NOT filed legal 501C3 papers - so they are totally illegally collecting $$.

Churches have 501C3's so they CAN't criticize gubbermint, or get involved with any politics - That's what the law says.

Nowadays every politician sets up a 501C3 and then goes wild, in testimony before Congress it was noted: 1.9 Trillion $$ goes untaxed every year due to illegal 501C3's - The Clinton's were at the vanguard of 50C3 Fraud.

The Justice department refuses to enforce the law. It is the wild west, and we pay the tab.

Original Larry said...
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Scorpio said...

Thanks for listening guys.
We are talking callers on the show:


Saturdays 2-4 pm est

Zeebra said...

this is surely good - I just started listening;

Rosa Koire on #Agenda21, Regionalism, effects of #COVID19 in advancing Globalism &more with fellow guest Michael Shaw on Dan Happel’s radio show Connecting the Dots

show (2 hrs): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHBuQ-81F2A

Captain Ahab said...

I'm not buying this one either! Just so happens that one of the four cops in the Floyd psy-op is confronted at the grocery store and is harassed by a woman and he just quietly allows her to go about berating him while he goes to check out his items. All too calm and scripted without any natural emotions and reactions. Not buyin' it!


Zeebra said...

from Harry Vox, who Brizer interviewed a few weeks ago. #JewishLivesMatterMost signs posted around Brooklyn; vid clip:


Liam said...

Great quote from....T.C. Fry author of "The Great AIDS Hoax"

"Believing that a Virus attacks a cell and forces the cell to reproduce the Virus until the cell explodes, is like believing that an ant bites and elephant and forces the elephant to reproduce the ant until the elephant explodes."

Would covid have been possible without the pre-programming of HIV/AIDS/GRID?

Amanda said...

Liam- funny you mentioned T.C Fry--never heard of him before until I found this video with him at thebigvirushoax.com:

The Myth Of Contagion, a discussion with T.C. Fry

Liam said...

Amanda - My wife has 2nd edition of T.C. Fry's "The Great AIDS Hoax" published February 1989 on the book shelf. As we know this is not new, but the hoax is upheld.
I wonder how many of this group received nobel prizes?

Liam said...

Scorpio - Please ask if your next guest and co-host need 100,000 Euros.
There can be only one truth, not yours and mine being different.
We must have "full disclosure" to accurately assertive.