June 06, 2020

Television, The Opium Of The Mentally Enslaved

Dancing Cops and Nurses Celebrate New World Disorder 
Jeff Berwick says it's time for an intervention!
An exorcism perhaps?
Television, The Drug Of The Nation
The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy

FOCUS and FEAR (Covid-19) - Larken Rose

"If others can control your FOCUS and AWARENESS, then they can control your perceptions, fears and behaviors." - Larken Rose


Ross from Scotland said...

He doesn't have a big problem with a policeman getting set on fire????

Captain Ahab said...

I've come to like Jeff a lot, enjoy his videos, and have learned a few things from him the last few months, but like Bryan at Highimpactvlogs, his constant preaching about libertarianism grows tiresome. Both of these two so worship 'the free market' and 'the individual' that they do not see how the individual fits(or can fit) organically into a larger whole. Both assume that without government, individuals would naturally act accordingly and with good intentions.

But, as it states early in the Protocols of Zion, "men with bad instincts are more in number than the good." This alone is why a State is necessary to govern individuals! The problem isn't the whether a State should exist or not, the problem is the quality of individuals who are in control of the State.

Below is a superb 3hr documentary by Jan Lamprecht titled 'VOLKSTAAT/ETHNOSTATE: The Greatest Ethnostate Ever Created: Hitler's Third Reich' and a book by Rainer Zitelman which is a thorough study of the economic and social objectives before and during the Third Reich. Zitelman's book is completely absent of any ridicule and defamation and just focuses completely on what the NS were trying to build following the disaster of WW 1 and the Weimar Republic.