June 06, 2020

The COVID-19 Lockdowns Are DEAD!!!

Make No Mistake:The COVID-19 Lockdowns are DEAD!!!

The Beautiful Pink Lady with Blonde Hair is Mad as Hell and Has Declared the Lockdown Dead!!! 

And that's good enough for me and Bobby McGee! 

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 Mouthy Buddha

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Candace Owens: "I DO NOT support George Floyd!" & Here's Why!

Video & Audio: (Too big a video file to post here)
The Greatest Ethnostate ever created: Hitler’s Third Reich 

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Captain O'Kanabec
Lockdown Dead!!! 


Forge The Bond said...

The Lockdowns aren't dead until whites publicly taking a knee reach quota.

This could be accelerated, however, if enough of them double-down and take a Lewinsky.

Captain Ahab said...


Forge The Bond said...

C'mon Ahab... that's a song with a woman's heart. Come get some Janis!

Captain Ahab said...

If I'm not mistaken, I believe Kris Kristofferson wrote 'Me and Bobby McGee' when he was a helicopter pilot working on an off-shore oil rig transporting workers and supplies off and on the rig. I saw him in an interview once where he said he wrote it while he was sitting in the chopper, bored as hell; he pulled out his notepad and began writing.

Forge The Bond said...

Which doesn't mean the story was born of his creative self. It came from a woman's life experience - anyone can tell that. KK may've condensed it into lyric form, but he got the source material from somewhere. Probably sneaked a peak in some hot babe's diary while she was passed-out from a night of way too much sex and drugs. ;-)