June 06, 2020

There Are Fates Worse Than Death Catherine Austin Fitts Exposes the In...


Zeebra said...

great show, thx for posting Brizer. So dense, will need a 2nd listen!

ditto re the GT/Fiona show below. :~)

Voltman said...

Good choice Brizer!

I was going to post the show this morning but you beat me to the punch Brizer! {{{smiles}}} I had decided I would post it later on, since I hadn't sufficiently checked it out, and I already had enough material to post.

The same thing happened with the David Dees memorial posts: I hadn't noticed that there had already been a post with the same video.

Hasta la Pasta

Ross from Scotland said...

Ten minutes in and she alludes to IBM and sensitivities to the holocaust. Enough, if these ,so called, enlightened people have not caught onto the holocaust lie then, they are not worth listening to.

Captain Ahab said...

Ross from Scotland,

Those things test my patience as well; you wish that some people would just catch up. I get frustrated with many individuals who are completely enlightened about WW 1 & 2, National Socialism, and the Holohoax, etc.; but lordy!...try and get them to look into 'flat-earth,' moon landings, or NASA, and you get the usual ridicule, name-calling, and cognitive dissonance.

I just tell myself to focus on where peoples strengths are. James Corbett as an example! The guy is a prolific analyst, he puts together some of the best documentaries on 'hidden history' or geopolitics, if you will, and he has the great ability that many do not have including myself,...he can sort through all of the clutter of historical information and make what is generally confusing and overwhelming to many, and make it clear and simple.

But try to talk to James about the Holohoax(as many have)or the identity between Communism and Judaism and he wouldn't give you the time of day and would probably be condescending in some way in his response to you. But I'm not just going to dismiss James and his research because of it. I think Will Rogers once stated, "Somebody's has to clap as I walk by!"

Brizer said...

@ Ross from Scotland.

I hear what you are saying but I'm inclined to agree with Captain Ahab here. If a nice dinner is put in front of you but you don't like brussels sprouts, well just leave them and enjoy the rest. Remember, Catherine Austin Fitts was in the Reagan administration so she'll go with the holocaust narrative but she still puts out some great info. We all have a choice what information we want to digest. So digest the good stuff and ignore the rest. By turning off and not listening to them because of a certain narrative you don't agree with you could be losing out.

The info here on the Covid 19 scam and vaccines is fantastic and should be shared with normies. Purity spiraling will get us nowhere in this war. There is a big train coming down the tracks and ALL of us are on it. Let's deal with the immediate danger and then sort out the other stuff later when most people's minds have been deprogrammed from the bullshit.