June 11, 2020

Virus and Bacteria Do Not Exist as we are Told, June 9, 2020 (One Radio Network)

Ever since COVID-19 hit, Dr. Cowan says he has learned more about medicine in the past 3 months than in his whole career; everything he was taught in medical school now appears incorrect How we came to believe certain diseases are contagious; the basics of the germ theory; Dr. Cowan shares his theory The truth about the germ theory can be found in Louis Pasteur’s diary; he was a con man How has it been proven that this corona virus causes disease? What is pleomorphism? Dr. Cowan explains why you can’t demonstrate contagion So how can everyone be wrong about COVID-19? Dr. Cowan tells us

Thanks to Liam for the heads up on this one and Steve for another one Below.


Captain Ahab said...

This is another courageous nurse who took a hidden camera into her hospital showing just another way in which they are creating fraudulent data on the Covid-19 scam. This 'illusion of information,' even when it stares some of these health workers in the face, still is not enough for them to start to seriously question what is going on. Great work!


Captain Ahab said...

I want to follow up with a few observations; I can't underscore how important the video I linked above is to see what is actually taking place all over this world to countless people who are innocently going to the hospital, maybe over reacting to mild symptoms, and not finding their way out alive. The nurse in the video conveys just how 'normalized' murder has become under this CV-19 scam. This video is highly disturbing and upsetting and really brings home the madness that has descended upon the world!

Steve said...

Have listened to all of Dr Cowan's interviews and this is another great one. He and Dr Kaufman would make a good team.

Here is a link for a recent interview Dr Kaufman did with Eileen Day McKusick about Biofield Tuning. This goes well with the book The Invisible Rainbow - A History Of Electricity and Life by Arthur Firstenberg. For me all this is explaining and making sense as to why we get 'seasonal' flu etc - the earth has different electrical field frequencies at different seasons which 'act' as a 'switch' for many things in nature, for example animals that hibernate. It suggests to me that we 'detox' at certain times which appears to be contagion but isn't, it's exosomes. It also explains why the female cycle will sync when you get a dorm of females together etc.

Steve said...

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLIxBRaL0ZE

Liam said...

How could so many smart people be wrong?
At best, they be paid liars or spreading illusions due to mind control and at worst they be subversive terrorists as;
"To create fear where there is no fear is an act of terrorism".

I do not see Dr Cowan's statement as a 'theory', more so a demand. Look to Black's Law and maxims of, "He who makes the claim must prove the claim" or the claim has no standing. Those making the claim contagion exists need to prove it. Dr Cowan need not prove the negative. "Demand", the second most powerful word in Merchant Law after "claim" is what we all need to do regarding contagion, viral spread of disease and the very existence of viruses as told to us.

Liam said...

What are we but bags of organised water? The % of water in human cells are compared to genes and bacteria etc? Sophisticated as we need to believe, indeed.
Have a look at Dr. Masaru Emoto and Water Consciousness, if you have the time and interest.
wiki calls him a psuedo-scientist, so there is instant cred, yes?

As has been for all of history, enslavement requires the slaves to know not what they are or what they have.

Liam said...
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Liam said...

Thanks Steve for "How to Tune Your Body - Eileen Day McKusick". Reminded me of her and "The body electric" which I heard a couple of years ago;