June 28, 2020

Would You Trust these People with Your Life?


Albert said...

Dhuuuuuuh: I'd TRUST Them, with My-LIFE!

'Cause They're "Doctors" and "Scientists" and all-dat! ;-)

WHY such MEAN-Fines!?

--- They're just TRYING to HELP Folks to "get-better"!!! :-o

MY Doc says He'll GIVE Me the FIRST Covid-Shot for-FREE !!!

... What a NICE: Caring Guy! :-)

The Grateful Gardener said...

Crossed this individual off my list when I went to his Wiki page and saw this, "He's a vegan who has been openly transvesite since 1995."Considering the source,it might not be true, but I am erring on the side of caution.

Chains said...

LOL BTW,do you grow meat in your garden? :) Plants are what food eats!

zapoper said...