June 28, 2020

The Circus Sideshow Must Go On!


Albert said...

hainsaw ... I thought That YOU Might Appreciate My "joke" More! ;-)


"The Anti-Matter-Reactors can'a Take-it Much-Longer Captain!"

"Quit 'Larping' as a Scotsman! -- Those Cucks were "Replaced" By Naggers Looong-ago, 'Scotty'!"

"Yes! -- But I 'IDENTIFY' as a Scotsman! -- And Federation-LAW: Requires that YOU 'respect' THAT!" ;-)

coincidenceskeptic said...
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coincidenceskeptic said...

What the Hell is "Structural Violence?" Is that like, "Forced Oral Copulation on a Free Standing Building?" Or, "Molesting a Multilevel Parking Structure?" Is it worse than "Possession of Swollen Property?" I'm just not convinced that this Covid thing is real. Wake me when hookers start dying.

Albert said...

I DIED of "covid" 6... No 12 Times !!! ;-)

FORGET those LAME "Goyim" "Survivors" !!!