July 16, 2020

Max Igan, Yukon Jack, Jeff Berwick, Vernon Coleman, Dan Dicks, Dana Durnford, Spiro Skouras

Narcy Pelousi Invents A New Mask
That Will Save Countless Lives! 

An Open Letter to a Person of Privilege
  * Suggested by Zeebra *

Australia, the Burning Country - Lockdown
Protests – Shutdown continues - Max Igan

Gilad Atzmon Reprimands Alian Dirtshowitch 
British Columbia Expedition Update - Dana Durnford
Yukon Jack Says US Going To Hell in a Hand Basket
Dan Dicks Wiped Off YouTube, the Great Reset Goes
Into Hyperdrive, Twitter Hack Targets Morons and Florida
Massively Lies About Cornoholio Numbers - The Dollar Vigilante

I 100% agree this is the perfect storm. The level of cultural insanity swirling around this coronahoax is Biblical. We are talking the epic fail of our genome here. The United States is unraveling faster than a burlap bag in a hell storm, the entire social fabric is coming undone, so I doubt any foreign wars are on the horizon. The Amerikan sheeple have been cast into survival mode by their Israeli handlers.

When the crash comes it could be epic, greatest one day point loss ever would be a reasonable assumption since the market is at all time highs inflated to the moon because of central bank insanity combined with googly eyed robin hood investors who have never seen a bear market, let alone a grand supercycle crash.

I mean, what else to expect but a bad ending, and BTW I have a hunch that much of this cultural insanity is karma caused by the sheep who ignored the wars and bloodshed and the false flags. I am working on this new theory that this entire situation has been caused because the land of the free and the home of the brave have allowed Israel to get away with the USS Liberty incident, then 911, and now coronavirus is the just desserts.

I know for a fact that many (if not most) Amerikan sheeple will not even consider that 9-11-2001 was an inside job let alone a reason to go mass murder other nations. Such ignorance and fear to question authority and the main stream narrative could be causal to the sheep demanding others wear masks, they are so fearful of confronting their own cowardice and lack of perception. 

I have, over a course of many years talked to hundreds, if not thousands, of middle of the road Amerikans and most can not hear truth about 911 being a controlled demolition, that Israel did it, and why they did it. This stems almost exclusively from their religious beliefs concerning Jews and the Bible, and their lack of willingness to be brave enough to challenge authority.

Yes I agree we are entering the perfect storm, hell is coming to the USA.

As a professional pontificator against Privilege that is white, male, and heterosexual, you certainly have a nose for Privilege -- of certain kinds.  There is another kind of Privilege as yet unnamed that I think you are especially qualified to help make more visible.  I'll get to that in a moment. 

But first, I'd like to compliment you on your courage. You've put together an annual White Privilege Conference where you take on the power and privilege of the most powerful and privileged people in the country.  I can only imagine the institutional resistance you face from white-controlled government agencies, universities, and corporations -- at least the ones that aren't funding your conference and paying the travel costs of attendees.  

I can only imagine the threats and intimidation you must persevere through year after year when white rowdies invoke their Privilege to harass speakers, attendees, and the facility provider in a campaign to shut down your conference.  People who believe that their hurt feelings over racially provocative discussions entitle them to shut down such discussions reek of Privilege.

Who is privileged again? Tell me again so I know.
Dear Abby
An Open Letter to a Person of Privilege

* Suggested by Zeebra *

Make your privilege more visible! Wear a white wrist band!
Jews should wear a yellow star of David to make their social privilege visible. It's for social justice. And if you're against this idea, you're a fascist nutsy noughtsee!

Foundational Future 
An Open Letter to a Person of Privilege


Australia, the Burning Country - Covid19
Lockdown – Protests – Shutdown continues

Max Igan


The Press For Truth YouTube channel has been terminated. Dan Dicks of Press For Truth has been producing videos and documentary films for over 14 years on YouTube, with over 270k subscribers, over 35M video views and 5 documentary films but in the blink of an eye all that is gone now because YouTube decided that Dan should no longer have a popular voice. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth explains why he thinks the channel was deleted but more importantly what everyone needs to do now in order to stay up to date with PFT moving forward.

Press For Truth Gets Banned By YouTube: Dan Dicks Responds
Spiro Skouras

YouTube just deleted Dan Dick’s entire Press For Truth YouTube channel. In this interview, Spiro is joined by Dan Dicks of Press For Truth to explain what happened in addition to providing his response and possible solution to YouTube's censorship.
 And Now....The Lucy & Jeff Show!

Dan Dicks Wiped Off YouTube, TDV Under Attack As 
The Great Reset Goes Into Hyperdrive
 The Dollar Vigilante


Fukushima Research Expedition Update
Dana Durnford

Anne Achee: Species are gone now on east coast too,

Expedition Updates - July 16 2020


112K subscribers
* Suggested by Captain Ahab *
Twitter Hack Targets Morons While Florida Massively Lies About Cornoholio Numbers
The Dollar Vigilante – July 14, 2020


Dershowitz is upset by Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, Karl Marx and Gilad Atzmon's failure to promote 'Jewish Values.' The question that comes to mind is what exactly can we learn about Jewish values from this Harvard 'law scholar'? - Gilad Atzmon

Atzmon Reprimands Alian Dirtshowitch

Directed Energy Weather (DEW)

Mask Wearers are Collaborators Who Could Destroy Us All
Vernon Coleman

Mr. Coleman is in a very good mood today as he suggests "having a general election and dumping these evil bastards onto the political scrap heap." 

"Compared to Boris Johnson the crooked, ignorant, deceitful, two-faced, cheating and betraying bastard, the pathetic and utterly woeful Theresa May was a beacon of strength, probity and wisdom." - Vernon Coleman

  Risk of showers later in the afternoon...

Doctor Voltman Approves This Mask
As they await sentencing from the Honorable
Minister of Justice & Punishment, Sir Umbra Bellator


Zeebra said...

"An Open Letter to a Person of Privilege
* Suggested by Zeebra *"

^ Tanks for the consideration Voltman! :~)

That #JewishPrivilege top trending on twatter happened last Sun July 12; by late Sun or Mon sometime they'd manually snuffed it at their backend, in an emergency #TheGoyimKnow #ShutItDown!! move. And accounts like mine who were actively re/tweeting the 'Best Of" JPriv tweets, found our accts shadowbanned thru Tues. /rolleyes

On Mon Adam Green & Angelo Gage did a whole 2hr show together on it, reviewing some of the Best Of tweets -- might be worth a Mami's post, if there's any mods left here who aren't alienated by Adam & his true-believerism in whatever C.J.Bjerknes says.


Zeebra said...

Adam Green also posted this'n today, 65 mins:

'ANTI-SEMITE' Nick Cannon Wild 'n Out! | KMN LIVE
10,704 views•Streamed live 5 hours ago

zapoper said...

My browser nearly crashed after clicking on "read more". It's no wonder that it takes you more than a day to publish a draft. ROFLMFAO.