July 16, 2020

Pandemics Aren’t Leaving - Fred B's Recapitulation

 Fred B's Recapitulation of Agenda 21

Rosa Koire, Behind The Green Mask, UN Agenda 21, 2012
"U.N. Article 15 "empowers" any government 
or elite to ignore any fact they want."

Pandemics Aren’t Leaving
The RITUAL begins!
Ritchie from Boston
The Georgia Tombstones

"Article 15 "empowers" any government
or elite to ignore any fact they want."

Fred B July 15, 2020 at 7:50 pm | Permalink

      Agenda 21 –  All our lying governments signed on to pappy Bush’s NWO Agenda 21 at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992. It is an Inventory and Control Plan telling us exactly what they have done and are trying to finish this year.

    Until the Covid scam the Agenda 21 sustainability scam was the biggest public relations scam of all time. It started with the climate-warming fraud which they were beginning to fuel with billions and it all came from the same groups which crafted the present Scamdemic.

    Media promoters of Agenda 21 said, “It is hard to deny that the earth is functioning well over capacity, like an overworked horse, and it’s simply a matter of time before the global organism collapses. The planet according to their fake science and fake news was going be an environmental and ecological wasteland by 2022. Their purpose has always been to concentrate and consolidate more and more control over us, and to take away the sovereignty and self-determination of our nations and the freedom and the control we have over our own lives.  

The 1987 UN commission headed up by the now discredited, infamous, and late Maurice Strong (who incidentally fled to communist China under the protection of the Rothschild banking cartel)  was instructed by the Rothschild-controlled UN to prepare this very 1992 Agenda 21 blueprint of action. These people were using the environment as a pretext to establish a world government. Like with the Covid “crisis” of today they used fake science to support their false and alarming projections.  They also had no consideration for nations policing pollution in cooperation with one another and that fact that we as citizens have a great regard for future generations, and that we also need the truth to make rational decisions, and not ones based on lies, manufactured crises, and fake science.  

    This nefarious Agenda 21 document of 1992 has been used by the global elites and our governments to systematically take over and steer the Western economy into ruin and the people into government dependency, while using the media and our institutions to pollute our minds with their fakery ever since. It is the same old corrupt world order which concentrated and consolidated all of its wealth and power by nefarious means which continues to be in control while pretending to be a new-world order. Who then is their principal enemy?   We are – the middle class – which they have been systematically destroying according to their lock-step Agenda 21 script. The document targets us. Koire clearly identifies us as the enemy they wish to eradicate, together with our “middle-class, affluent life style, which you either enjoy or aspire to, which is unsustainable – SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENCES, PRIVATE VEHICLES, AIR CONDITIONING, APPLIANCES, MEAT EATING, LIVE STOCK, DAMS, GOLF… Many, many things are unsustainable. There is a long list.”

    Koire says that this is the way we generally live and that “we can begin now to understand what the crash of our economy is all about”. We may add to this indictment with the historical facts that the principle enemy of the Marxists and the plutocrats who have funded them since their inception, and who are behind all of these fraudulent UN totalitarian initiatives is and always has been us – the middle class – like 90% of the Western population.

    The three “interlocking” circles of Agenda 21 represent social equity, the environment, and the ecology and when those are all in balance, that is apparently “sustainable development”. “ Social equity, essentially means that “no one has any more than anyone else.” This covers economics, housing, transportation, land use, health, water, energy, food production and population control. China was one of the 171 nations which signed on and they declared at the time they were working on a “sterilization vaccination WITH THE UNITED STATES”, i.e. – likely Bill Gates & Co.

    Koire also said that Agenda 21 is a “green mask” because it is a public relations scam and “an inventory and control plan… for Sustainable Development. ”  She meant that the call for a greener environment was a mask for totalitarian control of virtually every aspect of our lives.  Is there a connection with the UN aims of a “Greener, Smarter and Fairer ” earth as announced by the World Economic Forum in their “launching of the “Great Reset” on June 3, 2020, using the Covid Scamdemic as a cover?  It is obviously the same thing, but only using a different mask.

    As for scientific facts to the contrary of any relied upon by the UN commissions and any of our corrupt governments subscribing to the UN Agendas and carrying out unjustified and draconian policies,  Article 15 empowers any government or elite to ignore any fact they want. Their aims are to limit all human activity to what they “deem” to be “sustainable” based on any evidence and crisis they care to create. Some of their control measures include:  carbon taxes on all industry; media and psychological programing and control; regimenting educational systems to support and obey all UN sustainability dictates; the banning of humans from 1/3 of all lands; the institution of the technocratic surveillance state in all nations; the end of elected governments; the erasing of all human boundaries and borders; the subservience of all individual rights to “communitarian” principles as determined by the State and the World Government; totalitarian control over everything and everyone; and, a one-world government to oversee and direct all local governments – i.e.,  one ring to control them all.

    None of these aims have been ratified by our legislatures but our puppet governments have deliberately inserted them into numerous government polices using Agenda 21 and now Agenda 2030 as their blueprints for our enslavement in their totalitarian NWO – the New World Order, a.k.a. the OCWO – the Old Corrupt World Order. 

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The RITUAL begins!
Ritchie from Boston
Jul 16, 2020

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Captain Ahab said...

Ammon Bundy is sure getting around these days. We seem to be losing ground in this fight almost everyday as people are at each others throats, which is just what the want, and the video below from a city council meeting in Caldwell epitomizes the friction.