July 16, 2020

Why The History Hoax Is Like Jenga-video By John Le Bon


Albert said...

Any Other-Links ? (clicking doesn't work!)

Thanks :-)

Harry McFudd said...

They talk about Jenga pieces being missing but yet they don't give one example at least that I heard. I didn't listen to the whole thing. Really why would I?

Nona said...

No, I didn't listen to the end. It's confusing and where are the sources for this vid.

However, it's true that each new culture/conqueror, took away the stones and columns from previous civilizations, to use in their own buildings. The Arabs did this all over North Africa and Egypt. Ancient blocks of stones can be seen today, in islamic buildings and mosques.

And before the science of Archeaology was invented in the mid-1850s, the Brits and French, would take away columns and stones of Ancient Grk and Egyptian temples.There was no importance given to ancient cultures...it's only now, that we're desperate to preserve the Past.

ANd also, these ancient buildings were covered over by floods and the seas, volcanoes and mud, and being uncovered again because of the seismic actions of the Earth.It's nothing new, but we're looking at that now, with an open mind....because, before, the West, adhering to the jew bible, thought judaism-xtianity was the only valid religion/culture, but the new rebel Historians /Archeaologists are sweeping aside the old thinking.

Of course, the communications - internet - fax/copiers, have facilitated the exchanging of information Worldwide.