August 22, 2020

Dolores Cahill - Time For Change Protest Dublin

          Great turnout in Dublin earlier today. 7,000 at least while the media said it was about 300 LOL! I don't agree with Dolores on the virus issue as she thinks it's real but at least folks are waking up to the bullshit. Is the tide turning? Looking quite good methinks.


Gobbledygook said...

Hello Brizer, have you heard of James McCumiskey? He's an Irishman who has challenged University College Dublin to prove that Covid19 actually exists and that it has passed Koch's Postulates. He's been a guest on Mark Windows' RBS shows a couple of times, and is also into German New Medicine. You might consider getting him on as a guest on your own show(?)

Brizer said...

@ Gobbledygook

Thanks for the recommendation. Yes I will try get hold of him and see if he'll come on.