August 22, 2020

Urgent Information About Your Future

              If deleted from Jewtube go to Max's Bitchute channel and watch it there  It looks like the Covid vaccine will give us all Down's Syndrome! Thanks Jews!


michael said...

"It looks like the Covid vaccine will give us all Down's Syndrome! Thanks Jews!"

Attempting to see "the Jews" behind every event in history is beyond retarded Brizer.

You have no medical background so you accept any conspiracy theory that establishes your own seeking bias. Where is the critical thinking in any of this? I guess it explains why you are still drinking your own piss.

inthemix16 said...

No need for attempt ,but just simply observe. Looks like Talpiot is paying OT these days..BTW have been wondering where some have gone. Brendon O'Connell, Dr Preston James? nobody can deny this was a compelling read even if one doesnt agree with it ..Watcha think Mike ?

Brizer said...

@ Michael

Triggered are you? I notice in quite a few of your previous posts you seem to defend the tribe quite a bit. Sounds like you believe in the Covid hoax and are pro-vaccine too. Hmmm...

But hey that's fine. You're entitled to your own opinion.

Here, read these and use some critical thinking while you are at it. You will see that Israeli tech companies are at the heart of covid 19 "research".
and (a nice cuddly Israeli company coming to help the goyim)

Thanks Jews!!

But I fail to see how me drinking my piss has anything to do with any of this. Sounds like a sneaky ad hominum to me. And no I have no medical background but since I have been imbibing my own waters since 2012 I have hardly ever been sick so I must be doing something right eh?


John Miller said...
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John Miller said...

@ michael
" Attempting to see "the Jews" behind every event in history.."

I think we should blame ourselves, doing nothing, absolutely nothing, just watching how this clique of mankind hating, arrogantly lying psychopaths, these greasy, slimy parasitic jidds, are destroying our rose gardens !! (Western civilizations)

Harry McFudd said...

Bombshell: WHO coronavirus PCR test primer sequence is found

I found this:

But where the heck is the video that Crowhouse is talking about? Where the woman talks about it.

Harry McFudd said...

Looks like this is it or closer anyway

Captain Ahab said...

Harry McFudd,

Here is what Max was referencing. It is a YT channel run by Amanda Volmer named YumNaturals Emporium. She has great content!