September 24, 2020

Look πŸ‘€ Cases and Hospitalisations - MUST SEE Graph


Steve said...

Chinese Virologist Reveals Coronavirus Cover Up by CCP - EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

make of it what you will.

Chains said...

Its interesting that quietly in the news, corporate outfits like the cdc are reversing some of their conclusions. Yet government continue to double down. I think this is obviously planned. The UN is poised to enter into many countries when the populous finally understands their governments have duped them. The UN may act outraged and try to sell the public into the fact that we need an international government. LOL I know that sounds ridiculous and the UN would be way worse! Obviously it could be a much more gradual take over by the UN through agenda 2030. Seems they are in a constant "check" position. and we are running out or have run out of moves.These court cases in the states are a glimmer of hope but unless all my face diaper wearing friends, neighbors, and majority have an abrupt change of perception we are fucked! Here is a headline this morning from the Canadian Bullshit Corp,

"Pandemic recovery will require rethinking capitalist norms, expert says"