September 24, 2020

Ted & Austin Radio Show

Show Highlights:
What’s in your water?
Why should you ask?
Central banks admit using Black Rock for bond buying.
Why are we in the Middle East?
Trump answers this question at the SC rally.
No surprise except that the truth was told.
Resistance builds against the Covid shot.
Central Banks say we are now on our own.
You must remain silent if investigated.
Know your rights.
Why is Australia in such a mess?


Steve said...

I'm pretty certain that if cholera, and scurvy were unheard of today, we'd be under lockdowns, wearing masks, and destroying economies and millions of lives hunting for a virus and awaiting a vaccine. When all that's needed is clean the shit from the water and suck a lemon.

inthemix16 said...

Thanks Chainsaw! Well done. Still think everyone will be well served spending the 50min or so daily to check these 2 out. They appeal to so many groups. Newbies, hardcore, family, individual, christian, non -christian. .Best of all, you wont hear that "its the Chicoms" bullshit with Ted/Austin. In fact they call out the ones that shove that crap up everyone's giggy.

Chains said...

Thanks for the suggestion inthemix16!