Thursday, September 24, 2020

No internet for at least ten days (UPDATE)📌

 I came back online yesterday. All the technicians on the phone are retarded immigrants. Last Sunday, I call one of them to tell him that my modem is fucked. It's only lighting up the LEDs for DSL and LAN. The power LED doesn't even light up I say to him. That should have been a big clue that I repeated multiple times during the 1h30 minutes call. 

So at the end of all his tests he says: "I think it's your modem". LOL

But he then proceeds to send Bell Canada a ticket. Two days later, I see a Bell Canada mini van parked on my street. As I am approaching the van, he rolls down his window and says are you stephan jean? I said yes. What are you doing I say? I'm sniffing your shit and I can tell that you have no connectivity. WOW! You can tell that from your little cell phone there? Yes he says.

The funny part is when I show him my modem that only lights up LAN and DSL LEDs. He says: " Why have they not changed your modem"? To which I reply: " I don't know but I suspect that immigrants are retarded ". He then says the standard white guy thing: " Well I'm not a racist but..." LOL

He says to me:" I think I got just the thing to diagnose this". He goes back to his little van and comes out with a magical modem that you can plug with no passwords and lets you get on the internet (I want one of those for Christmas BTW). He shows me on his cell phone that now everything is green instead of red. This will cost your ISP lots of money he says. I came here for nothing. LOL

The immigrant story of the week up here. LOL





So I woke up at five in the morning. I was about to post all the week' shows and my main modem decided to give its last breath.

Now I have no internet or phone. Moreover I can not record any other shows until they send me a new modem. From my calculations, I will only receive it around the 24th.

I'm writing this from my neighbor's computer. It might be possible for me to post the edited scorpio show and the Brizer "I don't believe in reality" show. LOL

But I will only have limited access to this computer. You guys send me emails at the gmail account.

BTW. This is only the tip of the iceberg. My 25 year old landlord found asbestos and now to make a long story short, I have to leave my apartment for a month because they found asbestos in the walls of the washroom duh.... Long story.

I have to rent a room until all this is done. First of October, I got to be out of here for at least two weeks to a month.  BTW. All my friends are as poor as me so they can't really help me as their apartments are as small as mine.

I'll do my best to post some shows when I have access to this computer and the idea of the room I will rent needs to have wifi for sure.

Can you  believe that I still have legal problems on top of all this. lol I have to call my lawyer Monday to have an update and tell him that my phone aint workin anymore.

...BTW. I've noticed that some people think that when I don't post shows, it means that zap is drunk.

The truth is that this all fake bullshit covid has gotten me depressed. Seeing dumbasses running around with masks? You have to be kidding me.

Anyway, this is only 1/4 of what is going on in my life right now. It is fucking nuts.

I removed the "buy zap of coffee" because it didn't feel right with all that  is going on to ask people for money but... I would really appreciate any donations. I've never needed it as much as I do now.




Zeebra said...

thx for the update zap! & yes, seeing the mass obedience to the dirty face diapers 'mandates', is depressing! So important to resist through whatever 'legal' means in Canada & keep ur arse out of jail or Quebec's seeekrit "quarantine centers" - coz these useless/harmful & dehumanizing face diapers are just step 1 in the gradualism they plan

So ur possessions are ok to stay in ur apt, & you can just pack a bag? So off hand, hostels, air B&Bs... ??

Zeebra said...

So since this thread's gonna be pinned through 9/24, I'll paste all the shows I dropped in Scorpio's thread to here, & use this as a repository for good future shows thru 9/24

today's tim kelly,
Powers & Principalities: Episode 168
Critical Race Theory & COVID-911

Corbett yest, 34m:
Episode 383 – COVID-911: From Homeland Security to Biosecurity

Grand Torino / Fiona yest, 64m:

"Computing Forever" Dave Cullen yest, 30m:
It's Time To Wake Up

Max Igan's been completely shoah'ed off jootube; pub'd this yest @ BChute & a couple other platforms - 49m but only the first ~30m is Max, then he tacked on a 3rd party vid which I didn't find worth the time, but apparently Max loved it:
Withdraw Your Service and Dissolve Your Government

Sarah Westall Sep 9th, 52 & 47 mins:
Tyrannical Takeover by Technocrats, Thought Patterns Behind This Agenda w/ Patrick Wood (1 of 2)
(2 of 2)

Patrick's site to get U some to those NO FILTHY FACE DIAPER card/placards to wear around ur neck in mask-mandating biz's - claims ur health condition prohibits u from safely wearing a mask; no u don't need to disclose ur health condition, & first offense by a biz denying u service is liable for a $75K fine, $150K for 2nd offense. Scroll down for images of it:

Zeebra said...

speaking of the depressing filthy face diapers, what about what's happening with Back to School 2020?!

if this 26 sec clip doesn't want to make you cry, :'(

The moment she looked back:

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Thank you for keeping us informed of what is going on Zap. I had a feeling things were rough, just not how rough. As I posted this morning, If 2020 were a drink, it would be a colonoscopy prep.

Hopefully things will work out especially with your home and the onset of the chillier weather. You are in my thoughts, not that that counts for much in the cold light of day.

Take care of you and yours. The rest of the world can get by for a little while as you attend to business.

Panzerfaust said...

Thanks for the links and info. Here is this week's False Flag Weekly News with co-host Anthony Hall making a return. He echoes the same annoyance with certain (((figures))) of the 9/11 truth movement I expressed on Thursday's ITEL. Kevin Barrett had to move the show to Twitch due to kikery at JooTube.

Panzerfaust said...

" It might be possible for me to post the edited scorpio show and the Brizer "I don't believe in reality" show. LOL"
What goes into the selection process among the host?

Prussian Revivalist said...

I was wondering why some of the post updates were sporadic and the Rense Shows seemed to get stuck in the pipeline! :/

My daily fixes have been getting interrupted heavily!

But I appreciate you keeping us informed as to what has been going on.

The Corona Shake-up (or shall we say shake-down) is also carrying itself out very personally into our lives in ways some of us would rather not speak of, and which would otherwise not even happen, so it is becoming more and more difficult to "maintain", and unfortunately I expect going forward very soon there will be many things that also will become much more difficult for all of us to keep on an even keel.

Also having a hard time dealing with the mask wearers, because the masks create difficulties, distractions and annoyances of which I could list 1000 things on it and I find myself feeling very uncomfortable for many reasons being around masked people everywhere in public.

Even still, The Struggle Continues Onward...

ruxpert said...

V-Revealed 2020 Update: Ep 3 – Del Bigtree

Panzerfaust said...

This has been going on for months now EXCEPT for select shows but now modem quit COVID depression etc. No sale.

Bartholomew Beauregard III said...

ruxpert, EXCELLENT POST! Thank you!

The 911 Truth movement is on fire since last Friday, September 11th, with the now WORLD WIDE TRUTH CONFERENCE. This year's conference is titled "TRUTH RISING" The content from researchers is excellent, and now the movement is not only linking anthrax to 911, but outright saying that covid 19 is BS, and a product of the (((SAME PEOPLE))) that did 911. Furthermore, NOT TO GET VACCINATED! The world is really waking up.

I'm surprised that this platform has MISSED IT ALL. Maybe next year, if there is one. :)

Zeebra said...

CA governor Gruesome Newsom @ a presser re CA's Agenda 21 DEW fires - not a spoof or SNL skit! REAL! #HowDareYou!! lolz 36s:

Vernon Coleman yest, "We're Fighting For Our Lives", 22m:

Jeff B / Dollar Vigilante yest, 28m:
Operation Moonshot: Get Ready for Millions of New COVAIDS Positives in the UK!

Bartholomew Beauregard III said...

My bad. The conference scaled JUSTICE RISING - It should be called Truth and Justice Rising. :)

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Could one of the other moderators here at Grizzom's please post my cartoon page?

Normally Zap does this but he is, alas, missing in action for the meantime; I really would appreciate the boost. Just grab whatever images appeals to you, post along with the following:


Many thanks in advance.

Panzerfaust said...

Check this massive ZOG financial fraud conducted under the table unearthed by the guys at Fash The Nation. Mind-blowing chutzpah. Go to 29:00

Trump Admin USIDF Jew loans Kodak $765 million to produce Hydroxychloroquine. Kodak stock gets pumped from $3 to $60. Jew executive Garfunkel then donates $180 million to a ultra Zionist shell charity HE RUNS.

Panzerfaust said...

Autocorrect error:
Karfunkel not Garfunkel

BillyBob said...

Thanks ZAP for all you've done for years! I have friends who are paralyzed by the insanity before us! They know their is no pandemic, but when 99.99% of your country believes in a half faced lie - what does one do?

I feel your pain & alienation, it is designed to make us MAD, and is working flawlessly!

I have found God very comforting in these troubled times, It's not easy being the only same man in a town/village/city - when all around you love their slavery!

Take care of yourself ZAP - I wish I was able to help financially!

Zeebra said...

Catherine A Fitts just twatted this out,

3 freeking hrs, but listening now, ~30m in, lady's a great communicator re these topics which are so in our faces now

Alison Hawver McDowell – Live Q&A on the Covid Reset and Fourth Industrial Revolution

2,061 views • Streamed live on Aug 29, 2020

Alison is a mother, activist and researcher who has been exploring the shift towards digital curriculum, distance learning, impact investing, human capital markets, telemedicine, biosecurity, transhumanism, mass surveillance and more. Everything under what the World Economic Forum calls the "Fourth Industrial Revolution" and the "Great Reset". Her blog is at where she has an an incredible amount of information. You can also watch an interview that Jason Bosch did with here

Tar said...

Some Chinese faggot once said, may you live in interesting times.

Forge The Bond said...

Zeebra said... Catherine A Fitts ... lady's a great communicator re these topics...

Careful there, she's a full-blown communist dedicated to all 10 planks in The Manifesto.

Some weeks back she did a Solari Report with James Corbett. She actually said, and l paraphrase, that there's a utopian wonderland beyond private property.

She's an old hippie who wants you to have "freedom" in the Janis Joplin sense: "Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose."

ruxpert said...

I posted some 9/11 links, but it appears they got deleted?

Zeebra said...

@Forge - I was ref'ing the woman in the vid CAF pointed to, Alison Hawver McDowell

any case, disagree re CAF-commie, where to even begin?! & that Corbett/CAF interview was da bomb; I think I listened like 3x.

Forge The Bond said...

@Zeebra - okay, thanks, will listen to McDowell.

Re CAF, yes, that interview with Corbett was a good one. It's just that anyone painting a rosy picture of life beyond private property is by definition a Communist.

And when an old hippie Clintonista female says it, that weird tingle between your legs is the start of shrinking testicles syndrome. Emasculation takes a village.

Forge The Bond said...

@Ruxpert - maybe you failed the Turing Test?

Zeebra said...


a two-fer tweet, see both short clips inside: (~4h ago)

Melbourne Prisoner

Victoria, Australia (8pm curfew, 1hr allowed outside): police knock a man down with their car, and stomp on his head. He's now in a coma.

State premier Dan Andrews comments: "all of this can be avoided if people don't protest."

Forge The Bond said...

Kim Jong Andrews is just getting warmed-up.

Archie Titus said...

You'll know society is on the mend when strangers approach you and ask: is it just me or are you also having trouble believing the shite peddled by the mass media?

I'm waiting for someone, anyone to ask me that question. The wait can be depressing. Folk these days have nothing to say, nothing! Where are those characters who can make small talk over serious matters coming down hard upon all of us?

Alas, I try, and when I start a little small talk them folk still have nothing to say. Some get annoyed with me, I think it's because they know they are being lied to by the MSM.

It is depressing and fun at the same time.

Prussian Revivalist said...

@Archie Titus,

True, but it is a far stretch because what is pathetic is the fact that it would take something like a manufactured media crisis of stature like this to even get someone to approach and talk to others, including strangers, out of all other things, they cannot connect to others except for maybe about something they are against.

Since the lockdowns and hysteria began, I've never seen so many people try to greet me in public, and it's amazing it takes something like tho connect. But most people will not talk about the virus, and even the ones who do or people I've met who either claim they know this isn't real, they then revert back to talking as if it is real or I find them masking up or talking to others.

There is a clear agenda in this psyop to separate the wheat from the chaff, because it is driving a wedge between families, friends, colleagues and more.

After this nonsense has fully been exposed for what it is, you are going to see a lot of people who are totally broken down, egos destroyed and they will be worthless jell-o.

It will also bring about the inevitable civil wars really soon.

Forge The Bond said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Forge The Bond said...

Re @Archie,

Speak of Turing Test failure, and he appears.

Unit 8200 or Brigade 77?

Archie Titus said...


I wonder what you would say if I met you on the street and asked you for your opinion of the MSM?

You probably wouldn't say anything.

Come to think of it you don't say a lot here either. Bugger off.

Archie Titus said...


"Kim Jong Andrews is just getting warmed-up." He says

Which one do you have the problem with?

Forge The Bond said...

@Archie, the problem is that what l say goes over your Turing-challenged algorithm.

Answer me this: If woman was God's second mistake, what was His third?

Archie Titus said...


It's come to my attention that it's you who doesn't answer any questions and when it comes to sharing any information about yourself you are very Jewish.

Therefore don't know what you are or what you stand for. Try to bring something to the conversation?

froz said...

Latest ACH with 'DR' Adrian Krieg:

32:50 "Biden's new slogan is 'Build Back Better'"

Umm, sorry, there are dozens of world leaders outside the USA (there are actual human beings that do not reside in the USA) who have repeated "Build Back Better" in recent weeks. This is AGENDA 21/2030 script they are reading - NEW WORLD ORDER GOVERNMENT - Has nothing to do with BIDEN - these are just actors following the script of the NWO.

Remember George Bush Senior, September 11, 1990, announcing the new world order speech. I'm sure everyone has heard/seen it. Well this is it, not new USA order, new WORLD order.

How daft have you go to be to not understand this yet? The planet doesn't revolve around the USA - there are other places in the world that are being locked down, forced to wear masks, people who don't even know there is a friggen US election this year, people who don't even know who Biden is, like most people in Europe and Asia...

Forge The Bond said...

Does Biden even know who Biden is?

Harry McFudd said...

What kind of chicken-shit country is Canada? Weeks to get a cable modem fixed? Jesus Christ! I thought we were backwards down here in the states. I could put bullet hole through mine and have a tech out here in 2 days. I could get it fixed in a single day if i took to the cable company myself for a swap.

Glad you are not drinking too much Zap. Maybe I was wrong. But your internet provider would drive ME to drinking.

Mami said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mami said...

If Zapoper stopped fuckin the wild life dry in his area maybe they would not chew his internet connection? Try vaseline next time and give em a reach around and they will leave your shit alone and come back for more.

Harry McFudd said...

Ok I am really confused now. Mami I do not know who you are, we have always had our fantasies about who your were, but I like you. Not sure why since you are talking about reach-arounds and that is not something I participate in what-so-ever.

Ok so it is now legal to make comments again. I talked about it. I took the hit!

Harry McFudd said...

I AM CALLING A FREE FOR ALL POST!!!! RIGHT HERE!!! Bitch about anything!!!

Archie Titus said...

Ginsberg is gone at 87.
And Van Morrison not happy with Irish government and with it's position on COVID
Heard that in the mainstream.

Don't worry about Mami, Zap will tell us all about it when he's back on-line. Must be a problem with provider not modem, as changing modem would be so easy and everyone of us always needs to have a spare ready to go.

Panzerfaust said...

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Bartholomew Beauregard III said...

So that's the news folks. Where the bullseye is hit with a new suction cup dart, without enough spit to STICK.

Readers of this post, you may want to consider checking out and attempt to get on track as to what's trying to be achieved at this platform. Thank me later...

( LET'S Try to UNITE to the DESTRUCTION of the PARASITE that you all claim to be against BUT seem to be unable to HONE IN ON) MayBE? MayMeNot

Archie Titus said...

I am really pleased Dr AJ cured you of herpes. Now don't you be catching it again.
And make sure you don't catch COVID.
That's a thought, I wonder if Dr Ajayi is good for COVID. Rather use him than be vaccinated

Bartholomew Beauregard III said...

Hey, not very important.... Ginsburg is dead.

Does this mean ANYTHING for the USA?
Does this mean ANYTHING for the WORLD?
Does this mean ANYTHING for TRUMP? (you know, orange man)
Does this mean ANYTHING for the AMERICAN PEOPLE?
Does this mean ANYTHING for the JEWS?
Does this mean ANYTHING for the ME AND YOU?
Who cares....

Ya know, the parking lot was paved 4 years, 2 months, and 17 days before the hoax at the Sandy Hook school?

Panzerfaust said...

Imagine the outcty if Dr. Mengele was head of the CDC and was forcibly vaccinating Jews for Typhus.

Archie Titus said...

Time for the American people to elect the next one. If they did I doubt it would be another Jew; unless of course they are so thoroughly bullshitted and do.

Unfortunately the decision is not theirs to make. I suppose decision will be made later by Trump or Biden? Got any ideas who it might be?

Archie Titus said...

Unfortunately the decision is not theirs to make. I suppose decision will be made later by Trump or Biden? Got any ideas who it might be?

I mean new Supreme Court Judge?

Bartholomew Beauregard III said...

Archie Titus

The pendulum is changing direction. The thing to realize is... when it just slightly begins to change direction, it's always in the OPPOSITE direction. :)

Archie Titus said...


Not a good idea to focus on the pendulum, check out the clock face to establish the time. Might be closer to dawn than you think.

inthemix16 said...

Apologies first if this is out of line..I dont know what restrictions there are here regarding copyright, or where restrictions to what is posted here is. Maybe some view the same way, maybe not. Of all the podcasts out there, i still find the Ted and Austin Broer show to be the best out there. Appeals to everyone. The Christian meme isnt over the top annoying but relevant . Austin has really good working knowledge of protecting yourself and i find the most dead on about most everything. Except maybe that Ted still things Zionhedge and Tyler Durdenstein is a good site. It depends how you look at it but no doubt part of the tribe . May be consider doing a link once in a while. I Mean if you could hear Austin's Rant about Scamazon on the 9-15 show that was absolutely EPIC , you might hear what i mean. They leave nothing out.There is no "its the chicoms" bs like what is so painful to hear on No Agenda. Maybe you all would give a chance because the links to other shows people post are very useful to me . I do buy supplements and rather than go to Scamazon i will go there even if it costs more, but it is high quality stuff.

Zeebra said...

I haven't much followed Fetzer since he launched but I was just perusing his bitchute ch:

Y'all curious to see Giuseppe on video? See Jim's latest, 47m:


looks like Giuseppe routinely co-hosts

Zeebra said...

Operation Scorpio's show is up @ Rev Radio archive now:
name: revradio
PW: rocks!


32 sec clip of KillBillGates telling of how he told Trump in Mar 2017 (~2 mos into DJT's presidency) that RFK Jr's advice to create a commission to investigate vax safety was a bad idea, don't do it!

Harry McFudd said...





Zeebra said...

Jon Rappoport interviewed this Thomas Renz "Ohio Stands Up" lawyer dude suing OH for their lockdown, hosted by C.A.Fitts' The Solari Report - 67 mins, VG!

Covid-19: Ohio Stands Up - Jon Rappoport Interviews Attorney Tom Renz

Zeebra said...

Cynthia McKinney on w Dan Happel of Patriots' Soapbox yesterday, 2h:

Latest Max Igan yest; 43 mins:

Panzerfaust said...

Tyler Durden is a pen name taken from Brad Pitt's character in the movie Fight Club.

Zeebra said...

Robert Superfreak Steele interviews Kevin MacDonald, 52 mins:



Dave Janda intereviews GOOG whistleblower Zach Vorhies, 74 mins

Dissecting Censorship In The Information Age


Dave Cullen "Computing Forever" with John Waters, 1h 50m

Separating Truth From Illusion with John Waters


C.A.Fitts twatted out this 5m vid re DEWs & the Western US Agenda21-fires,

Panzerfaust said...

Kevin MacDonald denies the Khazarian conversion and will not debate the issue. Also DEWs from space blowing up buildings and starting fires is retarded.

Zeebra said...

new John Friend w Monika Schaefer pod, 69 mins:


2m clip out of a recent Dana Ashlie vid (linked in the tweet above this):

"from Dana’s video above and the so called please agreement signed by Donald Trump last week and this will probably only make sense to some Christians, not sure. His injection will make you traceable and, well watch the rest:"


great meme, "STOP! YOU CAN'T POST THAT!!!"

Zeebra said...

Tim Kelly w EMJ 9/22 - 75 mins:

E. Michael Jones on the Invisible Man

Dr. E. Michael Jones returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss his article "The Invisible Man at the Race Riots" which is featured in the September issue of Culture Wars.

Zeebra said...

These Are the Good Old Days (Now Are You Scared?)
Dr Vernon Coleman

25 mins:


Max Igan: "Something Big Is Coming"