October 17, 2020

Operation Scorpio 2020.10.17

Scorpio Show # 34 on Revolution.radio

Topics Include:

1) Hide Under Your Bed in a Fetal Position 
2) Life Has Been Cancelled Until Further Notice
3) The Virus Lurks in Your Toilet - Please Flush Twice
4) Fear & Propaganda Turned Up to 11

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zapoper said...

ROFL @ the topics.

John Miller said...

yeah yeah yeah 'ROFL'.....having soo much fun... oh, yes

No wonder this clique of international Joows are laughing their asses off.....

These international Joow Antifa Bolshevik Communist Red Rats, and "God's chosen people" are doing their ROFL....

99.9% of the population in western societies -"the white men"-, are stupid herd animals or have systematically been brainwashed, starting in kindergarten school colleges.

For instance, the people believe without questioning the greatest hoax in history, the holohoax...and other stories of these lying parasitic @#&%$#$ !!

Ok ok, these joowish creeps are in total control of the mass media...fake news....and so on.

People love to kiss Joow asses and 'our' corrupt 'elite' sucks Joow dicks ....

Now, have a great evening and do lots of ROFL

Brizer said...

@ John Miller

"99.9% of the population in western societies -"the white men"-, are stupid herd animals or have systematically been brainwashed, starting in kindergarten school colleges".

Does that include you?

People love to kiss Joow asses and 'our' corrupt 'elite' sucks Joow dicks.

Does that include you?

If not, please explain how YOU are going to stop all the joows laughing their asses off?

Any solutions? We would love to hear how YOU are going to rid the world of this scourge.

So please enlighten us. We're waiting.

Take your time. These are tricky questions but we are a patient bunch here.


Albert said...

@ John

jews "Marry" jewesses to SHOW: TOTAL-ALLEGIANCE: To (((their)))-Global-CRIME-SYNDICATE !!!

--> I don't THINK that ANYONE: really "Loves": to suck jew dicks, or kiss jew arse !!! ;-)

By the way ... One of YOUR: BETTER "Comments" ;-)

Albert said...

* I could be Wrong !!! ;-)

-- jews seem to Really "Love": Arse-Holes !!! :-o

"jewish Arse-Holes will be: (((their))) (((own))): Mess----iah !!!" ;-)
-- Shlomo-Homo-Jerkshowitz

John Miller said...

Hello Brizer,

" Any solutions..? "

Yes Brizer.....

DON'T be afraid to name the Jew, again and again and most of all : Don't be afraid to call the 'holocaust' a HOLOHOAX, again and again!!
"24 hours around the clock" !!

You NEED to understand : without that "holocaust" , international Jewry would by far NOT have that power over us "goyim" !!

AND, extremely important : We the people MUST take the control of OUR finances and media out of Jew hands!!!

BUT : Jews, a tiny minority worldwide and in OUR countries, should actually NOT be a problem...
If they don't behave we just throw them out of "our house" !!

The real problem is a clique down to the bone corrupt, totally IMMORAL, blackmailed members of 'our' elites, so called 'leaderships', that are in the pockets of international Jewry !!
These @#$%&$@ are traitors and should "be taken care of" !!

Btw : I didn't expect your question : ".. Does that include you..? "
But so what .....

Have a nice day in beautiful Ireland and continue your work.

Ross from Scotland said...

Here we go again, David Icke with the Fascsist state bullshit. For fucks sake surely he should know by now, surely somebody has put him right that this is communism/bolshevism/judaism .

we need Fascism to fight against this tyranny.

Unknown said...

Quite the hopeless situation indeed and speaking out will get you a one-way trip to the gulag..if you are lucky.

There was a certain someone that said don't expect help to fall from the sky..it must come from within the people. So we have to face this sooner or later we wont receive help from anyone/thing or even the ones that got away. The sad thing is it seems it's all going to crash big time before it can get better because that's when people will have no choice left and by then it's curtains the damage is done mission accomplished.

I tell myself often it must be external entities messing with minds and putting thoughts in peoples heads because you would think man would have sorted this shit out long ago. There has been all this killing, destruction and war for thousands of years it's like something is feeding off of the negative energy in so-far as manipulating man to get their energy snack.

Unknown said...

What if this life and world repeats endlessly over and over with the end only being the beginning, again. The real ptb get their way and destroy everything to bring about a new start to play god with a few adams and eves only for something to go wrong with their "utopia", like a snake in the garden story because as we all know what comes around goes around.

Ross from Scotland said...

The Fascist Movement represents Leadership, not Tyranny. It offers to the people a Leadership in national revival which they will accept of their own free will. The Dictatorship is a Dictatorship of the will of the people expressed through a Leadership and Government of their own choice. The only way in which the will of the people can be carried out is through a Leadership which they choose for the purpose and give the power to act.
Fascism offers that Leadership through which the will of the people can be effective. Thus a Dictatorship of the people themselves replaces the present Dictatorship of Vested Interests. Parliament and Government are paralysed by universal talk. Programmes for which the people have voted are never implemented. As a result real Government under Democracy rests in the hands of the great interests, such as International Finance. Fascism restores to power the people. That power can only be expressed through Leadership voluntarily accepted and chosen, but armed by the people with power to do what they want done.

Ross from Scotland said...

The present system ignores the fact that majorities also have their rights. In the name of free debate a minority now has the power to prevent a Government carrying out the programme for which the majority of the people have voted. The first necessity is to secure the right of the majority to the action which they demand by their vote. This is impossible so long as an obstructive opposition has the power by endless talk to prevent action by Government. The will of the people is greater than the right of the minority. That first principle is denied by the practices of present Democracy.

Ross from Scotland said...

23. When the first Fascist Government introduces a Bill to confer power of action by order on the Government, what will you do if the House of Lords throws it out ?

The people will have voted for a Government returned with a constitutional majority to pass this measure as its first Act. If the House of Lords throw out the Bill under these circumstances it will violate not only the spirit but also the practice of the British Constitution in modern times. The Peers will be rebels against Crown and People and will be treated as such. Fascism, therefore, would grasp the nettle and would suppress the House of Lords. It would immediately be replaced by a Second Chamber truly representative of Modern Britain.

Ross from Scotland said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ross from Scotland said...

At present the mass of the people have no freedom. Under Fascism for the first time they will have freedom. What is the use of a vote if the people never get what they vote for ? How can they get what they vote for when only two big Bills can be carried through Parliament in a whole year on account of obstruction ?

The beginning of freedom for the people is that the programme for which they vote shall be carried out. It cannot be carried out until the Government has power to act. By giving" Government the power to act, Fascism brings not the end of freedom but the beginning of freedom. Real freedom is economic freedom. Economic freedom cannot come until economic chaos ends ; and it cannot end until a Government has power to act.

Real freedom means good wages, short hours, security in employment, good houses, opportunity for leisure and recreation with family and friends. Modern Science enables us to build such a civilisation. It is not built, because Democracy prefers talk to action. We have to choose between the freedom of a few professional politicians to talk and the freedom of the people to live. In choosing the latter, Fascism makes freedom possible and releases the people from the economic slavery rivetted upon them by the Democracy of talk.

Ross from Scotland said...

. Will there be freedom of the Press under Fascism and will newspapers be free to criticise the Government ?

The Press will not be free to tell lies. That is not freedom for the people but a tyranny over their minds and souls. Much humbug is talked on this subject. What is Press freedom ? In practice it means the right of a few millionaires to corner newspaper shares on the stock exchange and to voice their own opinions and interests irrespective of the truth or of the national interest.

Newspapers are not made any longer by news or journalism. They are made by sheer weight of money expressed in free gift schemes, etc. They serve not the interests of the many but the vested interests of the few. In that service they will stoop to any lie or any debauch of the public mind. This must be stopped, and the freedom of the National Press to serve great interests at the expense of the nation must be curtailed.

On the other hand, local newspapers, generally speaking, are fairly conducted, with a sense of national responsibility and will certainly be treated differently by Fascism from the great dope machines of the vested interests which now are dignified by the undeserved title of National Press.

Constructive criticism will always be welcomed by Fascist Government. False and malicious criticism designed to serve vested interests will be dealt with as follows. The Government representing the Nation will have the same right to sue a newspaper which makes untrue statements about it, as an individual at present possesses. If an individual is libelled he has redress in the Courts. But the Nation has no redress. Any lie may be told by a newspaper, however damaging to the national interest, with complete impunity. Lies against the nation should be dealt with even more severely than lies against the individual. Therefore, the right to sue in the Courts should be extended to the Nation represented by its elected Government. Press

Ross from Scotland said...

It is the deliberate aim of Fascism to bring to an end the Party game which we believe to be the ruin of the Nation. We substitute a new system of action suited to the modern age for the system of talk which belongs to the past. For instance, a Parliament elected under Fascism will be a technical and not a political Parliament. The franchise will be occupational and not geographical. Men and women will vote according to their industry or profession, and not according to their locality. They will vote for people versed in the problems of their industries, and not for professional politicians. In such a system there is no place for parties and for politicians. We shall ask the people for a mandate to bring to an end the Party system and the Parties. We invite them to enter a new civilisation. Parties and the Party game belong to the old civilisation, which has failed.

Ross from Scotland said...

What will be the position of the House of Lords ?

The House of Lords will be replaced by a Second Chamber representing the industry, culture and ability of the Nation. This Second Chamber will also contain representatives whose technical knowledge of science and industry shall be specific and detailed beyond the needs of the House of Commons, and will also contain representatives of Education, Religion, the Services, Science, Art, and every aspect of the people's spiritual life. From this national pool of culture and ability, Government will derive a real assistance.

The present House of Lords is an anachronism. It was originally intended that the House of Lords should broadly represent industry and culture. In early days the Peers owned the land, which was the only industry, and enjoyed exceptional opportunities of education.
To-day, Agriculture is not the only industry and many Peers are not even connected with land or industry. Further, none would claim they enjoy a monopoly of culture. Therefore, by abolishing the present House of Lords in favour of an Assembly genuinely representing the industry and culture of the Nation, we restore the original conception of the British Constitution.

Ross from Scotland said...

48. How will you enforce your banking code ?

The banking code will have the force of law with heavy penalties attaching to it. Any banker who breaks the law will go where the poor go to-day when they break the Law. As most bankers prefer the luxury of their present apartments to a sojourn in gaol, very few will break the law. FURTHERMORE, THE WORST OFFENDERS WILL ALREADY HAVE BEEN DEPORTED AS FALLING IN THE CATEGORY OF JEWS WHO HAVE GROSSLY ABUSED THE HOSPITALITY OF BRITAIN.

Ross from Scotland said...

Under Fascism Will the depositors' money be safe in the Banks and the Post Office ?

Far safer than at present. The Banks now use your money abroad in every wild-cat scheme for financing foreign countries, and many a mess they have got themselves and your money into as a result. Under Fascism, British funds will have to be used for British purposes alone. Your money will be far safer at home than abroad. Then you will know what is being done with it. Fascism wants to see capital in as many hands as possible. The small investor and individual savings will be its special care. Further control and regulation of the Stock Exchange will prevent the small investor being fleeced, as at present.

Ross from Scotland said...

51. Why do you suggest that present Governments so favour the foreign importer?

Because Democratic Governments are in the grip of international finance, which, in this respect, is largely Jewish. The great finance houses of the City have made loans to foreign countries. Even when they have handed these loans on to the public they make a substantial annual income by acting as fiscal agents for foreign countries in the distribution of interest. This annual interest on foreign loans is not paid in foreign money. It is paid in the shape of foreign goods, like beef from the Argentine. This accounts for the fact that a country like the Argentine sends us far more goods each year than we send her. If we exclude foreign goods, we exclude the interest on the loans made by the City. We have to choose between the producer and the City, and Fascism chooses the producer. The old Parties choose the City, not only because they are in the grip of Jewish finance, but because it rests in the power of the City to bring down any Government dependent on international trading, as explained in the answer to question 47. The Farmer will never be free until he has broken the power of Jewish finance.

Ross from Scotland said...

59. What is your attitude to the private ownership of land, and hereditary tenure ?

We believe that the private tenure of land should be as widely diffused as possible in many different hands. Our policy will aim at the maximum number of owner-occupier Farmers, and will encourage in every way the handing down of such land from father to son. This will create a hereditary interest and pride in the land, which will revive the spirit of the countryside. Big landowners will be treated as all other owners of hereditary wealth. Land ownership will be regarded as a Trusteeship on the principle of no reward without service. A landlord who abuses that trusteeship will lose his land without compensation, and it will be split up into owner- occupier farms. On the other hand, a landlord will be encouraged if he exercises a real local leadership and gives back in service to the countryside the equivalent of his reward derived from the land. Such men have been singled out for attack by the Social-Democratic system, which has permitted gross abuses of hereditary wealth.

A Jewish financier, stock-exchange speculator, or bucket-shop keeper may amass a large fortune and leave it to his son. That son's interest in the country may not extend beyond a night club and a liberal supply of champagne. Yet under the present system, such an owner of hereditary wealth is treated as altogether admirable, while an object of scorn and attack is the man devoting his whole life to the countryside, where the roots of his family have extended for centuries in the hereditary tenure of land. This is one of the many examples of the false values of present financial Democracy. Under Fascism, the land of the absentee landlord and waster will be expropriated. The local leader and servant of the countryside, where he was born and bred, will be encouraged.

Ross from Scotland said...

60. What changes, if any, will Fascism make in the law with regard to inherited wealth ?

Fascism does not recognise the principle of reward without service. Hereditary wealth, therefore, will not be permitted unless service is given in return. This need not necessarily take the form of productive service. Public service may be given in return for the privilege of hereditary wealth. It is right that a man should be able to work not only for himself but for his children. It is wrong that the children should be able to live in idleness on the wealth which others have created. Service must be given equivalent to the reward enjoyed. Hereditary wealth which is not justified by service will revert to the State.

Ross from Scotland said...

69. What is the attitude of Fascism towards Chain Stores ?

Chain Stores owned by Jewish and foreign capital will be eliminated. Their staffs will be absorbed in the extended co-operative system to which reference is made in the previous question. Chain Stores, which are British owned, will be permitted only under licence, and to an extent which does not interfere with the Fascist system of small shopkeeper and co-operative society. Fascism will not tolerate the growing monopoly of the people's vital supplies in alien hands.

Ross from Scotland said...

70. What will be the position of women in the Home ?

Women will not be driven from industry, but also they will not be driven from the home as they are at present, viz., many women who want to stay at home to marry and to have children, are driven into industry because husbands or fathers are unemployed or paid low wages. This is a grave threat to the race which Fascist economic policy will check by its high wage system, which will pay the man enough to maintain the home.

71. What will be the position of women in industry and the professions ?

Women will not be forced to retire from industry or the professions. The present sex war in industry will be brought to an end by Fascist economic policy, because a sufficient demand for labour will be created to provide work for all. The present struggle arises from the shortage of jobs. Women engaged in industry and the professions shall be remunerated at exactly the same rates as men.

Ross from Scotland said...

94. What alterations, if any, will you make in the laws governing the immigration of alien races into Great Britain ?

All immigration will be stopped. Britain for the British, is our motto, and all of Britain is required for the British. Further, all foreigners who have already been naturalised will be deported unless they have proved themselves valuable citizens of Great Britain.

Ross from Scotland said...

95. What is the Fascist attitude towards the Jews ?

Jews must put the interests of Britain before those of Jewry, or be deported from Britain. This is not a principle of racial or religious persecution. Any well-governed nation must insist that its citizens owe allegiance to the nation, and not to co-racialists and co-religionists resident outside its borders or organised as a state within the State. The Jews, as a whole, have chosen to organise themselves as a nation within the Nation and to set their interests before those of Great Britain. They must, like everyone else, put "Britain First" or leave Britain.

Ross from Scotland said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ross from Scotland said...

97. Will the Jews then be persecuted or ill-treated ?

It is untrue to suggest that Jews will be persecuted under Fascism in Britain. Bullying or persecution of any kind is foreign to the British character. We shall not keep Jews here to bully them. Those who have been guilty of anti-British conduct will be deported. Those against whom no such charge rests will be treated as foreigners, but in accordance with the traditional British treatment of foreigners within these shores, will not be ill-treated or molested. On the other hand, foreigners who have not proved themselves worthy citizens of Britain will be deported.

98. Will they be allowed the right of citizenship or permitted to be officials or M.P.'s in the Fascist State ?

As stated above, the Jews have deliberately maintained themselves as a foreign community in Britain, setting their racial interests above the national interest. As such, therefore, they will be treated, and none can complain of treatment which accords with their own actions. We do not permit foreigners to be M.P.'s or officials, or afforded the full rights of British citizenship, and Jews will not be afforded these privileges. Anyone in the service of the State under Fascism must be entirely British.

Ross from Scotland said...

Fuck you david icke you fuckin gatekeeper and your "fascist state" you know fine well you are lying and pulling the gullible in.

Fascism is what we need to defeat the jew "new world order".

John Miller said...

In my 'piece' I mentioned these down to the bone corrupt, totally immoral bastards amongst OUR elites/leaders, who are in the pockets of International Jewry...

Btw : Who knows nowadays what happened already in 1933, after the German people voted in free democratic elections the National Social German Workers Party -NSDAP- into Government?

The headline in this British Newspaper and in American papers :

Daily Express
Friday, March 24, 1933 (!!)

Jews Of All The World Unite In Action

Question :
WHY did these &%$#@# declare war on Germany?
How come this clique of International Jews, a tiny group of people, especially amongst the industrialized nations, had later on in 1939, the Imperialist-Nations Great Briton, France, USA and Mass- murderer Stalin's Bolshevik Communist Russia on their side in a murderous war against Germany ??

PS :I think this international - satanic- (??) clique of parasites stir up - not only brother against brother- Nation against Nation since thousands of years, where ever they live.

Btw: I think WAR mongers in our so called civilized western societies should automatically be executed !!
Thank you !!

John Miller said...


Could it be that David Icke is actually - since he is internationally a very well known personality- a spokes person of the - by the Communist Jew Soros financed - International Antifa Communist Bolshevik Red Rats ???

Thanks for infos

Ross from Scotland said...

Those posts were all extracts from the book 'Fascism: 100 questions asked and answered' by Oswald Mosley


Albert said...

What a GREAT EXCHANGE Guys !!! :-)

🌝 🌚 🌞

John Miller said...

Hello ,

it is still available, the book "The International Jew", written by a man of the people, for the people....in 1921, shortly after WW I, the War brother against brother... : Henry Ford.

GO GET IT !!!!

Ross from Scotland said...

Got it.

John Miller said...

Hello Ross from Scotland..

you are obviously not informed that in Italy under Mussolini's Fascism, the people -except the 'upper class- had a below average standard of living.
The same goes for Franco's Spain !!

While Germany under the National-Socialist Government, had from 1935 on the highest standard of living in the industrialized world.

Visitors from foreign countries that came to see the Olympic Games 1936 in Berlin, were impressed and had nothing but praise for the situation in Germany and its people.

While in the USA for instance, millions of unemployed people, especially in large cities, were standing in line for a bowl of soup !!

But a war would change the situation, oh yes !!


Ross from Scotland said...

Where is your source for that info?

John Miller said...

Very simple: eye witness.

I spoke to people that were born in those countries, lived and worked there during the 1930' ties, visited the other country.... they could compare the situation...they showed me pictures...

good enough ?

Ross from Scotland said...

Franco's Spain. 1936 the bolshevik jews under the guise of the "international brigade" were destroying Spain a'la Russian 'revolution' . Thousands of innocents and priests and nuns murdered in a bestial manner. Franco organises the Falange and wins the battle. Subsequently, Spain lives in peace and prosperity under Fascism.

John Miller said...

Hello friends,

a National Socialist country, FREE of Jews, is a workers paradise !!!

Have a great evening, Ross from Scotland and everybody else.

Ross from Scotland said...

Wait a minute, I am not going around in argumental circles with you. I have made my point very adeptly and with prime source material.

Ross from Scotland said...

john Miller,
Eye witnesses...LMFAO..... "It was real in my imagination" ....LMFAO.

Just like the "denazification" of the Germans, Italians brainwashed against Fascism.

Henry said...

John, Miller, Franco wasn't a fascist. He was a military dictator like Milton Freidman and Margaret Thatchers' friend, General Pinochet.

I once spoke to some Jews who told me how they escaped death in the gas chambers of Bergen-Belson during the morning the British arived at the camp. Good enough ?.........Nah, I didn't think so either.

Interesting fact about fascist Italy: before the war about 30% of the male Jews in Italy were card carrying members of Mussolini's fascist party.

Fakk said...

Ross from Scotland - Enjoyed reading all those fine 'fascist' writings (from the Mosley group no doubt). But shouldn't Icke be given some artistic licence and freedom to express things as he see's fit. Obviously it's not that easy to speak cogently, correctly and consistently about any subject 'on air', and surely he's basically on the side of 'anti globalist' truth. Also not everyone knows the accurate political definition of the word 'fascism' as in the Mussolini or German 'National Socialist' modes. Icke is 70 odd and he lived large through that 60's to 80's period when the word was commonly misused and given added meaning as a term for a 'police state' or 'political oppression' in general, probably most obviously shown in that mid 70's Sex Pistols lyric 'God save the Queen, the fascist regime'. Leftie John Lydon (Johnny Rotton) would generally be on the side of truth also, probably.

Fakk said...

Belsen Was a Gas - Sex Pistols with Ronnie Biggs

Henry said...

Fakk, Icke is an Internationalist and always has been. He's not some naive child of the 60's. In fact 30 years ago he was the 'Spokesman' for The Greens political party. He was their Gretta Thunberg albeit a hairy-arsed version that was already 38 yrs old. His use of the words fascism and fascist as pejoratives has nothing to do with the Sex Pistols but everything to do with Leon Trotsky and Icke lifts it directly from the writings of Trotsky; especially the charge that fascism is nothing other than the murderous tool of the Corporate elites. David Icke is no Nationalist. He is a Utopian who talks about universal love and the botherhood of man in the most anti-racial terms and has lived a private life as perverse as anything you might expect from the head of a 1960s commune. That he happily shares his platform with the openly Marxist (International Marxist Group) Piers Corbyn comes as no surprise to those who have watched thse plants step into the place left vacent following the State organized destruction of legitimate Nationalist opposition.

Ross from Scotland said...


Why should he be allowed any artistic licence? He has an audience of many millions these days and therefore has the duty to be absolutely accurate in his statements, as the so called guru he is.

The pejorative use of Fascism in this manner is the trick of lying jews to turn folks head away from the truth that Fascism was the only political entity which stood against and almost defeated them in the 20th century.

I personally , on Ickes forum , made this matter known on many occassions until I was banned for starting the debate on "Adolf Hitler did not want war" the facts in that thread were a step too much for the moderators on his forum.

This is why I strongly believe he is controlled opposition. Does he ever tackle the holohoax or jews taking down the towers on 9/11 to enable them to kick off their Oded Yinon plan; have you ever heard him mention the Oded Yinon plan, or come to think of it, the Kalergi plan. All he talks about are things folk already know and for us to sit on our vibrational arses and let it happen. Never does he discuss any actions against this jew tyranny.

Around 2010/11 I sat for nine hours or so listening to Icke talk in a theatre in Brixton , London. He and the likes of Alex Jones and various other gatekeepers had me running in circles ten years ago. If it wasn't for my persistance in carrying out my own research and buying a myriad of books I would still be running in confused circles.

Again, FUCK david Icke.

Fakk said...

Nice piece of writing Henry and probably all correct.
I just sort of agree with Brizer ^^^ that it's probably best not to pick fault with the guests of our valuable show hosts, especially one as indisputably famous as Icke.

Ross from Scotland said...

Well said Henry, good post.

Fakk said...

Agreed also, Ross from Scotland.
Nothing to add to that honest barrage.

Unfortunately few can be trusted.

Liam said...

@ Fakk
"I just sort of agree with Brizer ^^^ that it's probably best not to pick fault with the guests of our valuable show hosts, especially one as indisputably famous as Icke."

Why ever not? Misinformation or disinformation is just that, Unacceptable!

It is not a crime to lie, when it is done without will or intent.
However, when the lie is proven to be willful and with intent, the teller of the lie becomes more a threat then an 'enemy-at-the-gate' irrespective of their 'fame'.

Henry said...

The best thing would be to hold Icke's feet to the fire and challenge him directly about his many distortions, omissions and lies. Failing that, deny him a platform. Icke publishes books and makes public statements containing expressly stated allegations that named individuals engage in murder and cannibalism but gets to stride the world like a colossus of truth; meanwhile young lads in England have their homes raided at 2am and cop time in prison for posting 'hate crime' on social media. Go figure.......

Henry said...

Liam, exactly! Saying something in error is one thing but deliberate misrepresentation is the very definition of fraud. Icke is a fraud and a most dangerous one at that.

John Miller said...

Hello hello,
a few newcomers here, but they too, like this Internationalist Icke,- obviously without knowing it - are Antifas = Bolshevik Communists that hate 'Nazis' !

WHY do they hate Nazis ?

Or, maybe they are just brainwashed....

PS: Our good friend Ross, the Fascist from Scottland, entertained us already with 27 comments of high value/quality!

Please continue

John Miller said...

Remember :
the Germans/Nazis would have saved the world "taken care," of the Bolshevik Communists once and for all !!

BUT, there was a huge Jew controlled army in the west...allies of thee Red Rats...

John Miller said...

The end of the 'story'...

The great American General Georg Patton, loved by his troops like no other US General, when arriving in Germany, wanted with the left overs of the German army "take care" of the Bolshevik Communist Red Rats!!

BUT : 'some thing' happened to him...he had a car accident, was hit by a US army truck while driving his Jeep..

This great US General is NOT buried at Arlington.... he is laid to rest in Europe / Luxemburg

John Miller said...

there is @ Liam....

Fakk said...

Agreed Icke talks absolute crap often, moon is an ancient alien spaceship for starters, all that shape shifting lizard elite stuff (although very possible there are demons/aliens on Earth), also he may be an internationalist/globalist - wouldn't know for sure because I've never found him that interesting anyway. Probably part jew also.

But seems pointless to expect Icke to change, so why criticise him - also seems disrespectful to the great Scorpio and Giuseppe to dis their 'big' guest. Icke probably has his reasons for holding off on certain topics and blurting out some of the crap he does, maybe a smoke screen to remain in business.

Huge respect here for National Socialist Germany always, and all things German all throughout history actually. Anglo-Saxon family also, of course.

John Miller said...

@ Fakk

Yes, Anglos and Saxons were once Germanic tribes.

But, after WW II the International Bolshevik Communist and Rabbinic-Talmudic Jews flooded North-Western Europe with millions of mostly Turks Arabs Africans and now with quite a few Asians and systematically are destroying Germanic Civilization, Traditions and Culture.

So, there is a lot of race mixing going on.....

John Miller said...

And YES, @ Liam

I absolutely agree, I would call people criminals when they purposely lie, with intent disinform and misinform.

Albert said...

I DON'T "Like" Icke !!!!!!!!!

He MURDERED: Millions of Disarmed German Soldiers in Open-Air "Camps" ...

and NOW (in His "re-incarnation") He has the Gall to Con-tinue SLANDERING: The Great German People ...

WHO, as Others Above have CLEARLY Explained: WERE the ONLY ONES who WOULD have STOPPED:

(((their))) ("clever") "little-game"* !!!

(*The "Dad's Army" THEME: " ... WE are the Boys who will Stop your little game ...)

(I just Listened to Christogenea's EXPOSE of "Grinder-Greg"-(Johnson) and his "Fellow": "Faggy-'Fascists'" !!! :-o
--> I am soooo GLAD that I NEVER "Followed": "(((They))) LOOK 'Hwhite' to ME!" and Cohen!)


🌝 🌚 🌞

Albert said...

Dwight David "Ike" Eisenhower

-- Just a Cohencidence ... I'm SURE! ;-)

Ross from Scotland said...

Hi Henry,

Your comment at 09.54 am is very insightful and well written. could I have your permission to copy it and use in the future when relevant?

Henry said...

Yes of course, Ross.

John Miller said...

Hi Ross from Scotland,

You also have my permission to copy my

Daily Express piece from 1933 (!!) " Judea declares War on Germany"
that I posted Oct.18 at 4:22 and use in the future when relevant.