October 17, 2020

To The Economic Hitmen: We Are Your Enemy!


 We Know Your Crimes

The Smithfix

 The Prime Suspects Do it Again

Economic Hitmen

 "A mutant, viral form of capitalism has created an extremely unsustainable, unjust and very very dangerous world." 

- John Perkins, confessed and repentant economic hitman. 


We Are Your Enemy

We Know Your Crimes

The Smithfix


!!! Beirut Blast !!!

The Prime Suspect Does it Again - Yukon Jack




Looking Through Her Crystal Ball,

Here is What The Cabin Talker Sees:

She  says this winter is going to be viciously cold

and we should be prepared for power outages.

And The WHO are completely "back-paddling"!



Hey Kids, there's nobody in that cabin... 

I think we should move in...

at least for the hunting season...

- That's a great idea Mom!



Zeebra said...

where did Scorp's show announcement post go? I'm listening to the final hour live now - look forward to the archive coz I missed the first 2 hrs w David Icke completely.

Tim & Joe today,
Powers & Principalities: Episode 173

Zeebra said...

Okay so I thought to check Giuseppe's Triangle archive on revradio - for yest's show there's only a 12 min / 12 MB partial file - so I grabbed it anyway and hear at the opening it features "Part 1" of their David Icke interview, which I gather today's Scorpio show plays Part 2 of.

here's Triangle 10/16 partial file:
username: revradio
password: rocks!

Can we look forward to a full 10/16 Triangle show, with part 1 of the Icke interview?

Zeebra said...

Ahhh Haaa! Looked @ Guiseppe's newish YidTube ch, with its hearty 85 subs, & find it appears to have "proper archives" of all the recent shows which Giuseppe is part of, including already an archive of today's Scorpio show! check it out:


Here's hoping Giuseppe maintains a mirror platform on bitchute/etc, as it's surely a question of when not if, YidTube drops their noahide jewllotine blade on ur whole channel there!