December 07, 2020


Til' Death Do Us Part

New Abnormal Advertising
Computing Forever

by Johnny Gat
Severe Delusions as Personal Primary Truths
Yukon Jack
Proof That Lockdowns Are Working!
JP Sears

The "Vaccine" is The Perfect Murder
Atlantic Underground Podcast
Harry Vox
๐ŸŒž Suggested by Albert ๐ŸŒ
Animals Saving Each Other
A Fairy Tale By Albert

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Harry Vox

 * Suggested by Albert *

This is part 4 in the series describing how the BioTerrorist's "Vaccine" is actually a back door that will transform your immune system to be vulnerable to their mass extermination plan via the ANTIBODY DEPENDENT ENHANCEMENT which is the bio medical butcher's nice sounding name for massive organ failure and rapid onset of upper respiratory failure and death.

Make no mistake:
- Harry Vox

Harry Vox on Atlantic Underground Podcast
The truth about the Situation

A Fairy Tale
By Albert
The World is full of Gullible people ... 
A Farmer wandered, and everywhere he saw Gullible People wearing-masks because of an imaginary Fake-"virus" ... 
All of the People were Losing-their-Homes to jew-bankers who Now "owned" them All, even though (((they))) had never worked a day in (((their))) lives! ... And the Police and Other "Authority"-Bullies Tormented everyone Terribly ... but No-One could do ANYTHING about it ... because to Defend-Themselves, or Stand-Up-to or Fight-Back, in Any-way ... would be: Bad, and being "violent" ...... and No-One should Ever be Advocating for "violence"! .......
Thus a relative-handful of brazen-(((liars))) ... came to "Own" everything in the World, including All-People as (((their))) Slaves ... my my, indeed, by "watching"-(((TV))) ... they had All become soooo terribly-GULLIBLE !!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ -- The END !!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

From "Operation Scorpio" 2020.11.28

 What a big loud mouth you have!

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 Most Humans Entertain Severe Delusions as Personal Primary Truths 
Yukon Jack
Most people are so delusional they actually think Jerusalem is a “holy” city when it has been the battleground and the grisly death of countless humans. They think everyone should be reverent to a city contested by all three Abrahamic hell religions.  The idiotic Evangelical Christians actually think Israel is holy, when Jews are the biggest perverts on the planet and Israel is the gay capital of the world!

How many white people fully support Israel even when the Jews are hell bent on destroying them?  Nearly all of them!  That is beyond crazy and is case in point of this essay.  The average person is just plain wrong in their thinking about nearly everything!

Most people think that if they are obedient then after death they can go to heaven and be with “god”.  And they think their unfortunate relatives who didn’t make it and are burning in hell for eternity is “justice”.

Most Humans Entertain Severe Delusions as Personal Primary Truths - Yukon Jack
Computing Forever – Dec 7, 2020

by Johnny Gat
Amazing cases of mutual assistance between animals


๐ŸŒž  ๐ŸŒ   -- The END !!!  ๐Ÿ˜ฎ   ๐ŸŒš


Albert said...

THANKS Voltman !!! :-)

Like Amazy Polly Explained: Even just ONE Person "agreeing"-with-one ... is VERY EN-COURAGING! -- And in THESE (((times))) (((they))) are (((media))) so: "De-Moralizing"! :-o

I READ 1 or 2 or sometimes even Three "Fairytales" out-aloud before I go to sleep each-night (They are a Type of Former-Times "History"!)

HERE is the One I READ, which Inspired me to Stay-Up a Little Longer and Write My OWN "Modern"-Version! ;-)

A Gullible World: The Story of a Man Who Didn't Beat His Wife

Czechoslovak Folktale

There was once a poor farm laborer, so poor that all he owned in the world was a hen. He told his wife to take this hen to market and sell it.

"How much shall I ask for it?" the woman wanted to know.

"Ask as much as they'll pay, of course," the laborer said.

So the woman took the hen by the feet and set out. Near the village she met a farmer.

"Good day," the farmer said. "Where are you going with that hen?"

"I'm going to market to sell it for as much as they'll pay me."

The farmer weighed the hen in his hand, pursed his lips, thought a moment, and said:

"You better sell it to me. I'll pay you three pennies for it."

"Three pennies? Are you sure that's as much as you'll pay?"

"Yes," the farmer said, "three pennies is as much as I'll pay."

So the laborer's wife sold the hen for three pennies. She went on to the village and there she bought a pretty little paper bag with one of the pennies and a piece of ribbon with another penny. She put the third penny into the bag, tied the bag with the ribbon, slipped the ribbon on a stick, put the stick over her shoulder, and then, feeling that she had done a very good day's work, she tramped home to her husband.

When the laborer heard how stupidly his wife had acted, he flew into a great rage and at first threatened to give her a sound beating.

"Was there ever such a foolish woman in the world?" he shouted angrily.

The poor woman, who by this time was snuffling and weeping, whimpered out:

"I don't see why you find so much fault with me! I'm sure I'm not the only gullible person in the world."

"Well," the laborer said, "I don't know. Perhaps there are people in the world as gullible as you. I tell you what I'll do: I'll go out and see if I can find them. If I do, I won't beat you."

So the laborer went out into the world to see if he could find any one as gullible as his wife. He traveled several days until he reached a countryside where he was unknown. Here he came to a fine castle at the window of which stood the lady of the castle looking out.

Albert said...

"Now then, my lady," the laborer said to himself, "we'll see how gullible you are."

He stood in the middle of the road, looked intently up at the sky, and then reaching out his arms as if he were trying to catch hold of something he began jumping up and down.

The lady of the castle watched him for a few moments and then dispatched one of her servants to ask him what he was doing. The servant hurried out and questioned him and this is the story the clever rascal made up:

"I'm trying to jump back into heaven. You see I live up there. I was wrestling up there with one of my comrades and he pitched me out and now I can't find the hole I fell through."

With his eyes popping out of his head, the servant hurried back to his mistress and repeated the laborer's story word for word.

The lady of the castle instantly sent for the laborer.

"You say you were in heaven?" she asked him.

"Yes, my lady, that's where I live and I'm going back at once."

"I have a dear son in heaven," the lady said. "Do you know him?"

"Of course I know him. The last time I saw him he was sitting far back in the chimney corner looking very sad and lonely."

"What! My son sitting far back in the chimney corner! Poor boy, he must be in need of money! My good man, will you take him something from me? I'd like to send him three hundred golden ducats and material for six fine shirts. And tell him not to be lonely as I'll come to him soon."

The laborer was delighted at the success of his yarn and he told the lady of the castle he'd gladly take with him the ducats and the fine shirting and he asked her to give them to him at once as he had to get back to heaven without delay.

The foolish woman wrapped up the shirting and counted out the money and the laborer hurried off.

Once out of sight of the castle he sat down by the roadside, stuffed the fine shirting into the legs of his trousers, and hid the ducats in his pockets. Then he stretched himself out to rest.

Meantime the lord of the castle got home and his wife at once told him the whole story and asked him if he didn't think she was fortunate to find a man who had consented to deliver to their son in heaven three hundred golden ducats and material for six fine shirts.

"What!" cried the husband. "Oh, what a gullible creature you are! Who ever heard of a man falling out of heaven! And if he were to fall, how could he climb back? The rogue has swindled you! Which way did he go?"

And without waiting to hear the poor lady's lamentations, the nobleman mounted his horse and galloped off in the direction the laborer had taken.

The laborer, who was still resting by the wayside, saw him coming and guessed who he was.

"Now, my lord, we'll try you," he said to himself.

He took off his broad-trimmed hat and put it on the ground beside him over a clod of earth.

"My good fellow," said the nobleman, "I am looking for a man with a bundle over his shoulder. Have you seen him pass this way?"

The laborer scratched his head and pretended to think.

"Yes, master," he said, "seems to me I did see a man with a bundle. He was running over there towards the woods and looking back all the time. He was a stranger to these parts. I remember now thinking to myself that he looked like one of those rogues that come from big cities to swindle honest country folk. Yes, master, that's the way he went, over there."

The laborer seemed such an honest simple fellow that at once the nobleman told him how the stranger had swindled his wife.

"Oh, the rogue!" the laborer cried. "To think of his swindling such a fine lady, too! Master, I wish I could help you. I'd take that horse of yours and go after him myself if I could. But I can't. I'm carrying a bird of great value to a gentleman who lives in the next town. I have the bird here under my hat and I daren't leave it."

Albert said...

The nobleman thought that as the laborer had seen the swindler he might be able to catch him. So he said:

"My good man, if I sat here and guarded your hat, would you be willing to mount my horse and follow that rascal?"

"Indeed I would, my lord, in a minute, for I can't bear to think of that rogue swindling such a fine lady as your wife. But I must beg you to be very careful of this bird. Don't put your hand under my hat or it might escape and then I should have to bear the loss of it."

The nobleman promised to be most careful of the bird and, dismounting, he handed his bridle to the laborer. That one mounted the nobleman's horse and galloped off.

It is needless to say the nobleman never saw either man or horse again. He waited and waited. At last when he could wait no longer he decided that he would have to take the bird home with him and let the laborer follow. So he lifted the edge of the hat very carefully, slipped in his hand, and clutched—the dry clod of earth!

Deeply chagrined he went home and had to bear the smiles of his people as they whispered among themselves that my lord as well as my lady had been swindled.

The laborer as he neared his cottage called out to his wife:

"It's all right, wife! You won't get that beating! I find that the world is full of people even more gullible than you!"

Albert said...

"BB9" Often mentions the (((strategy))) of:

"(((Let's))) YOU and HIM Fight!"

I was THINKING about What: Harry Vox had Explained:

jews ENJOY: POISONING Folks! -- Like: Standing-By: and WATCHING a Goy DROWN, unless They PAY (((him))) Money ... -- It is NOT "Technically"-(according-to-Talmud!) Murdering ANYONE! ;-)

A sort of TWO-Part (or MORE!) POISON would SEEM to US to be a Rather-Complicated Strategy ...

But THINK of WHAT (((they))) Have been INDUSTRIALLY "DOING" for DECADES !!! :-o

-- IF I "put" a POISON-sugar-cube: Into Your Tea or Coffee: INFRONT of YOU and Your FAMILY ... And YOU INSTANTLY Drop-DEAD ... I will BE in GREAT-PERIL from YOUR Remaining FAMILY !!!

IF, on the Other-hand: I "put" THOUSANDS of CUMULATIVE-Poisons into EVERYTHING in Your Environment ... From THOUSANDS of "DIFFERENT"-Companies ...
--> How can ANYONE: "Scientifically-PROVE" (Exactly-LIKE: Harry EXPLAINS with EVERYONE in the ENTIRE-World being: "vaccinated"!) ...
That THIS ONE-Particular-Company is RESPONSIBLE ... and Therefore: Criminally, or even Financially-LIABLE! ;-)

THEN, ADD: On-TOP of THAT "cleverness" the THEORY of "viruses" !!!
--> NOW, it is NOT even ANY of ALL of the TOXINS within-Our-Bodies, FROM Our "Environment" ... which are CAUSING: ANY of Our CHRONIC-Dis-Ease and Lingering-DEATHS! .... -- But: Mysterious INVISIBLE ("Unless one has a 'Magic' Electron-Microscope costing $Millions!) "DEADLY"-"Attacking"-us "Viruses" !!! ;-)

----> Hence NO Criminal or Civil "LIABILITIES" at-All! ;-) (It is a "Virus"!)
("Vaccines" are ALL now "cleverly" "Legally"-PROTECTED-From ANY "Liability" !!! ;-) )

Now Returning to: "(((Let's))) YOU and HIM Fight!"

EVEN THAT "cleverness" ... AFTER: "30-Years-War", "WWI-WWII" etc...
HAS the "Dumb-Goyim" Putting-2+2-Together ... and Cottoning-ON: That THESE were "simply" the EVIL-jews: "cleverly": "KILLING the BEST of the 'Goyim'!" and Out of THAT Chaos ... "Buying-UP" EVERYTHING, and "MAKING" a Tidy-PROFIT to-Boot!

HENCE the "clever" NECESSITY: To NOW HAVE: A Data-Base: Of WHAT: Harry Vox HAD "Injected"-INTO HIM ... -- And TEN: Oh sooo "cleverly" "putting" the SECOND-Part: Of the DEADLY-POISON: "On Harry's DoorKnob"!

And the "clever" "Warp-Speed" WORLD-Roll-Out of the "Vaccine" ...

And Thus the SECOND "NEW-'Virus'" "WAVE"-Outbreak ...

And the FURTHER "NECESSITY": Of Yet EVEN MORE NEW "Life-Saving"-"Vaccines"

--> Brought to US By: The ((("philanthropists"))) (((bill)))-and-(((cohen))) ...
(((who))) ADMITTEDLY: WANT to "Sustainably" "REDUCE" the World-POPULATIONS! :-o

Albert said...

ONE more Point:

((("Intelligence Agencies"))) Not-Only: "Need to KNOW" "Compartmentalize" information ...

But(((liars))) "War-Game" LIES !!! -- Dhuh !!! ;-)

jew: Ebil-"Naaatseees" MURDERED: 6-Gorrillion Innocent-jews for NO-REASON, except "Irrational"-"Authoritarian-Personality"-"HATRED" !!! -- Oy Vey!

foil-jew: How?

jew: Um ahh ... By 'GASSING' in Showers! -- Oh those Hauooorrible-Showers and that cleansing-Warm-WATER! -- Oy Vey!

foil-jew: WHERE are all of the 6-Gorrillion-"MURDERED"-jew BODIES?

jew: (I HATED that Porridge!) Um ahhh ... They Creaminated them ALL in-Gas-Ovens ...

foil-jew: And WHERE did the Ebil-"Naaatseees" DO such, and WHERE is the PHYSICAL-Evidence?

jew: Um Ahhh. They DESTROYED: ALL of the Evidence, and KILLED ALL of the "Zonder-Commandos" ... -- "ONLY" the 3.8 Million: "Holoco$t-Surviving"-jews are the: "Remaining" INFALLIBLE and UNQUESTIONABLE-(You-Ebil-Naaatseee Article-130 Into-PRISON with-YOU!) EYE-Witnesses: to Such an UNPRECEDENTED-EVIL--GREATEST-CRIME!

jew-star-chamber: OK! We will SPREAD-Around the INSTRUCTION to ALL jews, and (((MEDIA))) to Non-Stop PUSH: This Story ....

--> AND FORBID: ANY Mention of: Holodomor, Russia, Armenia, etc ... and HOW: In the ENTIRE-Extent of the German-Occupation: BEFORE-the-War there were ACTUALLY LESS-Than: 2.5 Million jews Present in ALL of that Territory!
-- Even BEFORE The MASS Immigrations of jews all-the-way-UPTO (and After!): The 1939 WAR-Outbreak!

We "simply" MUST NOW: UNDERSTAND HOW (((Liars))) "Work" !!!
-- Or we will ALL PERISH: "Separately" !!!!!!!!!!!!! :-o

Henry said...

The t'ick Irish man with the cartoon face didn't seem to notice every other fucker in his adverts was a nigger. Must be something to do with a 'universal' condition called "Roman Catholicism".....probably a deciple of E. Michael Jones (a self-advertizing half-German/half-Irish American with a Welsh name) you can't make this shitup.

Albert said...

Not ALL Ni88ers ... some were hideous CHINK-"chics" !!!*

Yes! Brother ... I "Noticed" it too! (He IS Still on jewTube after-all!)

My Nephew has "Found" Himself a "Filipino" ... :-o
-- Of course on Facebook her Mom ... Looks like a Mon-ster ...
And ONE of their Relatives "Getting-Married" ... LOOKS like a MAN! :-o

*Parody of the Decades Ago Japanese-Prime-Minister (SNL Parody Saying):

"Not ALL Americans are: Fat and Lazy ... Some are FAT, and some are LAZY!" ;-)