December 07, 2020

Operation Scorpio 2020.12.05

Scorpio Show # 41 on
Guests: Guests: Frederick C. Blackburn/BlackBird9 with Goldenpipewrench
Shitload of callers in Hour 3

Topics include:

         1) The Groper Joe Wrecking Ball Is Coming
2) Tony The Rat Remains At The Helm
             3) Elon Musk: The Grandchild of Technocracy
                       4) Globhomo - Need To Know Reality                          

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Albert said...

LINK: for the Looonger Chit-Chat Version:

Operation Scorpio 05 December 2020

zapoper said...

Are they back on Youtube?

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Stellar stuff today. As always.

Could someone please post my cartoons?

Hey Zap, folks were worriedly asking where you were earlier this morning. Hope all is going well with you!

Scorpio said...

Looks like my account has been deleted.
The digital holocaust continues - Oy Veh!!

Albert said...

Trans-"Human"-ism ...

("Triggering" ???! ;-) ) Some "annoying" and TERRIFYING ideas ...


Mercy .... Grace is to be Given to the GRATEFUL ...

Strangely, to Our-CORE ... we KNOW that the OPPOSITE of Having a "Soul" ... is (Being Like) a "Robot" !!!

Many many folks around us have BECOME Like: "NPCs" / "Robots" ... Chinese are LIKE "Robots" ...

("Subsaharan-Black-Africans" ... are LIKE: Murderous-Cannibals !!! [And in-SMALL-Numbers: "Monkey-SEE---Monkey-DO"-Obedient-"Servants"!])

We KNOW: That: "Natural LAW" / "Common Law" is very SIMPLE, and that ANYONE, even a Child CAN Know and Understand it!:

DON'T: Murder, Steal, Commit-Adultery/Rape, Bear-False-Witness, etc... And, Of course LOVE / Obey / and SERVE "God" !!! and "God's" "Laws" and WILL ...

We have SEEN that: "Statute Law" / "Corporate Law" Bureaucrats "CREATE" Exponentially-EXPANDING: By-Laws / "Acts": Corporate-"Guidelines": for THEIR "Employees" ...
And by "Contracting"/(Implied/Inferred)-"Consent" "cleverly"-"Entice"/ENTRAP (Like "Free Cheese" in a Mouse-TRAP!): EVERYONE with: "Privileges"/"Rewards" and OBLIGATIONS / Punishments!

(Remember Before: My Descriptions of ("Bees and Birds"): FAMILY, and How MEN have Give-and-Take-FRIENDS, whereas WOMEN see-such: As "Reward-and-Punish"-"Contracting"!)

The EVIL "SOULLESS" Terrible World ... that "clever"-jews are Step by Heartless-Step: "cleverly"-MANIFESTING ...
("Cleverly" TURNING: The "Sheep/Cattle"-Like-"Goyim" ... INTO (((their))) "MINDLESS"-"Golem" ...)

Albert said...

Is where "Humans" ... will BECOME: more and MORE: Indistinguishable FROM "Machines" / "Robots" !!!

The Descriptions / Stories / Legends / "Fairytales" from-BEFORE: Actually (NOTHING is NEW under the Sun!) Touch-On: This Devilish / Demonic: "Robot" LOST-Souls ... TAKE-OVER!

TERRIFYINGLY Like: The Disney-Animation "Fantasia" ... WHEN the FOOLISH-((("apprentice"))) "CREATES" / Conjures-into-Being: Broomstick: Water-Carriers ... Which EXPONENTIALLY-GROW-in-Numbers: Especially WHEN:
One TRIES to: BRUTE-Force STOP Them !!! :-o

There are Many Folks (so-called "Identity" etc.) Who EXPLAIN that the FAKE-"jews" have Gotten: "Scriptures" ... and Have been: Step-by-Step:
"cleverly" (HATEFULLY) Twisting and INVERTING, and PROJECTING: (((THEIR))) GREAT-CRIMES Upon (((their))) VICTIMS! :-o
(Cute Puppies, are-NOT: "Contracting" / "Consenting" to ANY of the Terrible-"THINGS": Done-TO-Them in Chinese-"WET--Markets" !!!)

We ALL KNOW: the FAKE-jews' Description: Of How "God" MADE: Robot-Like-"Humans" / "Goyim" ...
In-the-FORM-of-"Humans", rather than Animals ... to SERVE as: Servants / SLAVES ... as it is NICER than being-Served by-ANIMALS!

We have ALSO Heard: How "God" MADE: Our Recent-"Human"-Creation (AFTER Previous Creations!): WITH-"Souls" ("Free Will"!) ... so that WE could: CHOOSE to Serve-and-LOVE Him !!! (ie: NOT: "Robot" Like!)

-- And that "God" was very HAPPY with OUR ("cute" in-His-Image: CHILD like) Creation, More-so than the PREVIOUS-Creation, and TOLD the "Fallen-Angel(s)" to SERVE "Mankind" !!! ...
-- And, How, EXACTLY Like a Jilted-(woman)-Lover ... the-"Adversary" HATES and DESPISES: Man-Kind ...
And By: "Tempting" and "Tricking": Innocent (Sheep) Child-like: Man-Kind ... "Ridiculing" ... and: "REDUCE-to-ABSURDITY": "PROVING" that: By-INFLEXIBLE-"RULES"---FORCE ...
-- Is "BETTER" than: VOLUNTARY: GRATEFUL-Reciprocal: "LOVE" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-o

Exactly-LIKE: "3-D-Printing" Where (Like: Platonic Forms in-the-Ether!) Designs are: "In-the-Cloud" and, as Robot-Manufacturing CAPACITY RAMPS-UP:

The Volume / Capabilities: To "Robot"-"POLICE" will RAPIDLY BECOME: OVERWHELMING (Like the Fantasia Depiction!) To "Manifest": a "living" (INFLEXIBLE!) "Robot"-like HELL-on-Earth! :-( :-o

🌝 🌚 🌞

THIS, is the "Spiritual"-BATTLE: Which ESPECIALLY: WHITE-"Christian"-Folks FACE !!!

(Between: Powers and Principalities ... NOT of THIS-World / NOT-of-the-(FEELING!)-"Flesh" !!! :-o )

zapoper said...

Your account is still there Scorpio. I just refreshed the page and your 92 uploads are still visible on my end.

inthemix16 said...

Albert...gotcha on the acknowledgment in previous post..Kudos. Im a bit like Joosepie(bra im just teasin ya) Journalism degree from SIU which i never used..But what i did learn never trash someone that uses their brain and puts it in words! Ever! Your style of writing is something i have to be in the mood for but should never be disrespected. I think Miller was just having a bad day. I do here. I write emotional bullshit a lot. We all do. I just think most here have a different level where we dont have to do any splainin. I like getting my spydy decoder out reading your stuff. Its a fun challenge to see if i can figure out where your goin sometimes i cant . I actually think Miller was frustrated. We all go thru it BUT the real reason was ironically something Bryan from Highimpactflix posted today in his vid "We better understand this now or were done" He used the brilliant analogy of Cape Hunting Dogs and how as an individual is just a less than 100 lb dog that no animal would flinch, but when in pac , with others that think the same , know the objective , work in a cohesive group is the most formidable killing machine on earth!! I found that brilliant and he stressed we need to think like that. You may end up in a fox hole with me. Miller might to. So could Scorpio , or Zap and i know every one of you would back me up and I the same. No time for individuals bickering about who doesnt like the others writing style. We all have bigger kosher fish to fry these days...btw thanks for that link !! Im not all in to these silly new god if i hear that term virtue signal one more time im going to scream !! For Christ sake guys the next one that says "google it" should be immediately banned for life here..THINK PEOPLE !! but ..seems to me like that show is serious shadow banned cause i took the title word for word in jootube search and could not come up with the show. Maybe i f*cked it up but yall try . Hey webmaster special thanks for giving people the opportunity to expose themselves to Braxman . You did a good service. It takes time but Rob's info is sooooo important !!! You would throw that thing away tomorrow if you spent time listening to him. What evil phones are. The funny story is how i got to know who he is , is because Zap puts No Agenda on here. Timing in life is everything and i find Adam Curry on the Joe Rogan show. Go check it out yall In Feb or March . Just parse Rogan Curry Flipphone Im thinking this dude knows his freaking shit for a former MTV veejay. You techies out there. Adam is a total Linux dude. A KaiOS guy big time. Adam and i had a techie conv cause he was doing that podcast 2 thing for No Agenda. Super chill dude but i just directed him to Braxman since Rogan knew about him so when Zap puts No Agenda on here , keep in mind Curry knows his techie stuff . Very classy dude much respect. Spend the time listening to Braxman. Time well spent

Scorpio said...

Zap - The account is still there but my ability to upload anything has been removed. No explaination, no nothing - it's just gone.

Known unknown - you are finished here. All of your comments essentially amount to "you are all idiots" - I get it, everyone is an idiot, except for you of course. Look forward to hearing some of your original content and seeing your rat face.

Kossoff said...

Ohh Mami how I love ya how I love ya ohh Mami!!!!

Bartholomew Beauregard III said...

"We all have bigger kosher fish to fry these days" -

Happy Sunday everyone! I'm glad that all the final (after hours) mail in ballots were located, for the final surge count. I use to be a magician and it's good to see the old "hide it under the table with the black tablecloth trick" is still being used. Very encouraging to be able to figure it out.

ruxpert said...

Hello everybody,
Fairly recently I saw a video (that I cannot recall/find) that within it sported a short-but-strong compilation of Trump's declaration to prosecute H.Clinton, and then video of him demonstrating & declaring 180 flip-flop on his previous 'Lock-Her-Up' position.
Does anyone happen to know of any videos, and of video compilations regarding that subject?
Thanks ;-)

KnownUnknown said...

The censorship at Google is bad Scorpio is deleting all my comments!

Do you work for Zuckerberg or is the fatass triangle?

KnownUnknown said...

"the censorship I've never seen anything like it except when I do it"


Scorpio said...

KnownUnknown - If you come in here, lower your pants and take a hot steaming dump on the floor, it's not 'free speech'

Bring something insightful or GTFO - stop your whining
Looking forward to seeing your rat face

KnownUnknown said...

Kiss my rat ass. Taking a steaming pile on our intelligence is what triangle boy does every time he blathers on about "satanic" this and that - and you help him!

KnownUnknown said...

Trump is biggest goddam fraud we've ever seen and he exposed all the loser frauds from Jones to Stadtmiller to Rense and Fetzer.

Why would you want to join in?? Trump has destroyed the right by making a joke of the alt-media! From fucking 9/11/2001 to 5g??

Albert said...

Harry Vox is INTERESTING !!!

Harry Vox on Atlantic Underground Podcast

Albert said...

I am 25 minutes into THIS: Harry Vox !!!

He is ON-FIRE !!!

MAYBE what HE says (the "vaccine" is a "Back-door"-into-Your-Immune-System: To variously: Kill, or reduce/control You!) ...

is WHY: (((andrew kaufmann))) and (((thomas couwan))) EMPHASISE that there-IS-NO-"viruses" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Albert said...

43 minutes in ...

WOW !!!

Harry Vox has NAILED it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This May be the MOST Important Video in-the-net YET !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-o

Albert said...

HERE is one of Harry's YT channels:

Kossoff said...

Amen brother

Liam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Miller said...

Harry Fox is a great educator, even the most simple minded, gullible amongst us should understand WHAT he is talking about !

Now: CHECK out this extremely educational MUST See video !

"6 MILLION John Niems authorized version". !

Still the greatest Song ever produced after 1945 !!

How much longer do 'WE THE PEOPLE' allow this greasy slimy clique of parasites to spread their lies even in kindergarten, elementary schools world wide ??

Without that greatest Hoax/Swindle in History these &%$#@#, this self proclaimed.... "We are God's Chosen Ones"....lying bunch of psychopaths, megalomaniacs, would by far not have that power worldwide !

Remember : These creeps have more than a hundred times been booted out of European countries, NOT because they were Jews, BUT because of usury and their trickery/machinations!

It's time, HIGH TIME, to "take care" of this CLIQUE of Internationalist Communist

Bolshevik Red Rats AND their down to the bones CORRUPT non-Jew lackeys and traitors in

politics, media, academia, and amongst religious salvation peddler !!

REMEMBER : WE THE PEOPLE are 7.5 BILLION on this planet ...and THEY are ?? /!!


Archie Titus said...

Thanks Albert

The vaccine is a back-door to our immune system designed to surrender our bodily autonomy to the billionaire parasites

Thanks for the succinct way you tell it Harry.

And I must say, Scorpio, your introduction to the above video I watched you on YT was brilliant. Have to go back and watch or listen to hour three later.