December 07, 2020

Our Interesting Times With Timothy Kelly 2020.12.05

Powers & Principalities Episode 180

Biden Wins, Pandemic and other Fake News


Panzerfaust said...

Must listen

Harry McFudd said...

Go listen to the 12/8 Mike Peinovich on the National Justice Party episode. He makes some good points that Trump did not do enough and yes he probably is part of the Marxist take over but then this Peinovich guy at 15m mark shits the bed by saying he doubts there is any good evidence of voter fraud. What???? Am I going to listen to any more of that???? NOPE

RickB said...

The game and how it's being played out is clearly described here.

Americans, look for your friendly GIs on your street corner soon, protecting you from BLM/Antifa riots, directing you where you can get your vaccine and food.