March 15, 2021

Operation Scorpio 2021.03.13

Scorpio Show # 54 on

Guest: Nordica Friedrich co-author of
"2020: Our Common Destiny" and "The Definitive Anti Communitarian Manifesto" with callers Jenna and Steve in the UK.

Things get hot and spicy when Steve calls in Hour 3


Topics include:

1) Vampire Presidency And The Road To Perdition
2) Enemy Propagandists Media Empire
3) Playing With The Numbers
4) Banking As Legalized Criminality

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Albert said...


"My kids are Part-BLACK ..."

ie HALF-Black! ;-)

"I am Part 'jewish' ... part indian-ish ..."

There are some REALLY: "compromised" things about folks who SPEAK this:

"ALL Equal ..." "ALL the SAME..." Total-SHITE !!!

I am CERTAIN that Mike-Gaddy has a Ni88er, or Other "Compromising"-FACTOR ...


Just LIKE: A Mother who has MURDERED ("Aborted") Her Children: "CAN" NEVER Truthfully Admit: ... that THAT was a TERRIBLE-CRIME !!!

-- "FEELINGS" ... all of this "Feelings" SHIT ...


ONLY: Non-Garbage-in Non-Garbage-Out: LOGIC / "Logos" ... Can SAVE Our World!

TRUE MEN: Are supposed to be LOGICAL ... NOT Dangerously-Unreliably: "Emotional"

--> The Ridiculous: "Don't TREAD on ME, ... OR 'My-Wife's-Son'!" :-o Meme ;-)

Gun-Toting, Con-stitution Loving, "NOT-a-Racist", Patriots!
(Bombing Millions of "Brown-People" OVERSEAS ... "For Muh-FREEDOMS" !!! ;-)

Yes! -- In MANY WAYS: It IS: WHO is Saying: "Stuff" / "SHIT" !!! ;-)

"BLIND-Spots" ....

... WITH EMOTIONAL-"Blind-Spots" "Compromising" OUR-People ...

We will ALL be Pulled "Unwillingly"/"Un-Wittingly: Careening*-Over-the-CLIFF !!! :-)

* "Karening"? -- "Where's Your-MASK !!!?"

Albert said...

NOBODIES' "Part-BLACK kids ...

are "Gifted" !!!

-- It is a CURSE to Everyone !!!

-- "just" saying !!! :-)

"Everyone's 'opinion' is 'EQUALLY' 'Valid'! ;-)

AND: "EVERYONE has a RIGHT to Their-OWN 'Opinion'!" ;-)

and: "I dis-agree ... but I would 'fight-to-the-Death*' ..."

* I gather that THAT: NOW "means": Fight to OUR DEATH ... to STOP: Us from "Saying": ANY "Dangerous"-to-jews'-DEADLY-Agenda ... Setting-us-ALL-FREE--TRUTHS !!!:-o

Albert said...

Scorpio just mentioned: "De-centralization" ...

What we NEED is to: "REMOVE" the ((("middlemen")))

A LOT of Efficient Modern-Production: REQUIRES: CENTRALIZATION !!!

German: "National"-"Socialism" had a Meritorious Structure:

Where the BEST of Each Industry were in-charge: of BETTER Producing: For the BENEFIT of the WHOLE-"Folk" !!!

WE presently "IMAGINE": That ALL "Politicians" ... MUST be "Corrupt"!

But, like in a FAMILY:

WITH Meritorious-Leaders WANTING the Long-Term-GOOD: For THEIR-OWN-People ...

Being Same-RACE: Nations ...

And Working within a Societal-Structure in a Way Which BOTH Benefits one "Individually" AND simultaneously THUS: Which also BENEFITS, and step-by-Step: UPLIFTS ALL of Society: Young, Old, Men, Women, ... ie TRUE "Socialism" ...

DOES-NOT: RESULT in the: FAKE-"Money" "Usury"-System of EFFECTIVELY: "Digging-Your-OWN-Grave" !!!

--> And Does-NOT REQUIRE: So much: "Decentralization"!

-- That SAID: Just Like: "NOT putting ALL of one's Eggs in ONE Basket ..."

Having MULTIPLE: NECESSITY-Production Systems ...

Is ONLY "Prudent"! -- Dhuh!

LIKE the ((("Troll"))) WAITING in AMBUSH Under the BRIDGE ...

"Bottlenecks" ... AND "clever"-((("Middlemen"))) ...

Is "just" "ASKING-for" / "WAITING" For / Setting-UP: A CATASTROPHE in-Waiting ...

LIKE: Carefully-"Placing" a Bucket at-the-Top-of-a-Door ...

And, Another Person: OPENING the Door ... and the Resultant "Accident" "Happening"-TO-Them! :-o

Yes! to "Understate" it: Our PRESENT "Monetary" Error / "Misconceptions" / Undeserved-naive-"Trust" ...

Has ((("LED"))): To Our ALMOST-Inevitable: "Decline" !!! :-o

Mike Smith said...

Yes Scorpio...'war is coming"..

I agree!
But those brave Mommies (one parent families, Dads are NOT needed in the house), those feminist warriors, are going to fight and save our societies.

Zeebra said...

OT - Sean/SGT Report - 78m:


First published at 22:40 UTC on March 11th, 2021.


SGT Report
97024 subscribers
Renowned researcher Ole Dammegard returns to SGT Report with some shocking evidence he uncovered which strongly suggests that elites in the EU and NATO had dozens of false flag terror operations planned to coincide with the release of the Covid plandemic. Thanks to Ole getting the word out on what he discovered, those horrific plans were sidelined, or postponed, but we must remain vigilant because the evil ones are like cockroaches, they hide from the light but always come back.

Clemson said...

I thought Nordica's interview was grand, and there is a lot of wisdom in what she says, but I am with Steve. I was a sucker back in the early 90s and trusted this feudal communal idea. I built a home , dug a well, and everything else that it takes to live completely off the grid. I lost everything after three years to the Jewish overlords who owned the land. Do not be a slave. Resist and fight when the time come. It is coming and be ready.

Mike Smith said...

Hello @ Clemson,

I don't believe you ....

I think you had a bunch of smart ass FEMINISTS building your home, dug a well do the plumbing and everything else that it takes to live completely off the grid...

Zeebra said...

"Steve in the UK's" constant angry shout-speaking, & just outright shouting, got real old real fast.

was glad when he was ingloriously muted around 2h 20m; otherwise I was seconds away from throwing in the towel on the rest of the show.

ah he's back @ 2h 29m, greatly toned the F down, :~) let's hope he can maintain that?!?

Mike Smith said...

Yes @ Clemson

as Scorpio said: "war is coming".

We males can relax, have a beer(cheers) and watch those Feminists in the Army, the Navy and Air Force fight and save the land of our fore-mothers!!

Latest news:
Biden put as the commanding person in the Pentagon, in charge of the US Armed Forces, a FEMALE(!!), a male hating extremely angry feminist !!

Mike Smith said...

anybody here knows why those feminists HATE males ?

Shouldn't they appreciate that we males in western societies were the first that gave them Air-Conditioner, Washer and Drier, Refrigerator, hair drier, vacuum cleaner and on and on...

Don't they know that an estimated 65% of all females on this planet still shit behind their huts?
We males in western societies were the first that gave our females flushing toilets!

I think they should at least say 'Thank you' !!

Panzerfaust said...

They learned with Janet Reno there's nothing better for war on home turf.

Scorpio said...

Albert - you make some good points above. I am not a fan of miscegenation but she was on point with many other issues. Off grid living and being independent from the system are important concepts with the reality that is rapidly approaching, and not many women can handle that kind of lifestyle. As far as Mike goes, I will just tell you that he is heavy duty on multiple levels and I would caution against such assumptions.

Mike Smith said...

single parent...feminist Mother with 4 boys.....??
Is that "normal"?

Mike Smith said...

yes yes,

"..As far as Mike goes, I will just tell you that he is heavy duty on multiple levels and I would caution against such assumptions."

I think : Just another talking head in the "alternative media"..
And: Don't forget to send donations, also his voice NEEDS to be heard!!

Mike Smith said...

" They learned with Janet Reno.."

They "learned" it already in the 1960s from these extremely ugly lesbian Jewesses Susan Sonntag, Bella Abzug and the 'normal looking' Gloria Steinem !!

Have a great evening , everybody

Scorpio said...

Mike has never asked for a dime...but I don't mean to interrupt your trolling....please continue.

Brizer said...

Albert & Unknown..calm down lads. Seriously..calm the fuck down please. Do you think Nordica (God bless her) is going to lose sleep over your bullshit bollocks talk. I think not.

Shallom! lol

decree said...

Steve angry about that cop murdering a girl, sure point taken.

He should be mad about the royals playing the emotion card and saying its selfless not to get the cv-19 vaccine while already lots thousands reported with vaccine damage and thousands reported dead after their cv-19 jab(combined astrazenica, pfizer and moderna).

All people should be angry, but sadly majority is dumbed down and conditioned, too busy with their lifes or just ignore it in fear of losing either their jobs or their convinience.

Archie Titus said...

"On the morning of 11 September 2001, Klaus Schwab sat having breakfast in the Park East Synagogue in New York City with Rabbi Arthur Schneier, former Vice President for the World Jewish Congress and close associate of the Bronfman and Lauder families. Together, the two men watched one of the most impactful events of the next twenty years unfold as planes struck the World Trade Center buildings. Now, two decades on, Klaus Schwab again sits in a front row seat of yet another generation-defining moment in modern human history."

The guy who wrote the long article which I read took a Jewish liberty when he mentioned those planes (those fake planes) The whole BS story hangs on them planes.

Dow Jones along with that other great big steaming pile of shite the Nasdaq being pumped up by shit-loads fake Jewish money is allowing them to buy up everything.

The mass-market-injections are designed to let them get away with that until they own everything.

Anonymous said...

Mami comments is a good place to see crass, dog eat dog 'truth movement' bigotry.
Perfectly understand criticism of people like barrett and his leftie muslim crap, but setting on knowledgeable patriots like Michael Gaddy, because he doesn't shout 'lynch em' every 5 min. Well it's pretty unnecessary - the Gaddy shows are excellent listening imo.

Mike Smith said...

I absolutely agree with that Irish Show man.

The lad is correct. This feminist Mommie with 4 boys -God bless her- doesn't deserve "bullshit bollocks talk"
'Nordica' deserves, as the caller Jenna demanded, a donation account. 4 boys need a lot of pizzas and ham burgers :))
So the fuck lets help her out, up there in Alaska, with a few Shekels!

Mike Smith said...

Hello Fakk,
this Michael Gaddy is ok, but he is one of many...

There are only a few, very few like Dr. Nick Kollerstrom or Michael C. Piper and John Kaminski.
In my humble opinion.

Mike Smith said...

Hey Fukk, my comment was delated, by whom?

yes, I was just speculating...
Will Moslem Dr. Barrett, like his Brother in faith and savior Mohammed did, one of these days be horse back riding up to heaven to meet Allah and those beautiful virgins....
Is THAT offensive ? WHY?

Anonymous said...

Hi Unknown,

Like your list there.

Nordica is an interesting enough speaker and she seems to have got herself a nice life style.

Threats made on live radio is not a great idea, but the words 'Steve' managed to get on the show were excellently presented and totally appropriate. Anyone who doesn't recognise that, has their head up their arse.

Mike Smith said...

Excuse me, I certainly mean @Fakk!

Mike Smith said...

Hello Fakk,

I absolutely agree.

WE NEED MORE MEN LIKE 'Steve', men that still have balls, that don't bow down to these slimy
rotten PARASITIC bastards, this International Jew Banker clique, these Jew Bolshevik Communist
Red Rats and their down to the bones corrupt and treasonably gentile gang of minions/butt lickers in politics, MEDIA, academia and among salvation peddlers/ 'Christian' Zionists.
Thank you 'Steve'

Mike Smith said...

apropos feminist Mommie 'Nordica' with 4 boys...

4 boys from the sperm bank?

Have a great day everybody

Adanac said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Adanac said...

Too bad you have no balls Miller. You come here and state the painfully obvious daily, like it's a revelation. You are a pathetic POS. You and Bartholomew are the "one note jew orchestra" I was referring to way back in the "controversial" fetch thread. You're real reason for being here I suspect, is to keep the optics of this site in the realm of the hillbilly. That is your real reason you post the way you do consistently. You exhibit many of the same characteristics shared by your Talmudist brothers.

*I deleted and reposted to correct spelling

Brizer said...

I have noticed that Albert spells God in the jewy way...G-d. I'm trying to figure out how I pronounce G-d.
Maybe a rabbi in Tel Aviv can help? lol

Scorpio said...

LOL Brizer
CSM - agreed - good observation

Mike Smith said...

Hello hello, WHAT'S going on here?

WHY do certain people NOT like my comments ? I am not lying.

Remember: You shall KNOW the TRUTH, the TRUTH will set YOU FREE!

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of EVIL is for good men to do nothing!"
Edmund Burke

Mike Smith said...

I am NOT a Anti-Semite!

My sympathies are with the Semitic Palestinian people, whose little children regularly are being murdered, shot in the head by snipers, these Jew Israeli IDF devils.

I am a Anti-Jew, a Anti Bolshewik/Communist!

Everybody NEEDS to know: Bolshewism/Communism = Jewdaism/Talmudism !

Thank you for understanding my position.

Mike Smith said...

@ Brizer

thought that... :"Maybe a rabbi in Tel Aviv..."

Giuseppe, Scorpio's co-host, calls those talmudic creeps 'chicken swinger'

I think its time to wake up and "Take care" of these enemies of mankind !!

Mike Smith said...

don't get nervous, sit still, don't shit your pants when you read my comments, do as @ Brizer recommended: " Seriously, calm the fuck down, please! "

Have a great evening

Albert said...


ONLY: "Racism", and "Sexism" will / CAN SAVE Ireland NOW !!! :-o

The Eastern-European Nations HAVE Recovered-somewhat: From: "Dig-Your-Own-GRAVE: ((("Usury"))) ...

--> But, ONCE Your-People are "Mixed-OUT" ... well, there is Effectively NOTHING: Left-of-a-"Nation" to Selvage !!! -- Just: "Valuable"-Realestate to ((("OWN"))) and Rent-Out to Kalergi-Spawn! :-o

WHY the: (small-"j") jews, OFTEN words in-Quotes (It "Means": WHAT IS the True Meaning of These "Words"!?)

CAPITALISED-Words: Like in a Play-Put-Down-on-Paper: They SHOW: The SPOKEN-Conversation EMPHASIS :-)

WHY "G-d" ??? ... I suppose I CAN WRITE: "G-O-D" ...

"GENERATOR"-(Warm)-GOLD-Sun-("God-the-Son")-(O) : ------------ : "DESTROYER"-Dark-to-(Cold)-Silvery-(Silicone)-Moon-("God-the-Holy-Cow/Ghost/Spirt/"Mother-Mary")-(1/11?)

... "Operator" / "Overseer" BLACK-HIDDEN-(Above-the-Dome/Above the Centre-North-Pole)-"Sun"
--- "Swastika" "Haken-Kreuz" "Hooked-Cross" ie: "God-the-FA(R)THER"

Our FA(R)THER, WHO Art in HEAVEN-Caelis-Sky... el-Oh ("10" "X" Ten) be THY-Name!

🌝 🌚 🌞


"Mary-Joseph-and+Jesus" ...

Just Like in: The "Christmas Movie": "It's a Wonderful Life":

Where the Italian "Martini" Says:


Albert said...

THIS: Present: "Prison-Planet" En-Domed-6.6.6-Carbon-WEAK-World-of-"Duality":
Sun and Moon / HOT and COLD / LIFE and DEATH ...

Is a "Learning-Environment" ...

Where Leading-Upto-DEATH: We Self-SORT Our-Selves!

Perhaps the MOST VITAL POINT of THIS Present PAINFUL-Short-Life-"Illusory"-Dreamlike-"Simulation"...

(By: Giving-(((them))) ENOUGH-Rope-To-HANG/Expose-(((themselves)))!)
--> ANY ((("chosens"))) from Crossing-OVER/Through the: Saint-Peter-"Pearly-Gates"...
Into the Realm of the TRULY-POWERFUL-"Ether" the "Eternal-Realm" ...

-- Where "Thoughts" Are REAL !!!

I Hope that THAT: "Shines the LIGHT upon the MOST IMPORTANT: TRUTHS !!!

🌝 🌚 🌞

Mo(o)n-(Mono)-day (1)
Tues-(Mars)-day (2)
Wednes-(Mercury-Mercy)-day (3 Birds Angels)
Thurs-(Jupiter)-day (4)
Fri-(Venus)-day (5)
Saturn-day (6)

Moon-Artemis(1) Mercury-(3) Venus-Aphrodite-(5)

Are the "Three Graces" (From Mercury, who is GRACE/Uplifting-Kindness!)

Information: Childhood-TAKING (MIND Moon Mono ONE/Selfish-"Survival"-"Zero-Sum"-Take-to-HAVE!)

Knowledge: Youth-GIVE-and-TAKING (Venus "EMOTIONS" "FEELINGS" "Ego"!)

Understanding-WISDOM: Old-Age-GENEROUSLY-GIVING (Mercury "INTELLECT" Logic)

(These are Also Like: Moon : Sun : God-the-Father :-) )

Muslims SEEM to "Worship": Allah-Moon--Venus-(Friday)

"jews" Moon--Saturn the-"Adversary"-DEATH-DESTRUCTION: "Demon"-Possession !!!

and "Christians": TRANSCENDENT-"Etherial"-"God-the-Father" THROUGH-HIS-Son/Generous-CREATIVE-"GOOD-Shepherd"-Sun !!! :-)

Cruelly "Preyed"-Upon by: "Wolves", and "Led-to-the-Slaughter" by "judas-Goats"! :-(

The KIND-CREATIVE: "Descendants-of-Adam"-"Gardeners" Are "God-the-Father's"-People ...

The Non-White-"Races" ... Can BE Effective-"Mimics" ...

But ARE indeed ultimately: Very Very DIFFERENT to US !!!

-- And Do-NOT: "To-the-DEATH" "L.O.V.E"-(Lion-Ox-Uman-Eagle): TRUTH, and the True-FREEDOM which such Powerful Step-by-Step Working-Together-"Individuality": Inseparably-EMBODIES !!!

---> The "Concept" of "ALL" Belonging to the SAME-"FAMILY" ...

Rather than "IMPLYING": That "we" are "ALL" the "SAME" / "EQUAL"

Actually Makes even MORE OBVIOUS: That WE are Members of Very Very VERY DIFFERENT: "Racial" / "National": "FAMILIES !!! ;-)

Albert said...

"jews" SEEM to Have STOLEN and "claimed" and TWISTED-AROUND and Ultimately-INVERTED:

Ancient "Adamic"-Peoples' Knowledge / Heritage !!!

(((they))) SEEM to: "worship" / Become-"DEMON-Possessed" By: DARK-Leading-to-DEATH-and-DESTRUCTION Fiends ... "Fallen-Angels" who HATE "Adamic"-Man-KIND !!!

Thus (((THEIR))) USE of: "G-d" and NOT Saying the Middle-"el-Oh-ed"-(10)-GOD's-NAME Even ... and Being "Staunch"-"MONO-Theists" ...

RATHER than: Placing NO-Other-"God": Between / Before: Supreme-Transcendent-"God-the-Father" ...

SEEMS to Be "worship" of "Saturn"/"Satan", and "Demon-Possession"-the-Moon / DEATH-and-DESTRUCTION !!!

ie: the "d" in "G-d" !!! :-o

I will HENCE Type-Out:

"G-O-D" for the "Trinity" / 🌝 🌚 🌞

Albert said...

... So, in-FUTURE: IF you ALSO SEE: "G-d" ...
I will be SPECIFICALLY-Referencing (((their)))-PERVERTED-Con-cept:

For Example:

"G-d" "GAVE" (((us))): the Entire-World, and ALL-"Non-jew-'Goyim'" to "OWN" and "RULE-Over" as: PARASITIC-TERRIBLE-((("MASTERS"))) -- Oy Vey !!!

*Of Course, as Little Vulnerable-CHILDREN ...
At School, WHEN a "POWERFUL"-Cruel ((("Bully"))): Corners us at "Play-Time" on the Other-Side of the School, from the Teacher's-Lounge ...
--> It is "ONLY": Bluffing-BS: That (((they))) are NOW "in-Charge" !!!

-->> The TRULY-POWERFUL:"Teachers" and BUILDERS-and-MAINTAINERS of the School: Are indeed TRULY In-Charge ...
(But largely "Out-for-Lunch" Presently? -- Or maybe Actually Like the TEST [With 'Hidden'-Cameras/One-Way-Mirrors!]: Pretending to: UNKNOWINGLY-Drop" $100-Note, ... and Leaving for some TIME to Unbeknownst-to-the-Subject: OBSERVE and TEST: One's TRUE: Honesty ... or LACK, thereof!)
And, indeed Have Chastised-and-"Caned" the Actually-WEAK-and-"Pathetic"-((("Bullies"))) Already ... And ADMONISHED (((them))) to NOT: "START" any MORE: "FIGHTS" ... Hence the "Clever"-"Loop-Hole" of:
"Let's: YOU, and HIM, 'Fight'!" and "cleverly" "Baiting"/Setting-Up to PROVOKE a "FIRST-Punch"-Reaction ;-)

Perhaps the 1000-Years-Reign of Christ ENDED around 200+ Years Ago ...
And WHILE Giant-KIND-God-Jesus: Reigned with HIS: "Glorified-Resurrected-Giant-Body" Disciples and TRUE-DIE-for-YOU-Followers: Around-the-Entire-WORLD ...
"Monkey-SEE-Monkey-DO" ...

Most ALL of the Peoples, By FOLLOWING / IMITATING: HIS KIND Uplifting: Cooperating-and-Caring Like BIG-"Families" ...

----> SEEMED / APPEARED to Actually BE WORTHY: Of Entering HEAVEN !!!

--> ("Plot Twist"!) And Thus: WHEN the "Adversary" MOCKED such a "Naive"-Take on "Humans":
-- By Pointing-Out: That JESUS-Being-PRESENT and KINDLY-Leading-By-EXAMPLE:
-- Was NOT: a Weasel-around-Implacable-"TEST" ... at-ALL !!! :-o

"Give (((ME))) a couple of Centuries ... to 'ERASE' YOUR-KIND-MEMORY (YOUR "Absence") ...
and THEN: YOU will indeed SEE: WHO is TRULY Worthy of ENTERING-HEAVEN !!!"

["(((I))) will have people even Doing: Terrible and Deadly "things" to: Precious-Adorable-Innocent-CHILDREN !!! -- Even Their-OWN !!! :-o]

-- Well, there is NO FEAR: In (((MY))) Truly-"TESTING" / "Tempting" Them, is there !!!? -- And we will "WEED-OUT" the UN-WORTHY !!! ;-)"

"HIS-Story" is a "clever"-LIE: "WRITTEN-BY the "Victors"!" / "VICIOUS" !!! :-o

-- And, of course, Being "RAISED" (IMMERSED-DROWNED !!!) Since-BIRTH By: (((LIARS))) ...

WHAT we "THINK" are the "Fundamental-Truths" of Our-Present-World ...

--> Are, indeed, the MOST-FUNDAMENTAL-LIES !!!!!!!!!!!!! :-o

--> But, in Old-Age (IF we have NOT: "Gone-tooo-FAR!") ...

By: Overlapping: the Aspects of OUR Entire-LIFETIME, which WE have ACTUALLY-EXPERIENCED! ...

and Perceiving the PATTERN ...

We can STILL actually SEE: the "Un-Erasable"-TRUTH: ENCODED-and-Linked-TO-WITHIN-OUR-"Adamic"-"HEARTS" !!! :-)

--> Hence WHAT (((they))) "cleverly"-TARGET with (((their))): Truly-DEADLY-LIES !!!

It SEEMS very-much LIKE: "END-TIMES" Now !!! :-o

"Soul" means "Breath" it seems ... and there are NOW: Toooo MANY Walking-Around "Un-Thinkingly":

"Soullessly" "NPC-ly": "WEARING"-a-Mask !!! :-o

Albert said...

* Salvage !!! ;-)

"--> But, ONCE Your-People are "Mixed-OUT" ... well, there is Effectively NOTHING: Left-of-a-"Nation" to Salvage !!! -- Just: "Valuable"-Realestate to ((("OWN"))) and Rent-Out to Kalergi-Spawn! :-o"

It seems that: Though "Selvage" is A-Correctly-Spelt-Word ...
--> IT Means something to do with a Cloth-EDGE !!! :-o

Albert said...

Wow !!! :-o

THIS "Paranormies" is MIND-Boggling !!!

I recommend it to ALL !!! ;-)

Albert said...

The Above was CLEAR in a WAY that I hadn't HEARD-Before! -- And so is THIS "Holohoax"-Discussion !!! 😮

... I STRONGLY Recommend them BOTH to FAR BETTER UNDERSTAND: "Poly-ticks" !!! 😉

Zeebra said...

maybe some of yawl could twatter/FB/etc this latest from Russ Winter around?

also, esp Scorp & Giuseppe & anyone else who cares to share - if ur on Gab, ur handle so I can follow? Twatts gassed me in their big Jan 8th shoah which included Trump & other public figures involved in #StopTheSteal.

Is Biden in Deepfake Mode?

March 15, 2021 Russ Winter

Deepfake technology was invented for Biden. Do we encounter real Biden, deepfake Biden, body-double Biden, hyper-realistic mask-wearing Biden or a combination of all these?

The logic and need to go deepfake with Biden is super compelling. Even The Hill suggested he needs a hologram for his public appearances. Here is an example of his disconnect from reality: see link

Mike Smith said...


I am reading a comment:

"..maybe some of yawl could twatter/FB/etc this

if ur on Gab, ur handle so I can follow?"

WHAT the heck does THAT mean??
" of yawl.." ?

and .."if ur on Gab" ??

I ask my neighbor lady, she told me that's how kids and so called millennials nowadays write English... totally dumbed down!

Adanac said...

Now that you've been exposed as a loyal follower of the Talmud, you're going to take random potshots at everyone! That is so typical of your brethren and you fit right in Miller.

Albert said...

Hi Chainsaw :-)

The Paranormies SAY: that Camel-a is a Tranny ...

But I "Think" that She Looks Like a:

"'Fine', 'Beautiful', 'Strong', .... Gorilla .... man?!"

-- What do YOU Think !!!? ;-)

The Older "Obama-Kid" does look like a Brown-Boy though ;-)

Adanac said...

Yeah Albert, there are tons of those trannies all over the place in government, the corporate establishment,entertainment etc. Way more than I had ever thought before it was brought to my attention. Often the large brow bone and long arm length are some of the most obvious tells, but there are many. Some women will have some of these traits but a tranny will have many of them. Miller may very well be a tranny. Those Talmudist/Kabalists are known to support gender bending. LOL

Zeebra said...

^ Shlomo-the-Unknown has been a blight on mami's -- weird tho, I notice he forgot to throw zap another sweet lil ass kiss in his latest joospew above, ?!

Mike Smith said...

Hi Jews...what you think ?
part 1
"The Jews work more effectively against us, than the enemy's armies. The are a hundred times more dangerous to our liberties and the great cause we are engaged in... It is much to be lamented that each state, long ago, has not hunted them down as pests to society and the greatest enemies we have to the happiness of America."

George Washington
Maxims of George Washington, by A.A. Appleton & Co.

"The Jews are a class violating every regulation of trade established by the Treasury Department, and also department orders and are herein expelled from the department within 24 hours from receipt of this order."

President Ulysses S. Grant

"Whether these circumcised of Israel declare themselves to be the tribe of Naphtali or of Issachar is plainly of little importance; they are nevertheless the biggest scoundrels who have ever soiled the face of the globe."

Francois M. Voltaire, letter to Chevalier de Lisle
December 15, 1773

part 4
"If you fight filth, the fight carries you straight into the Jewish camp because the majority of the producers are there."

Henry Ford, Jewish Activities in the United States.
(Volume II of The International Jew)page 119

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Adanac said...

I find it humorous and telling that you are now trying to emulate Albert's style/format. You are a scumbag. People have been tolerating you for way too long IMHO.

Adanac said...

John Miller my ass, lol and yes I'm lol-ing because you are fucking joke. Everyone here knows it.

Panzerfaust said...

Thanks for that piece of the 9/11 puzzle

inthemix16 said... least on a bit of a good news front. Maybe we can finally figure out who's military has more guts?? Do i get to choose whos military my tax dollars go to ? Thanks for my freedoms boys!! Remember 2 choices. You climb in that body bag in Russia/Iran/Ukraine, or here at home,really fighting for your country?. Hmmm. Lets see..who would i rather face a banker? or a real military with real men?