April 07, 2021

The Brizer Show 2021.04.05

Brizer's featured guest was: Greg Quinones. (Good one)

Cornwall Stream



Albert said...

Awesome Show Brizer !!! :-)

Very Encouraging !!! :-) :-) :-)

Can YOU POST: His "BrandNewTube" etc Links HERE-at-Mami's PLEASE !!! :-)

🌝 🌚 🌞

Brizer said...

Thank you @ Albert. Much appreciated.

All his links are on his website https://livewellaps.com/standup/


Mike Smith said...

I was impressed, absolutely great show, great guest.
Danke/ Thanks from Hermann the German.

Unknown said...

Brizer - Scorpio - Guiseppe..... The Bermuda triangle of truth !
Thank you Brizer, I would jump into the trenches with you any day sir.

Zeebra said...

the AJ weekend "emergency broadcast" re a "SPARS Plandemic" scenario doc,

the document:

Makow's into it:

& Jim Stone too,

& Rense w Dr Erica Khan tonight:
Hour 3 - Erica Khan, NanoScientist - The SPARS Pandemic A Futuristic Scenario Or Exactly What's Ahead

Unknown said...

Thanks, Bryzer - Great show. Greg is awesome, but expecting Doctors to all of a sudden become human beings is too much to ask.

What is the 2nd largest cause of death in the US? Iatrogenic Medicine aka (Death caused by Doctor Error)!

Doctors only follow their standard of care, even when it kills their patients!

Expecting these Leaches to suddenly get off the $$ trough - is way too much to ask.

I have been tortured by more doctors in the name of Standard of Care than I care to mention.
We are Doomed!

Zeebra said...

^ in at least 1+ of her interviews, Dr Carrie Madej nicely articulated the dilemma most conventionally trained docs face -- mountain of med school debt, then the marriage/kids/nice home/car(s)/private schools etc expected of Dr's, & their "high income" is spread thin; then maybe 50/50% chance of divorce... and they're spread REALLY thin -- either case, their whole world hangs on that career... and they basically live in FEAR of that career rug being pulled out, & being cancelled/blacklisted by their profession, for telling the truth &/or cancelling their big pharma overlords.

I liked Greg's idea of moving those anti masks/lockdown/jabs/passports/#FluWorldOrderPlandemic rallies to HOSPITALS (did he also say police stations & nursing homes?), & give up on the .gov buildings & civic centers.

Unknown said...

All of us have to make choices in life! I had to make a difficult decision to walk away from over $1 million - and forced retirement. Why?

Because General Dynamics wanted me to build Armoured Vehicles for the Saudi Military, which is using the LAV's to torture Yemeni's and their own people!

I made the choice I had to - I could pretend I didn't know what I was making -or sleep at night. .. I quit! That meant giving up on 10 years of well over $100,000.

The fact that Doctor's have no problem keeping the $$ coming in, while they turn a blind eye to Truth! If any doctor I have ever met, was on fire - I wouldn't piss on him.

Doctor's aren't that special, they have a choice to make $$ or Truth .. it's not that hard.

Albert said...

I 108% AGREE with the GOOD-"Unknown" Above !!! :-o

Just LIKE: (((trumpf))) is a SHIT ...

For TELLING Folks: to GET the DEADLY-"Vaccine" ...

-- "Doctors" are NOT "Honourable" People !!!!!!!!!!

Eg: "You have ONLY 6-Months to LIVE ... WE will Immediately-START YOU on: "Chemo" ...

Which will ENABLE (((us))) to "Harvest" You of ALL of Your-Life's-Savings ...
-- And Has a 97%*-Incidence of KILLING You!"

(*Can it REALLY BE: THAT High!? :-o )

All of the CLAIMS of "Poor" "Underprivileged" "Doctors" ...

(((they))) are PAID $Millions for the "Ability" to "Soullessly"-MEMORIZE (Short Term) "Cram" for 10-Years: (((rockefeller)))-DEADLY-BS ...

Hippocrates — "Let food be thy medicine ..."

(((they))) TAKE a Hypocritic-Oath to: "Do NO HARM!" LOL !!!

ie: "KILL the BEST of the 'Goyim'!" :-(

🌝 🌚 🌞

A "Joke":

At Least: "Behind-Bars" ... the Guards (Laugh-AT-You-and-ANY-Human-Request) DON'T WANT you to: "DIE-Suddenly" !!!

While "Doctors" and "Hospitals" CHARGE-$-Millions ... SMILING-("All-the-Way-to-the-Bank"!)-to-You-FACE ... As (((they))) Callously-KILL-You ...

WITH (((their))) "CARE" !!! :-o

Eg: "DNR" "Do-NOT-Resuscitate!"

(ie: NO-ONE SAVE THIS-One AFTER (((WE))) KILL Them!)

Albert said...

A DECADE Ago ...

When Others FOOLISHLY-"Thought" that: "Medicare-for-ALL" ... Was a "GOOD"-Thing ...

I succinctly "Laid it Out:

"Yeh, 'The-Government' Wants to PAY You: $Millions Over-30-Years in RETIREMENT-Benefits ...
... and in ADDITION: SPEND $Millions-MORE to: "KEEP-You-ALIVE" ... over 30+ Years ..."


NO !!!!!!!!!!!!

--> The "STANDARD"-"Recommended-CARE": FROM-"Government": To "Phisssy-Shins" ...

Will OBVIOUSLY (Dhuhh!!!) Be To "Expedite" the: "Useless-Eaters" ...

--> To "MEETING Their-MAKER !!!" :-o

inthemix16 said...
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inthemix16 said...

Your Canadian Unkown? Justine was bobbin on the Crown peepee there.Good for you. PS. Leafs still wont win it all..lol

Mike Smith said...

Is ((('Albert'))) the forum ((( CLOWN)))?

Unknown said...

Fun with Doctors: When doctors (Evil Wasps) try to give me the sting of death, I ask them if they have ever read the package insert that comes with vaccines, to date I have asked around a dozen doctors that question, not a single one has ever read the insert.

10 years ago - I was given a near fatal jab (twin rx Hepatitis Booster for travel to the Caribbean - 30 minutes later I literally turned lime green, (according to my boss) - they rushed me to hospital as my blood pressure wasn't measurable .. I came through it, just barely.

The Doctors told me: Purely co-incidence nothing to do with the vaccine, I haven't trusted Doctors since then.

How can a supposedly caring human inject something, which they have no idea what they are injecting?

Now we are supposed to back these killers! Not in my lifetime.

Mike Smith said...

Doctor.... Doctor... Doctor... Doctor, give us some more Doctor bull shit.

inthemix16 said...

@UnkBLOWN "Is ((('Albert'))) the forum ((( CLOWN)))?" A Zebra never looses his stripes,,eh? Frog? i doubt it. Canadians are much more polite. What is your obsession with always takin a jab at posters? eh? Yea. Hooked nose. Always tries to accuse of what you are. Are you jealous because someone is creative ? If you fucking like what the guy says or the style at which he writes, than dont allow your intellectual bankruptcy to spew out in broad daylight for all to see . You never fail to prove, every town has its village idiot. Get a fuckin job already.. And blowin kneegrows in the back alley doesnt count . Grow the hell up already or leave. oh thats right. No job=Trollin for shekles.. Nothn better to do

Mike Smith said...

Wow, great information:
" Justine was bobbin on the Crown peepee there. Good for you."
Are you the forum IDIOT?

Panzerfaust said...

Great guest

Mike Smith said...

Hallo 'Albert'
Your posts are AWESOME soo informative and most of all sooo encouraging !!! :-)

Danke / Thank you from a GOOD Unknown,
'Hermann the German'

Lark said...

From Greg, via Skype...

My video with Dr. Andrew Kaufman

inthemix16 said...

Being I was so distracted laughing my ass off because Miller/Sean/Unknown isn’t out getting some booty, but here ,nothing better to do than the paid sheckle agitator , speaking of content creators. …
Dollar Vigilante. Seeing that Zeppie and Scorp did a great interview with his buddy and I was a bit , giving him shit, how noticeable it was I never heard Zeppie’s usual tag words. Maybe I owe someone apology
If you haven’t Berwick’s latest “Illuminati Covenant Revealed” .Watch! That has been his biggest knock, he doesn’t name the Eew.
In this one, he gets about as close as you can. Maybe more? I was only casually listening and then it hit me. Hes going over all the points of the Protocols . Now how many do that? Didn’t Stalin make discussing it a death sentence or something.?

But I thought the best part was when he was done, he actually did call out the “who”, and he did it in the most clever way. Lucy/Dogs and their personalities. If you haven’t already, check it out. Its worth it.
Maybe Sean/Unknown/Miller can do it and give a good, honest, mature take on it. Theres your chance bud !

Steve said...

Dr Tom Cowan - This week's podcast guest is Shimon Yanowitz. Shimon contacted me to share his extensive research into the true causes of the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, as well as his research into the health and biological effects of 5G. Join us for this eye-opening interview as we unravel yet more layers of the historical fraud known as pathogenic viruses.


sqirl said...

https://web.archive.org/web/20121210132051/http://upstateonline.info/static/Oct25-Nov12012/blog/story-3/index.html Yogi 4thelord shines a different light on Kauffman. Greg Q. just interviewed him