April 07, 2021

The Kaballah With Dennis Fetcho, Brian Ruhe, Adam Green, C.J. Bjerknes & Jim Whatshisface

Horrifying Kabbalah Secrets Exposed
Adam Green & Christopher Jon Bjerknes
 Caught Covid from the Cat!
Alison Chabloz & Menuhin
The Kabbalah, Trump, Twitter, Hypocrisy & the War on Whites
 Dennis Fetcho on The Brian Ruhe Show
Control By the Jews in the Ancient World
Jim Whatshisface

Dennis Fetcho on Trump, Twitter, Hypocrisy & the War on Whites

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"The Fetch" introduced me to revolution.radio where I have hosted a show for three years. His website is: https://insidetheeyelive.com/ . If you enjoyed this effort, be sure to come on over to Inside the Eye - Live! and tune in for Saturday's Inside the Eye - Live! at 10 am Eastern USA and Inside the Eye - Live! Prime Time! at 6 pm Eastern USA - all shows on Revolution Radio at Freedomslips.com, Inside the Eye Live is the #1 show on a network of some 80 plus hosts. Come by and give it a listen!

Dennis lives in Saudi Arabia and has been on my show several times since 2017. A previous show we did is:


Know More News LIVE
With Adam Green & Christopher Jon Bjerknes


Control By the Jews in the Ancient World
Jim Whatshisface

 John Denver’s Likely Assassination by the jews.

The Depraved Roman Aristocracy.

Cleopatra was a slut with a jewish nose.

Herod the Great was jewish and was married to Cleopatra who was jewish, not just her nose.

Alison Chabloz & Menuhin

The Pussy Catwalk

Cat Caroussel
I'm too sexy for my own good!

 Don't you dare come near me with that quaccine!!!



Zeebra said...

thx as always Voltman; looking forward to that Fetcho/Ruhe show... strangely tho, it's not playing for me on bitchute at the moment? Page loads, but doesn't play. :'(

It's funny re Adam Green - pre the jooflu19 hoax rollout 1y+ ago, I'd listen to just about any vid Adam put up, or at least a good chunk of it, coz we were on the same page re "the world's foremost problem" as ole Hank Ford put it. Since the rollout, AFAIK Adam's just stayed the same course, ancient to current joo hypocrisy & grand agenda talk, as if this plandemic & planned democide weren't in everyone's face right now?! And that's nearly all I care to hear about in podcasts any more! So consequently I don't think I've listened to anything Adam's put up in about a ~year!

Pretty sure it was John Friend's 1/13/21 show hosting Adam as guest -- John asked Adam his view of this plandemic, & I thought OH GOODY ADAM's GONNA GIVE US A PROPER EARFULL! Instead Adam bounced John's question back with a question, asking "Why do you think they're doing it?" John gave a proper answer, & IIRC Adam didn't really express agreement or disagreement! Totally dodged the issue! & I thought, no wonder I don't listen to Adam any more!

that show:

Zeebra said...

RE my above comment & "...I'd listen to just about any vid Adam put up..." -- big exception to that was when Adam would have CJBjerknes on as guest. That guy just drones on in his monotone, unpleasant gravely voice... no thanks! But Adam fully married CJB ideologically, & had him on all to frequently.

Sean said...

Holy crap,!voltboy! What a load of garbage!

Sean said...

Only missing some Alex Jones and Ben Shapiro shows!

Chains said...

Someone missed there meds and now Sean is back!

Chains said...


Sean said...

Isn’t that what all the the retarded sheep always say, chainjohnmillerfag? That whole “missing their meds” bullshit?

Sean said...

If yer gonna troll, troll like a badass!

Sean said...


Voltman said...

Hey Sean Miller:

Move along junior, this is for adults only.
This is no place for crap talking shitheads like you
Go get a PCR test; I'm pretty sure you got some kind of brain-eating virus or prion. You might have mad cow disease. Just stick a swab up your ass, then stick it way up inside your big nose and breathe deeply. Smell the stench: that's exactly the smell you leave behind with your less than useless, infantile "comments".


Chains said...

LOL thanks for the advice Slick! That is a better name for you. You are so smooth and clever, and at the same time intelligent and articulate.Funny thing is I have no real idea who you are or what you truly believe or stand for because you just keep throwing out old tired quotes that everyone already knows.I'm ready for some Barbara Spectre if you are up for it though.

Chains said...

Just for the record I had to look up "prion" Voltman. LOL It might be some sort of kabalistic voodoo once again!

Sean said...

Voltboy is an angry midget, thats right, I said midget, fuck the PC “little people” garbage. You are a mental midget voltboy! I do want to clarify that I do appreciate mamis efforts, just because I call out certain people, doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate this site. Chain- I will not dox myself, but if want to go ahead. I have no fear anymore.

Chains said...

Huh? dox yourself? No fear anymore? You are full of fear! lol You really did miss your meds! Run along now Slick

Sean said...

Haha, no, chainjohnmillerfag- I would be happy to rip you a new new one on any show like, if you have the stones, my negro.

inthemix16 said...

Zeebra thanks for the take on AG. I was just like you regarding him . I always wanted to ask here but didnt know if this was the place. I dont know maybe hes just a niche guy. He did get some points when he did the Maria Farmer expose. Yea the CJB has always been a quick click off. But riddle me this. One thing that raises my brow is hes always so willing to point out he believes, or knows, Putin is Shabad Lubavitch? Honestly i dont know. Do Shabad's build all sorts of Christian churches in his country? Being that the Ukies shelled Donetsk Airport today and the Heebs bombed Damascus, im sure well find out soon. Coordinated ? Naah cant be. Like i addressed the limp wristed people who weve been told to ,"thank for our freedoms".. 2 choices. Either there, or nip it in the bud and do it here. At least wed help you. As bad as Ukie Military can be,steppin on their own mines, drunk, id choose the ones in the 3 piece suits and roll the dice.
Yea Good ole MillerUnknown. Isnt it obvious right now with the mentality level shown, i doubt hes even blown a load, other than in his palms at this point. Thats what some of those youngins do when they havent even smelt it , let alone tapped anything yet. They take their frustrations out on others. They love attention, since they cant get it from a woman, even bad attention works for them !

inthemix16 said...

Sean. You havent earned the right to call out anyone when you have proven here your IQ is around my shoe size. And im being generous. Which again proves your immaturity level. You think its owed to you with that GenZ entitled thought process you possess. Every post you put on here, bitchin about someone or acting like a little girl in the school yard, you dig a bigger hole for yourself. Now, go , get your shinebox already

Sean said...

Intopricks16- I have a beautiful girl who loves me, I am very fortunate in that regard.

Sean said...

Oh- the silence is defending- fags!

Zeebra said...

I expect Mami's will post this show as usu, but JIC,

The Event - Guest Dr Judy Mikovits 07 April 2021

Raw Deal + Wisdom Circle = The Event. Jim Fetzer, David Scorpio, Giuseppe Vafanculo & Brutal Honesty Chris Weinert welcome the legendary medical truth hero Dr Judy Mikovits. Sal from CO, Paul from CA, & ScaredeeCat from MN called in the final hour.

2h: https://www.bitchute.com/video/1iGoqHKG8aFn/

AdolfRichtar@gmail.com said...

Circle of satan with shithead jew agent Green and Judas jew master cocktard Bjerkenstein !!!
WTF garbage !!

Albert said...

Green: Where did you get that Shit about the Dollar-Bill "meanings"?

Jerkoff: I Pulled THAT Shit ... Out-of-(((my))-Arse !!! ;-)

(I am 11:11 in so Far...)

AFTER Two-Hours:

Jerkoff: ................ and That's 'WHY' jews are Obsessed with "Butt-Sex" !!!

🌝 🌚 🌞

Albert said...

Shchaaabaaallah 'Eschatology' ...

The CORRECT Term is: "Scatology" ... jerkoff !!! ;-)

Albert said...

Awkward Questions:

Oy Vey !!! -- The Ebil Naaatseees "Holocausted" 6-Gorillion faultless-jews !!!

Q: But they Obviously PUT the communist-enemy-jews on Trains to: WORK-Camps!

Ummm, err, ... just so They could Later: Fiendishly-Cleverly KILL (((them))) ALL!!!


Ummm, errr, DEADLY-Shower-'Gas' etc....

Q: OK. WHERE are the 6-Gorillion BODIES?

Ummm, errr, ... They 'Cremated' (((them))) ALL !!!

Q: But there were ONLY: 2.5 Millions jews MAX in the Territories which would LATER be Held by the Germans .... and 3.8 Million: "Survivors"! ;-)

Oy Vey !!! -- Anti-Sementic Hollow-Co$t-'Denier' !!!

jews 'view' (((themselves))) as 'Pure'-GOOD, and the "Goyim" as PURE-EVIL!

And in "tikkun olam" there will be: 600,000 jews Ruling the Earth!

Q: O-Kaaaay! -- The jews are "15,000,000": EVIL, INSANE, UGLY Shits! -- HOW could (((anyone))) actually 'Think' THAT?!

Ummm, Errrr, ... (((they))) will KILL ALL of (((them))) ...

and "replace" (((them))) with: Androgenous-Clones* !!!

-- "Therefore" jews Should NOW: STAND-UP: And STOP: (((their))) Genociding !!!

--- SEE: I am a 'Good'-jew !!! ;-)

Q: OK, jerkoff, ........ After SPEAKING all of that SHIT ...

How Could ANYONE "Think' that: (((YOU))) are nonetheless NOT STILL: FULL-of-SHIT !!!?

* And, since (((they))) will be: BOTH: Male, and Female ...

(((they))) will be ABLE to BOTH: jerk-(((themselves)))-OFF, AND: Go F$*K-(((themselves))) !!! ;-)

Albert said...

* Androgynous

Andro = MAN

Gynos = WOMAN

Panzerfaust said...

I just returned from a hospital. It was quiet as a mouse, hardly any wait in the ER and the hallways were empty except for a cop and janitor. So much for a pandemic! I asked the cop for directions and he growled PUT YOUR MASK ON SIR. Oh yeah, they have little clear plastic and nylon popup tents for the nurses to take breaks with their mask off!

Albert said...


"I have Just: PERFECTED: Cloning: 600,000 Androgynous-(((clones)))!"

Q: Ahh, "Perfect" ........ -- Umm, WHY are (((they))) ALL SODOMISING (((each-other))) !!!?


Albert said...

jerkoff*: (((they))) ... (((they))) ... (((they))) ... (((they))) ... (((they))) ... (((they))) ... (((they))) ... (((they))) ... (((they))) ... (((they))) ...

(((they))) ... (((they))) ... (((they))) ... (((they))) ... (((they))) ... (((they))) ... (((they))) ... (((they))) ...

(((they))) ... (((they))) ... (((they))) ... (((they))) ... (((they))) ... (((they))) ... (((they))) ... (((they))) ... (((they))) ...

(((they))) ... (((they))) ... (((they))) ... (((they))) ... (((they))) ... (((they))) ... (((they))) ...

*((("gatekeeper"))) "Hint": When (((he))) SAYS: "(((they)))" ... (((he))) actually MEANS: --> "(((we)))"! ;-)

zapoper said...

@ Panzer

What were you doing in an hospital that late?

Albert said...


"Caught Convid from the *BAT!" ;-)

hans said...

https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-jGXi-aB6BWA/YAImyF_zSVI/AAAAAAAAGsU/7rHbmunSyeIYrdOpr2X2qsEQGMMIzJzpgCLcBGAsYHQ/w550-h544/Learn%2Bthe%2Bdifferences.jpg what fucking nonsene is this, netanyahu is NOT a sephardi, millikovitz is his name and he is ashkenasi. don;t meddle the water voltman

Panzerfaust said...

My lobotomy got infected

Panzerfaust said...

Netanyahu looks like Buddy Hackett's brother. Definitely Askenazi. Simon Perez was definitely Sephardic.

Erik Paul said...


I guess you got one of those cheap-ass ice pick lobotomies too. They're a real bitch and unfortunately you'll never get those prions out of your brain.

Panzerfaust said...

A ChiCom did the surgery

Scorpio said...

^^^ Lulzing

Chains said...

"Controlled hallucinations..." (cybernetic entheogens and the holy grail of BCI)


Albert said...


The Brian-Ruhe and Fetcho show Wouldn't-PLAY for Me Yesterday either ...

But TODAY it Played-just-FINE !!! :-)

--> The Words which we Know and Use ... Form a Large-Part of Our "Thinking" !!! ;-)

🌝 🌚 🌞

Albert said...

Ref: "Sephardi"

It is Pronounced: Se-FARRTY !!! ;-)

Ref: "DEATH"-Showers:

Being "FORCED": to Take-Off (((your)))-Clothes ... and to Shower Naked* with Other jews ...

With Schlomo beside (((you))) being "Se-FARRTY" ... well, Hence the Oft HEARD Lamentation:

"Oy Vey! -- It's LIKE 'Annuddha' SHOWER !!!!!!!! Oy Vey!"


* And IF (((one))) ever 'un-fortunately' Bent-Over ... to Pick-Up: The jew-Fat-Soap ... Oy, Ooy Veeey !!! ;-)