April 21, 2021

The Brizer Show 2021.04.19

Brizer's featured guest was: John Fitzgerald. His email: john.fitzgerald.33@live.com

Cornwall Stream



Albert said...

What a GREAT Man !!! :-)

Very Inspiring to Hear such a Principled and Put Yourself Out There: All around Strong and VERY Admirable Gentleman!

There was Literally NOTHING which HE SAID, which I even slightly "disagreed"-with, or thought was even slightly un-genuine !!!

WOW !!! -- What a "Put your Money where your Mouth is": TRUTH, WHOLE-Truth, and-Nothing-But-the-TRUTH,

in Every Way GREAT Guy !!! :-)

zapoper said...

There's a pesky 33 in that email but hey, maybe it's a requirement when running for office? LOL

Mike Smith said...

WOW !!
What a nice talker !!
Talk talk talk...

'Hermann the German'

Happy Birthday 88

Holly Woodrow said...

The Jew God let mankind make whiskey so the irish wouldn't take over the world