April 21, 2021

The Event 2021.04.21

Jim Fetzer, Scorpio, Chris and Giuseppe. Guest: Dr. Lorraine Day. Callers in the last hour or so.

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Albert said...

On to Listening to THIS Dr-Loraine-Day Talk (I Think that SHE is also 82?)

I just Listened to THIS Really GREAT Talk:


And Posted THIS Comment at Mami's "Below"-it:

Wow! Bishop Richard Williamson is 82

(He had Two Memory speed-blocks: The "The TRUTH will set us FREE" which he HAD Mentioned a few Times BEFORE THAT!, and the Latin-Prayer slow-memory at the End-of-the-Talk.)

And I LEARNT: Sooo MUCH From This, His GREAT Talk Today !!!

Such a DEEPLY-GOOD Man, and Soooo Spot-on !!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Subjectivism" versus: Objectivism-TRUTH !!! :-o

E-Michael-Jones is quite "Strange" ...

... Bishop Richard Williamson is Very Very "REAL-DEAL" !!! :-)

🌝 🌚 🌞

I was Listening to: Jan Lamprecht last-night, and lots of things which HE said, I found Quite-WRONG!

And Listening to THIS ACH really "Rang Home" Today ...

THIS is Easily One of ACH's Very BEST Shows !!!

--> A MUST-Listen Show, for EVERYONE, even if you "think" various "Religious"-stuff "is-Not-Your-cup-of-Tea"! ;-)

(I highly-recommend! -- PLEASE SHARE it with Your-Friends!)

Zeebra said...

William E. Dannemeyer
From JEWipedia, the free JEWpedia

William Edwin Dannemeyer (September 22, 1929 – July 9, 2019) was a conservative American politician, activist, and author, known for his opposition to LGBT rights.[1][2] He served as U.S. Representative from the 39th Congressional District of California from 1979 to 1993, during which time he, along with friend and fellow Republican U.S. Rep. Robert K. Dornan, came to personify Orange County conservatism.

Albert said...

Twitch Feed: 1:27:00

Yet AGAIN piece-of-(((SHIT)))-chris lets-(((slip))) again ...

KEEP that (((SHIT))) AWAY from Wonderful 84-years-FRAIL-but-Awesome Dr-Day !!!

EVERYONE already KNOWS that in even a regular-Conversation:

ONE-Person-by-themselves, against-MANY is NOT-Fair !!!

I Respect and APPRECIATE You:

Jim, Giuseppe, and Scorpio ...

But WHY in God's Name: Do You "Permit" (((chris))) Anywhere-NEAR such a:

To be HONOURED Guest !!! :-o

SHAME on you ALL! :-(

Albert said...

There ARE:



etc. which DO: Bite-Into whoever, even/Especially the Healthy ...

so, definitely SOME (((problems))) are NOT: Sought-out, or DUE to OUR "deserving"-it ...

Milk, and Butter ARE very very Good-Foods, and an ESSENTIAL element of a HEALTHY Vegetarian-Diet ...

There IS a LOT of POISONOUS-SHITE: IN "Injections" / Injected-INTO: Good-Folk ...

BUT there IS a LOT to be Said about:

"Viruses" NOT even EXISTING!

AND: The "Terrain" being EVERYTHING, and the "Germ" NOT "Causing" Diseases !!!

(Since YOU EACH exhibited GREAT: Pride / Vanity in Your "Opinions" this Un-veiling ...) Dhuhh !!!

🌝 🌚 🌞

I "TRUST" you guys a LOT LESS NOW! ... Which, I suppose, IS a GOOD-Thing, anyway! :-)

Panzerfaust said...

Why does it have to be this ancient medical quack on a day following yesterday?

Panzerfaust said...

"viruses don't exist"
"bacterial infections are fake"
And then
"we didn't go to the Moon"
"JFK was shot directly in the trachea but it didn't hit his spine"

Mike Smith said...

The Jew calls her:
"this ancient medical quack"

Those International Jew creeps, these lousy parasites, HATE Awesome Dr. Lorraine Day !!
WHY?? Because she dares to talk about their lies !!

'Hermann the German'

inthemix16 said...

Albert. You are in rare form tonight! I thought of you, no , not sexually,when i heard of all the Eew Presidents. I feel like a total idiot which i am. Obama? Ike. Well he did massacre 15 million Germans post 45. My guess is he was asked an opinion on Dresden to? Seems consistent ..I know Brother Nathaniel fought the "trump is a eew "thing. Wonder if he changed his mind. Or is BN a plant ? Albert. Your table is ready. Have at it.
Dr. Day is a legend . There is no doubt. Being she mentioned Naglese , i do think that was a golden missed opportunity to ask her opinion of GcMaF ? I bet that answer would have told a ton of info. Everyone gets a mulligan. Its all about the credibility bank in my world. Zepp,Scorp,Fetz,,oh no even hymie Chris, I didnt say that, Albert, has enough built up where i just think,maybe 3 will be a charm!
I cant tell you how relieved i was to hear the post game show .Was casually listening at work but when she implied, fuck it, its over, etc. I stopped and thought,, No NO NO my dear. The exact opposite. When the feeling of impunity somehow goes away, the dominoes will fall. And quickly . ...."They are too strong" Really? (((they ))) are nothing but Little Ben Shapiros . Here. Its right in front of you. Why do you not know why they need white Christian men to fight their battles. Only thing they can do is fuck with an 8yr old Palestinian girl. Real men huh?
' Palestinian girl bullied by IDF soldier tells RT Israelis ‘don't want us to play on our land’


Wasnt that just lovely? Such "men" they are. Id bet a weeks pay somehow a tampon gets between that reptile in the green's legs once a month?

With all do respect , ill take my chances with pussies like that . You got me a little suspicious there DD. 89 Dual Citizens in Congress. If the US Military would finally grow a pair, problem solved ,in a heartbeat. No. Not buyin that but im glad you guys addressed it ! Very respectfully i might add , because your right. She eared it

inthemix16 said...

Watching Berwick;s latest gem.. Oh come on. I dont totally trust him at all but he did sell me on the one on the prtcols. He is at least enlightening,entertaining and gets a few light bulbs on .Does seem to up his game every time. Around Minute 12:00 , tell me every single poster on Grizzom havent thought that thought ! Its sooo easy now. Used to be where you had to spend so much time out of respect not to judge. Not now. Is there anyone out there that sees the same but its from people you always thought were the most intelligent and most educated ? its arrogance. Sometimes. I just saw someone walk out of work today, whom i believe got the v a double x , with a mask on. In the parking lot. One word. Darwin.

But there is something that baffles my mind with link i put. Brighteon. Yea. I know. Mike"its the chicoms" Adams. Im just lost why everyone keeps putting crap on Bitchute, still throttling as shit, and on Brighteon, smooth as silk. Odessy. Same as Bitcrap . Even 153news.net is faster. I got Bitchutes excuse a few months ago but it doesnt work anymore. Bandwith and an upgrade for hardware isnt the Kings randoms it used to be . No excuse Bit. Even Igan was railing about it.


Just wish we could start veering a little more to East Ukraine. Maybe CONvid is really the distraction for something bigger. You guys study history and Protocols.
There are some twitter pages and people on the ground . Its not pretty folks. It used to be where TPTB that direct us here used to hide it. They aint even trying. Thats the scary part. I will try to post a journalist in Donbas . Dean Obrien. This is not for the faint of heart. Ukraine Army is shelling civilians with 120mm mortars.


Here is the thing that i find so fucked up. You can go on sites like" The Drive" where id bet weeks pay all the "journalist" are blowing every general in the force. Its the comments , that is the most infuriating. Think of the demographics of people that go there. You get this gung ho, yea go get the Death Star, and The Great US military is the best . Are these people fucking crazy? This goes HOT they are the ones that are going to get sent there. They think war is on their fucking XBOX ! And those pussies are going to go against a military who has had over 50 million killed in wars in the past ? This is where we are. Think about that.

Today , i saw on a twitter page i cant remember that a pretty good amount of F-15s and F35s based in Poland today. I know i saw the Rha Rha . Go get em boyz. Well just send those 15s and 35s over and it will be Blitzkrieg 2.0 . Are you people fucking kidding me? No it will be more like Marianas Turkey Shoot 2.0 and bang , dumbfuck ,you get to play the Japs. Why such suicide?

Hey uh. US Military. You want to see the most brave military in the world, sit down take some notes from the Syrian Army. That is what you do when evil tries to take over your people, country , family . Those are the true heroes.


So maybe just ponder why as being something so crazy . Force Iran,Russia,Syria , China.2 nuke war. 2 choices. The vaxxed get to stay home, the unvaxed get to fight WW3

Oh BTW the heebs attacked Damascus just now . Color me fucking shocked.

Apologize to all but , this shit is insane. Maybe the apathy is what Dr. Day was referring to as why its already over .Beuhler ?

Panzerfaust said...

How did Small Pox blankets work against the injuns? Why did parents have Chicken Pox parties for their kids in the 60's? Why did homos get GRIDS/AIDS?

Fakk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Panzerfaust said...

Exactly right Fakk. Taken together we have persons catapulted into being the public face of the opposition who discredit the entire swath by poisoning the well with absurdly idiotic material. Either by intent or not this pissed me off to no end.

Brizer said...

Again I put this out here:
Dr. Stefan Lanka (a virologist) who has shown there is no proof that contagions exist has put up $100 to anyone that can prove him wrong. That was back in 2011 and only one doctor has challenged him but lost the appeal case in the German High Court. The offer still stands and not one doctor/virologist has challenged him since. Hmm...

Panzerfaust seems to reckon contagions do exist because he came down with something that a man in a white coat told him was a virus so he believed him. That's fine just as it's fine that Dr. Day believes in the Bible. So why not get the jab then? It's safe...the jew doctor in the white coat told you so! Al he needs are people to believe him.

Panzer also thinks that German New Medicine is quackery. If that is so why was the originator of GNM, Dr. Hamer, hounded by jews because he criticised jewish doctors for using his methods to heal jews but yet those same jewish doctors were urging non-jews to use vaccines,chemo etc. Quackery? Yeah right!

Three causes of illness: stress/trauma, toxins and poor nutrition. Btw, the word "virus" comes from the Latin meaning poison. Since when where poisons contagious?

If you make a claim that contagions exist...prove it! Hearsay is not proof! I have a FOI here from the main virus research lab in Ireland where they have stated that they have no records of anything showing any viruses exist. Explain that then!


RickB said...

LMAO... and have a happy God-less life Panzer.

Panzerfaust said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Panzerfaust said...

Answer the questions I put forth.

Unknown said...

Mr Panzerfaust, Dr Lanka is not controlled opposition, same as Cowan, Eleni Papadopolous and a bunch of others who call BS on germ theory.

Virologists obsess over debris of dying tissue they cal "virus".
If you postulate a "wild virus"§ that is contagious, prove it, you'd be the forst to properly isolate it, instead of mental gymnastics leading to computer generated "insilico" genomes that do not exist in nature.

I am fully capable to explain it to you, if you would only listen.

Brizer said...

How did Small Pox blankets work against the injuns?
I'm not sure. Toxins on the blankets maybe and then the Injuns exhibited symptoms of what doctors back then called smallpox? Much easier to dip blankets in a bath of toxic liquid rather than smear thousands and thousands of them with smallpox viruses wouldn't you think? Seems like a lot of hard work to me and sounds a bit like the gas chamber theory.

Why did parents have Chicken Pox parties for their kids in the 60's?
Maybe because of separation anxiety when a young child leaves the nest for the first time and develops lumps and spots and so the parents have a party to make things better? Measles the same. Somehow it seemed to work and those dreaded viruses never came back! I got measles when I was a kid but my younger brother didn't. However, he got chicken pox but I didn't. Strange that eh? Contagion? What contagion? lol.

Why did homos get GRIDS/AIDS?
Because they were told that sodomy would lead to a deadly venereal disease and that they should take AZT as a precaution. AZT is a toxin. Fauci promoted this back in the day and when they got sick and died it was called HIV/AIDS. And here is Fauci back again promoting another fake virus and another deadly "cure".

I'm not an expert so I can't give you definite answers but what I put forth makes a lot more sense than a little spiky bug floating around ready to jump on anyone and kill them. Why don't you ask Dr. Lanka? Or Dr. Tom Cowan?

Again, NONE of these viruses have ever been isolated and purified. If you claim that they have been and are contagious...prove it. No more ad hominums....prove it. 100k up for grabs!


Fakk said...


Infectious agents can enter the body through the genital tract, causing the acute inflammatory reaction of gonorrhoea in the genital and pelvic organs or spreading out to attack almost any organ of the body with the more chronic and destructive lesions of syphilis. Even before birth, viruses and other infectious agents can pass through the placenta and attack developing cells, so that an infant may be diseased or deformed at birth.

Viruses of the Herpesviridae family cause a multiplicity of diseases. Those causing infections in humans are the varicella-zoster virus (VZV), which causes chickenpox and herpes zoster (shingles); the Epstein-Barr virus, which causes infectious mononucleosis; the cytomegalovirus, which is most often associated with infections of newborn infants and immunocompromised people; and herpes simplex virus, which causes cold sores and herpetic venereal (sexually transmitted) diseases.

Fakk said...

Viruses of the Microcosmos

Tardigrades - Toughest Earth Creature

Panzerfaust said...

If you lead them to believe viruses are fake then they won't look at US biowarfare labs.

Fakk said...

Dr Lorraine Day is an unusually intelligent and cogent anti (((NWO))) activist. Virtually all she reports about the deceptive heebs is correct, and of course the covid jabs like most 'vaccines' are simply cash multiplier instruments of death, only useful to big pharma and globalist health authorities. The information she provides about the 'holy bible' however, is opposite in value - the Earth being created in six days just 6000 years ago for instance is doubtful in the extreme, as are very many other biblical fables of course.

Previous to present mass child inoculations, parents often intentionally exposed their children to relatives or friend's children known to be suffering from chicken pox or measles, in order to get those common childhood diseases over and done with. So obviously disease can be contagious and the contagion is caused by micro organisms. Familiar to people interested in revisionism are the lengths the German National Socialist government went to preventing typhus and other disease in the WW2 labour camps, by using the specially designed clothes and bedding Zyklon B fumigating chambers. Another glaring example of contagious disease carrying germs/micro organisms, and are we honestly to believe that the great WW2 German military machine would have gone to all that trouble mistakenly?

The Highwire with Del Bigtree
Cracks appear all over the Covid charade

Albert said...

You are ALL "Dummies" !!! ;-)

Dr-(((jew-dy))) Herself: Isolated-and-Purified the "AIDS-Virus" !!! ;-)

-- But NOT: the "Covid"/"Sarscov2" "virus", of course, NO-ONE has Done THAT! ;-)

--> Makes "Sense" to ME! ;-)

But, but, but: Muhh: "Virus-Cough" !!! ;-)

🌝 🌚 🌞

Scorpio said...

Fakk - interesting comments -- thanks

Panzerfaust said...

Anything hard core bible dupes who repeat old testament descriptions as the literal historical record must be approached with that mental state in mind.
"I believe therefore it is"

Albert said...

ANYONE Who beLIEves the ("Victors')-Official-Histories of the World IS in "La-La-Land"! ;-)

What to Speak of the "Scientists" "THEORIES": "Big-Bang", "Globe-Earth" (THAT, is 'FACT' of-course! ;-) ), "Darwinian"-"Evolution" ...

LOOK at the REMAINING Wonderful (Built for Really Really-TALL-Giants!) OLD-BUILDINGS in OUR Cities ALL-Around-the-World!

LOOK at them, and Then UNDERSTAND that the PEOPLE who Built such Wonderful-Buildings which LAST for Many MANY Centuries HAD:

("FREE")-Electricity (Dhuhh!) "Airships" (EVERYONE KNEW THAT, until after 1937!) ...

The 1,000s of Lighthouses (which MOST "Wikies" SAY: Were BUILT in "1850s") (Often in VERY Rocky/Remote Regions!) Around the Seas/Oceans ... and "Greco-Roman"-OLD-Buildings Everywhere ...

SHOW: A World-Wide GREAT-Civilisation (WEST-of-the-Mississippi-USA is AMAZING!!!) ...

Which was RESET around 200 Years ago!

--> IF you "Read-Books" ... and "THINK" that YOU "Know"-"Shit" about the REALITIES of Pre-1945 Germany and the GREAT Germans and Other European Peoples ...

... and ("Victors'")-"History" ...

Well, YES! ...... You "Know" (((SHIT))) !!!

It IS-indeed: Relatively-EASY to WRITE (about "Dinosaurs" etc!) most-ANYTHING ...

BUT, the SMALL-% of OLD-Buildings

(Many SEEN in 100+ year-old Photos in USA etc: Have Been: "Burnt-Down-by-Fires", or Demolished-just-a-few-years-after-'Construction'-by-'us'!)

Still REMAINING: Are PHYSICAL-PROOF (indeed NOT: "Made-Up" ... OR "Argued-AWAY"!):

Of a TRULY "Mind-Boggling", and NOT: Easily "Waved-Away" AMAZING GREAT Previous-Epoch PAST/"Passed": Pre-RESET: TRULY GREAT and GIANT: True NON-World-Trashing GREAT-World-Wide-CIVILIZATION !!! :-o

That: Jesus and His Disciples in Glorified-Saintly-Bodies: ALREADY-RULED and "Evangelised" The Entire-World, for 1000-Years ...

... and The-"Adversary"-(MASTER-of-BIG-LIES!): For ONLY the LAST: 200+ Years ...

Makes a LOT MORE Sense:

Than Monkeys-Over-a-Really-Loooong-Time: "Evolving" to Become: the "Pinnacle"-of-"Civilization-and-"Intelligence": Plastic-Littering-LIKE-there's-NO-Tomorrow -- "us" !!! ;-)

🌝 🌚 🌞

((("Historian"))): WHO are YOU Going to BeLIEve?!: (((me)))!? ...

---> OR, YOUR "Lying"-EYES !!!!!!!!!!!!? ;-)

Albert said...

Someone BeLIEving in Monkeys-(over-a-Looong-Time!) "Evolving" into:

("chosen")-(((butt-monkeys))) ... LOL ;-)

is on-their-way into BeLIEving:

Babies Inside or Outside the Womb: "DON'T Have Souls!" ...

And Talmudic-(((shit))) that: it's "OK" to: "LOVE" tiny-Children if-they-"consent" ...

OR that: motor-mouth-loved-("now" -- all else is in-the-past!)-by-((("holly")))-chris-"Brainiac" ... is YOUR "Friend" !!! ;-)

Unknown said...

Panzerfaust, will you eventually get that "vaccines" are the bioweapons made in those labs, that need to be injected, ie controlled targeting instead of presumed uncontrolled spread which you can have instantly by poisoning the water supplies with decaying bodies?

"If you lead them to believe viruses are fake then they won't look at US biowarfare labs."

Panzerfaust said...


Panzerfaust said...

Is this like speaking in tongues on the keyboard?

Unknown said...

There is no contagion, none. "Viruses" are debris, not contagious.
Bacteria are the clean up trash collectors, debris eaters, however their waste products are toxic, that is their poo.

Scorpio said...

This is an interesting conversation. Personally, I am in the middle of the road on this one. There is considerable evidence contagions do exist - but what are they exactly and how are they really spread? A contagion might not be a virus. Anyone who watched the vid I posted a few days ago about virus isolation had to walk away with the idea that isolating viruses is a dodgy concept at best. Sexually transmissible diseases certainly seem to exist but they are through the direct exchange of bodily fluids, not the result of little spiky balls floating around in the air.

The New German Medicine camp has some concepts that seem reasonable and cogent but it does not explain everything. The bottom line is we've been lied to about nearly every aspect of human health and trying to unravel the deception is going to be tricky.

I very much respect Brizer and his thinking but his explanation of Chicken Pox parties doesn't jive with my personal experience. Most kids get Chicken Pox well before any inkling of leaving the nest occurs. My parents brought be over to a friend's house to get the whole experience over with. There was no trauma but I certainly came down with it a few days later.

The idea that the vaccines are the cause of many contagions and diseases certainly rings true and it also explains what those scientists are doing in bio-weapons labs. I certainly doubt they are just sitting around, shuffling papers and playing with their pencils.

Fakk said...

A 2002 paper by Curtis, Sloan, and Scannel, "Estimating Prokaryotic Biodiversity and Its Limits," estimated the number of oceanic bacteria taxa at lower than 2 million, the number of soil taxa at least 4 million, and the number of atmospheric taxa at least 4 million.
Another survey by Jason Gans found there to be about a million bacterial species per 0.035 ounces (1 gram) of soil.

The results of a new study suggest that at least 320,000 different viruses infect mammals.

Surely it's unreasonable to presume that none of these myriads of bacteria and viruses have any connection to contagious disease. Anyone who has been close to a child with chicken pox, measles or mumps will notice a very feverish condition with a sort of warm sweaty mist around them. Nonsense to assume that no micro organisms are present in that feverish mist, and even a hot healthy person has a sweat mist around them, it's called body odour.

Albert said...

@ Scorpio

GOOD Post! :-)

Because of MY Being in an Indian-Cult 30 Years ago ...

I UNDERSTAND: Presenting Complex-and-"Counter-Intuitive" THOUGHTS in: Analogies! ;-)

(To SHOW / Get-Across: DEEP / NATURAL: "Logic" / TRUTH / "Ideas" / Concepts / "Theories" ...)



Firemen around a Burning-Building ...


Medical-Personal TENDING-To: An Injured-Person?! ;-)

Yes! -- We ALWAYS SEE Them Quite-Quickly WHEN:

Buildings are Burning, or Folks are HURT !!!

--> But THEY are the SOLUTION / HELP-Team ...

NOT the: Perpetrators or "Cause" of such Distress! ;-)

"NOT Throwing the Precious-BABY Out-with-the-Bath-Water!" ;-)


There are MANY POISONS in Our "Terrain" !!! (Yes, and Biting-Insect-bugs etc too!)

And POISONS CAN be: circulated / Spread ... (jews POISONING Wells etc!)

BUT, it seems Quite-OBVIOUS now:

That (BECAUSE it is the LEAST of Our ((("Problems"))) !!! ;-) )
No One SHOULD be very-concerned with the "THOUGHT":

Of another "Goy's" BREATH ... "causing" US to Become Very VERY SICK from a "Virus" !!!

--> Rather, we MUST ALL: Be very VERY Concerned by the Prospect of a jew-((("Doctor"))) FORCIBLY-or-"with-Con-sent":

INJECTING a ((("witches'")))-Brew-of-POISONS (to sort-of Quote: (((bill)))!):

Right INTO: Ourselves, Loved-Ones, or Innocent Adorable-Little-Helpless-WHITE-Children !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-o

🌝 🌚 🌞

inthemix16 said...

Total Shame a mom who actually gets off her ass and does her best to protect her children ,but hasnt yet understood, that the disgusting creatures shes addressing, needs to start having lots of sleepless nights. Hun when you take the kiddos to Tar-get, throw some of those canning jars in the back of the soccer mom mobile., "so you can preserve some fruit" . Then , sit back, pop the popcorn ,and take in some "Red Dawn". No kids, that i know of , but feel so bad for her. Like it or not, it will be the only way things start changing. ??



Albert said...

It is "Difficult" to KNOW which "Unknown" is (((Witch)))! ;-)

But GOOD Posts "Unknown" !!! ;-)

IF YOU ARE however: the ((("unknown"))) ...

(In advance) I regret "encouraging" YOU! :-o

Albert said...

Brizer MADE some very GOOD Points !!! :-) :-) :-)

Albert said...

There are MANY STRANGE Word-Similarities ...

Perhaps when Folks in the Past Made Impassioned-CALLS to STOP:

The DESTRUCTION and OPPRESSION of "DEAF"-to-Our-"Concerns"-"Tyrannies" ...

They ALSO had-in-Mind: "Trannies" !!! ;-)

inthemix16 said...

Albert.. Enquiry minds need to know.. and just maybe you addressed this but i missed it. I have been known to orbit the same realm like that of a Mr.Zappa. Im just yankin ya, but why wouldnt you ask Scorp about the issues you have with Chris ??? Would seem kinda fair to me. The one thing i cant stand about Himey media, not as much on alt media.. is these people that rip the bunghole of people, yet do not offer , or give that person a chance to rebut . I mean, UnknownKNown/MikeSmith/Miller and all of you still have the opportunity to call me a demented,rambling, fuckface. Thats how it should be ! I dont know, just seems like a contradiction there, or how we say, walkin the fence ?. Hey we all do it. No biggie. Still enjoy reading your posts. You seem intelligent. You know where im going

Albert said...

"The Present-Dome-Earth "Definitely"-Wasn't Created 6,000 years ago ...

-- but Oriental-Medicine [and "Chinese-Culture"] IS 6,000 years Old though!"

"Oy Vey! The "Planet"-Earth is 6, is 6, is 6-Gorillion Years Old Goy! -- TRUST the"Science"!" ;-)

Albert said...


Suffice-it-for-NOW, ... the Old saying:

"What's 'good' for the Goose, ... is 'Good' for the Gander!"

"chris" Con-stantly: "Flings-(((SHIT)))" at: Adolf-Hitler, Christianity, and NOW:

To Be Honoured and RESPECTED: Wonderful 84 year Old Dr-Loraine-Day !!!

(While they ALL: "Kiss-Up" to Mikavits-(((monster))) !!! ;-) )

Folks should: At LEAST KNOW: That "Know-it-All"-"Brainiac"-Motor-mouth-chris ...

is a "puppet" of a passed-along-jewess ... and Hence His MANY-"Authoritative"-Proclamations:

Should-NOT be "TRUSTED" ... or even Given ANY credence, at all!

-- It is ((('simply"))) Slinging-as-Much-"Mud"-"Doubt"-"Uncertainty" as-possible-(to-remain-an-"effective"-(((pied-piper)))!) ...

So that some "sticks" ......

WHO we "Associate"-with, is VERY VERY IMPORTANT !!! -- As (((their)))-Influence ... WILL indeed "Rub-Off" onto-us !!! :-o

I fear-for ANYONE, who beLIEves: that "chris" is in-Any-way: Their "Friend"! :-(

(Maybe "chris" beLIEves that HE is ((("LOVED"))) ..... and is an "exception" to the (((rule)))! ;-)
MANY men have Had: "Blind-Spots" in this regard before ...
-- But, as He is soooo Proud so as to: "Throw-((("Mud")))-about" on Adolf-Hitler and the GREAT-German-(and-European)-Folk ...
and beLIEve HIMSELF to be "smarter" than All-Others, ...... a "Fall" (from such a "lofty"-position!) is indeed inevitable!)

Chains said...

Albert I agree with you on the idea that this consensus reality is very much short on truth.We all have our blind spots though and you illustrate yours above concerning Hitler and the miraculous rise of Germany after the WW1:)

Brizer's comments about chickenpox parties- it's been noted that exosomes and toxins and the idea of shedding can cause these toxins to have an effect somehow. It's like how women who are together start menstruating at the same time. What is the cause of this? I have not heard a good explanation of why this happens.

Panzerfaust your dead end views on Christians is laughable. People who know there is a divine power that created this realm tend be a little more balanced IMO FWIW :) I watched the "The God Debate II: Harris vs. Craig" debate the other night again and came away thinking to myself that the atheist Sam Harris really could not do much but set up fallacious arguments. Even Dawkins was quoted as saying he thought it was a possibility that humanity was seeded by aliens LOL.

I maintain that the keys to most of our history are being held by people who are laughing their asses off at the stupid masses that bubble about trying to put the shattered fragments of their world and collective psyche back together. I think there is something to what guys like William Fink and other in the christian identity circles offer,like this site for example https://christogenea.org/

Chains said...

Exosomes as Mediators of Chemical-induced Toxicity


Unknown said...


No contagion, does not work the way, and if it did, no human would be still alive to belief in it. Think about millennia of human beings just living and surviving without the media, pharma and banking mafia.

I would recommend Lanka's fine explanation of what bioweapons are, and why the movies fictional contagious bioweapons cannot exist in reality.
Unfortunately not yet translated in english.

Lanka concludes, the real bioweapon is fear, which makes people ill.

Think about it, why would you develop an uncontrollable weapon, that may effect wildlife and yourself too? Granted, contagion doesn't work, they know it, and "vaccines" don't work either, against what anyway?

I would develop a weapon that that is injectable, like a mosquito deploys the poison, or a flea, to fake contagion. It only takes the media, political muppets and some court "scientist" to convince the gullible public to take the "antidote" to the imagined wild virus and all its "insilico variants".

Lanka does also a very nice interview with Cowan on the history of virology and arrives in ancient greece. That's how long the psyop, the misconceptions have been going.


I would like to see you guys to arrange an open discussion between any virologist and people like Lanka, Cowan, Kaufman, KΓΆhnlein and others, basically a discussion between the virus camp and the real scientists.

"viruses" are just part of the eternal cycle of life and death of tissue, they are a product of poisoned tissue decaying. At some point in the decay cycle, mini spores are created that essentially is the start for new tissue/cell.

Unknown said...

The key word to investigate is pleomorphism.

Unknown said...

You can observe the same cycle in other nature, eg with trees, any compost stack, and within your guts, the biome, making it possible to convert food into energy.
There are more bacteria in a human body than there are cells.

If you don't take care of your body, eat and drink clean things, avoid as much as possible EM radiation, toxic chemicals in beauty products etc, there is no reason for the body to send out the special cleaning forces to clean up the mess.

Regarding eg childhood diseases, what if those where like the detox cycle(flu), just a natural step in development, like sleep/wake cycle, some animals hibernate, shed their skin, change fur?
Usually, eg after measles, a child take a leap in development. I am saying, take consciousness(the field) into the equation, which is the source of all matter.

Brizer said...

I totally agree with Unknown here. And Scorpio, the GNM folks do spell it out very clearly. Please watch these videos:

Q&A on GNM session with Ilsedora Laker of GNM (I'll be having Ilsedora on my show 3 May)

Ilsedora Laker & Stefan Lanka Part 1:

Ilsedora & Lanka Part 2:

Basically, we have to step outside of the box when understanding health. The body is complex and often mysterious. Not everything is in black and white. There is a spiritual aspect to all this too. Once we understand this, fear of dying, getting sick etc dissipates and we can live long healthy lives.

Albert said...

THIS Thread's "Unknown" is SPOT-on, and Awesome !!! :-)

Yes! -- The Mysterious: Women's cycles syncing ...

Indicates communications on NOT-"understood" levels ....

and the seasons-of-the-Year: detox cycle(flu) ... and

natural step Childhood development "diseases": Resulting in GROWTH-Spurts ... IF NOT: Foolishly-STOPPED! :-o

Yes! Chainsaw, I am AWARE of Our "Dis-agreements" on "WWII"-Germany ...

MY "Blind-Spot", as You think-of-it ... ;-)

--> But, YOU: I FIND to be Quite-HUMAN, Genuine ... and LIKE-ABLE :-)

and NOT: a Despicable-(((LIAR))) !!!

Yes! -- It seems Quite-OBVIOUS Now: That the ONLY Possible Way-FORWARD for us Now:

--> Is to quite-Literally: QUESTION-Everything ...

But, with soooo MANY Really GOOD Folks to Listen-to: "Out-There" ...

It would "simply" be Foolish: To WASTE one's TIME on "chris" ... an OBVIOUS-"clever"-TWISTER, and Bluffingly-"Confident"/"Certain"/"Knowledgeable"/"Authoritative" ... (((looser))) who is NOT to be "TRUSTED" in ANY way!

... When there are soooo Many Genuine, if not without "Blind-spots" ... GOOD-Folks ... whose VARIOUS Opinions and Discussions ...

GREATLY-Enhance and Develop: Our EXPLORATION of this World's: "Ideas" ... and REALITY ... on MANY Levels !!!

Just ONE of the TRUTHS which the Covid-HOAX has REVEALED to us ALL:

--> Is that: An "Isolated" "Locked-Down": UN-Thinking, Parroting / "beLIEving": "Zombie"-existence ...

IS indeed: Already a "Living"-DEATH !!! -- And NOT a "Life" at ALL !!! :-o

In Old-Age: Exploring Various ways of THINKING-for-OurSelves ...

Indeed, in MANY ways: SEEMS to BE: The Very-POINT:

Of this SHORT, Frail, FOOLISH, "Retarded", Ridiculous, "consensus", SMALL, BOUND-by-"Needs"-common-with-dumb-animals, ...

MYSTERIOUS: "Forgotten"-"ERASED"-PAST/CONNECTION-with-Our-Ancestral-Family-Tree-KNOWING:

PRESENT "Pathetic" (Yet simultaneously a GREAT-Opportunity to "Learn" and GROW, and "Self-Sort"-to-a-HIGHER-Realm After-DEATH!) (TEMPORARY and Tottering!) Drop-of-Water-on-a-Lotus: "Existence" !!! :-)

🌝 🌚 🌞

Panzerfaust said...

The Anthrax of 2001 was traced to Fort Detrick. Was this fake?

Panzerfaust said...

Free music

Unknown said...

Anthrax is bacteria. Mr Panzerfaust likes to live in eternal fear of nature, only that people presumably look at bio labs this way? That's ridiculous.

Btw, the "virus" has its unicorn counterpart in "photons" or "quantum" particles, its all atomism cult, materialism.
The quantum voodoo priests mistake dielectric discharges in the field for particles, while in reality, they are discharges, temporary flashes only, not particles, a byproduct.


Eiche, the oak tree greets you :)

Panzerfaust said...

Anthrax is bacteria but no antibiotics affect viruses. Get fucked.

Unknown said...

Anti-biotic, means anti-life, Mr Panzerfaust.
Are you sure what you are talking about?
You kind of seem highly confused tbh.

No sane human being would take try to cure illness with anti-life drugs, that destroy the biome. As said, bacteria's poo is toxic, but most bacteria don't produce a high amount of poo, so harmless. The bacteria itself is also harmless.

Anyhow, tell me one reason why spend trillions trying to develop contagious particles, which does not occur in nature, if you can have so cheaply a hitghly devastating bioweapon by contaminating the water supplies, eg blow up water plants and drop dead animals there?
Poisoning the water supplies is a proven bioweapon since eons. You could also poison the food supplies, or just let the food rot a bit. Every child knows what happens if you drink dirty water, or eat rotten food.

The Soviets abandoned bioweapons research in the 70ies, the NS German scientists also knew contagion does not work, hence they did not try to develop these.

Fakk said...

Sweet Sixteen 1978

Fakk said...


Panzerfaust said...

The Cult - Fire Woman

Unknown said...

A little speculation what these biolabs actually research and do.

I wouldn't rule out, that they created weaponized exosomes, ie debris, but synthesized the particle, ie synthetic "biology" nanobots. That's what probably swallowed all the research funding, but they are all injectables, not contagious.

If you look at the moderna site, they openly state, their genetic modification is an operating system platform. Connect the dots to synthetic particles, nanobots, 5G bandwidth for track and trace. I think they intend to make you "Borg" from Star Trek, controlled by an AI queen in the cloud, that gives you tasks to generate via your body activity credits. See MS patent 060606.

All those "covid vaccines" are gene mods, requiring more injections for the new junkies, just the deployment is different, DNA vs mRNA.
The warhead differs a bit, but achieve the same goal.

In short, I think these genetic modifications are synthetic interfaces to the virtual space, hardwires in the body instead of using mobile phones.

Feelstupidyet said...

I think pushing some of these ideas in this show are very similar to "flat earth" in the "truth movement". They expose the jews and all their lies, and then add in something so preposterous that it makes everything they said look nuts. In that way, Dr. Day is very much like Eric Dubay. I have to agree with Panzer on this.

Panzerfaust said...

I'm noticing this fake virus shit being pushed on 4chan exclusively by posters with Commonwealth and US flags. It's on the order of flat earth in terns of coordination and persistence.
Now this means either
A. Persons in these countries are retarted or
B. An international effort is underway to implant and spread it to discredit and confuse skeptics
I'll go with B

Panzerfaust said...

Didn't read your post while typing my last. Yes, you see it too.

Unknown said...

As if the flat earth psyop wasn't specifically designed to associate any heretic of some official dogma with this BS disc world.
And Mr Panzerfaust does precisely that, defends in fact quackery, has never read a virology paper, and associates the real scientists with disc world. Very transparent.

A cangaroo court in occupied already associated "holocaust deniers" with flat earth BS.

Albert said...

LOOK at Reflections Off of:

FLAT, and CURVED-Sphere/portions ...

The Setting-Sun over Lakes, Seas, Oceans: Glowing-LINE ...

SHOWS that THESE Bodies-of-Water-Surfaces are-FLAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS: FACT ... CANNOT be "Refuted" !!! ... Even by Calling Folks: "Stupid" etc. ;-)

🌝 🌚 🌞

Most Everyone, at school has SEEN: the Various Shaped Glass Vertical-Pipes where the Colored-Water-Levels are-the-SAME ...

Like Literally in a "Level"-Tool !!!

Bodies of Water (Lakes etc.) Surfaces ARE: FLAT !!!

(Thus: On a "Globe" this DOESN'T "Work"! ;-) )

Aeroplanes Set Their Gyros to CONSTANTLY POINT-STRAIGHT Before-Take-Off ...

(Just LIKE: the "Moon Missions" Used-Gyros to Calculate-their-DIRECTION !!!)

(THIS Can't "Work" on a "Globe"-Earth!)

US Naval-Vessels USE: Line-of-Sight-TARGETING-Systems ...

(And Lighthouses CAN be SEEN for 100s of Miles!)

(THIS Cannot "Work" on a "Globe" Earth!)

A Pilot Trying to LAND a Plane from the FRONT of an Aircraft-Carrier,

Would be Considered "NUTTS" [Yes, I Know that HOOKS are also Used to SLOW Planes Down on Landing] ... as BY Landing from the Back [Stern?] the 20-Knots of the Carrier is SUBTRACTED from the Pilot's Plane-Relative-SPEED!

--> WHY do NO Airports (Or Piloting-Lesson INSTRUCTORS!) ADVISE a GOOD: Landing-DIRECTION: To "Take into Account": The Earth's "1000+Miles-per-hour-[at-the-Equator]-Spin" ???!

According to: The METHOD of "Science" ... EVEN just ONE: "Theory": "Aberration" / "Deviance" / Contradiction:

Causes THAT: "Theory" to REQUIRE: Revision / CHANGING !!!

Yes! ... In-PRACTICE: We PREFER MULTIPLE Contrary-Evidences ...

BUT, for Example: Even "just" ONE: IMPOSSIBILITY: a 6+ Foot Person CANNOT "Fit" into a Less-than-6'-Coffin ... WITHOUT Being CHOPPED-UP-somewhat ... Which ALL of the Funeral-Ceremonies, would CLAIM to OPPOSE such-"Desecration"! ;-)

Panzerfaust said...

South Korea, among other countries, has identified the virus.

Objectives: Following reports of patients with unexplained pneumonia at the end of December 2019 in Wuhan, China, the causative agent was identified as coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), and the 2019 novel coronavirus disease was named COVID-19 by the World Health Organization. Putative patients with COVID-19 have been identified in South Korea, and attempts have been made to isolate the pathogen from these patients.

Methods: Upper and lower respiratory tract secretion samples from putative patients with COVID-19 were inoculated onto cells to isolate the virus. Full genome sequencing and electron microscopy were used to identify the virus.

Results: The virus replicated in Vero cells and cytopathic effects were observed. Full genome sequencing showed that the virus genome exhibited sequence homology of more than 99.9% with SARS-CoV-2 which was isolated from patients from other countries, for instance China. Sequence homology of SARS-CoV-2 with SARS-CoV, and MERS-CoV was 77.5% and 50%, respectively. Coronavirus-specific morphology was observed by electron microscopy in virus-infected Vero cells.

Conclusion: SARS-CoV-2 was isolated from putative patients with unexplained pneumonia and intermittent coughing and fever. The isolated virus was named BetaCoV/Korea/KCDC03/2020.

Keywords: COVID-19; SARS-CoV-2; coronavirus; isolation; pneumonia.

Copyright ©2020, Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Panzerfaust said...

Why do cyclones rotate counterclockwise in the northern half of flat erf and clockwise in the southern half?

Panzerfaust said...


About the most accurate thing you've put on the web

Panzerfaust said...

Before someone puts these words in my mouth I must state no advocacy on my part for lockdowns, mask mandates, or experimental vaccinations for a pathogen with a greater than 99% survival rate.

Unknown said...

So the US occupied vassal South Koreans, allegedly have "isolated" the "virus".
I guessw with a "virus culture" ie adding toxins to tissue cultures, cooking a toxic soup, which contains main things but not an isolated particle that is allegedly contagious?
Per definition of isolation, this "isolation" they do with dying tissue cultures is not isolation, but a stew of debris.

Then they do "alignment" out of fragments from a theoretical template, and the computer generates the theoretical genome of the not isolated purified "virus".

same old, same old, Mr Panzerfaust, who have not clue, you just peddle like a parrot quackery.
Fail, 100% sure, the South Koreans will not provide the "isolate" to anyone, because it does not exist, like all the other BS claims with nothing to back it up, which is freely admitted.

And lets not get into fraudulent PCR BS, a manufacturing process, but not a "test".

Unknown said...

Two guys now try to shift focus on flat earth BS.
I telly you, the earth is a torroid, not a sphere, torroidal shape, like its magnetic field.
Which makes the polar regions very special in many way, and some people like to conceal these facts of field vortices.

No back on allegedly "virus isolation", which is not isolation, but cell cultures dying.

Unknown said...

To sum it up, those who believe in "viruses" and "vaccines" are invited to please sign up as guinea pigs and receive their genetic modifications for all their life, becoming junkies, receiving "updates" to the Pfitzer, Moderna, J&J OS, granted they survive the massive human experiment.
If not, sane people have a problem less, the self appointed "covid" sheriffs and scared to death sheep will be gone soon, and even inherit their genetic modifications to their maybe children. Go ahead, trust the "science" Gates, Schwab, Sackler the WEF, the WHO, the CDC and other for profit private orgs and interests, that only mean you well.

And don't you dare to not receive your next dose, or else your OS will shut down your body function likie a windows of BSOD. Morons.

Unknown said...

Drop the scare tactics with "virus" BS, it is all aimed to get you to take the gene mods.
They ran the psyop with previous "viruses", trained the masses to accept the "antidote".
But now, they run the psyop to the bitter end, they go through with it, and there is no way back for them, end game.

Our Operating System

Recognizing the broad potential of mRNA science, we set out to create an mRNA technology platform that functions very much like an operating system on a computer. It is designed so that it can plug and play interchangeably with different programs. In our case, the "program” or “app” is our mRNA drug - the unique mRNA sequence that codes for a protein.

Yummy, right guys? Take it, they openly tell you.
The devil always requires consent, and he doesn't care of you skipped actually reading the contract you signed, you will lose your soul by consenting.

But hey, lets throw in some disc world nonsense, considering they already war gamed "spars" for 2025.

Thank you for reading, all said now.

Fakk said...

Ms Vollmer said on the Giuseppe show tonight that people are picking up symptoms (inflammation/bruising etc) from close contact with a 'kill shot' stabbed person, she called this phenomenon 'shedding'. Shedding, contagion - what's the damn difference - expect more confusion for an answer. Whether it's bacteria, virus or a piece of broken up DNA causing the symptom transfer it's obviously a form of contagion, splitting hairs to insist otherwise. If a piece of DNA from the kill shot can be transferred from one person to another, just by being in close contact, obviously powerfully infectious bacteria and viruses are able to do the same.

Panzerfaust said...

Earth is a donut. Thank you Dr Demento

Albert said...


GREAT Posts "Unknown" !!! :-)

PLEASE KEEP Posting at Mami's !!! :-)

DON'T let the couple of "Grinches" (((who))) CALL EVERYONE-else "Dummies" "Shit-heads" "jews" etc. etc. etc...
Dis-Courage / De-Moralize You !!! :-)

They are either VERY-Unhappy, ... or "just" INTENDING to: SHUT DOWN ALL Worthwhile-DISCUSSION !!! ;-)

"Illegitimi non Carborundum" (Humorous "Latin"!)

-- "DON'T Let the 'Bastards' wear-you-down!" :-)

🌝 🌚 🌞