June 14, 2022

Critics Are Our Friends, They Show Us Our Faults

From the freemason dude.


RickB said...

Found call-in segment of Fezter's July 13th show very encouraging. Listening to Paul is always encouraging. As he stated, at least he's always..... HONEST!!!!


inthemix16 said...

Yea. People give Paul shit but i find him very interesting to listen . At least its not rinse like unknown says. Actually a little rinse once in a while isnt so bad.Thanks for link

Hey have any of yall get a gander at this story ?? Be up Fetzer and his investigator buddy alley . Im probable just real late catching this doozy Maybe Buffalo was a 2 for the price of 1 bonanza . Guard Aaron Salter killed. Filing patent for Hydrogen running car. Hmmmm


Well color me shocked.