June 12, 2022

Globalist Demons Fear The Russian Exorcists - Remarque88, Son of Enos, Mr. Sunshine Baby, The New Atlas, Mike King, Bob Zany, Dr. Steve Turley, Asha Logos

Executive Producer: Quentin Quarantino
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I feel sorry for the poor bastards that are assigned to guard the little weasel from his own people. I think Jordan Peterson referred to him as a narcissist. If he is, it must be of the malignant sort. If that is so, a low intelligence psychopath, with that much power is a very dangerous individual. When he spoke about the un vaxxed as something akin to vermin that needed to be separated from "the nice people" I knew that if this guy had the opportunity and immunity, he'd have no problem interring and exterminating his own people. And of course the CBC would back him up, saying it all for their own good. Just following the science you know.

Putin Checkmates Banking Cabal, Russians Know They're Fighting the Satanic NWO & Canadian Revolt
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"Vladimir Putin has been quietly building a "New" New World Order that doesn't include a world government or the Luciferian Banking Cabal and the vast majority of countries are already signing up.

I did a deep-dive into Russian Social Media and found that the Russians are fully aware that they are fighting the Satanic New World Order, that this battle is Biblical, that Putin's working with Trump and that their side is backed by God Almighty.

Plus Castreau's gun grab has blown up in their faces as Canada has it the magic numbers and is inching close to armed REVOLT against our treasonous and genocidal government. You're not gonna want to miss this."

 On Top of Canadian Mass Murdering Quaxxine Pusher of The Year
 JUNE 09, 2022
Mike King
1. Bye bye ISIS! // 2. Bye bye Azov! // 3. The phony threat of "Global Terrorism" -- just like the phony threats of "Global Warming" or "Global Pandemics" -- was brought to you by the usual suspects for the usual reasons.
 According to Minister of Defense Sergei K. Shoigu, Russia is holding about 6,500 POWs -- many of them Azov Battalion commanders. It has also been reported that investigators have interviewed 75,000 civilian victims. Yes indeed, these western-backed demons, who have terrorized the helpless people of Donetsk and Luhansk since 2014, are about to get what's coming to them -- and there's not a darn thing that Mr. Soros, Mr. Rothschild and their EU pygmies can do about it. Demented loyalists of Libtardia! You all can pull down those ghastly yellow & blue flags now. The "latest thing" is over and will never threaten Holy Russia again. Glory to Vladimir Putin!

Piano Concerto in K9 Minor

"The Western media continues to paint a bleak picture for Ukraine's military prospects as its forces admit to huge losses on the battlefield and a dwindling supply of weapons and ammunition. Russia continues to make advances and is said to have enough combat power to fight on for another year."


With all respect, I think it's much more likely that Russia can fight forever. They can replace everything they're using in Ukraine and they can increase production very rapidly. At the end of another year, Russia will have just as much or more military equipment as they had on Feb 24, but much of it will be of better quality than the average on that day. When the US entered WWII, they did not have the men and material to last a year, but by the end of that war they had the men and material to continue indefinitely.

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Beware of Russian Bipolar Bear!
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"The Russian Federation is banning all LGBT Propaganda as a New Traditionalist World RISES! We’re going to look at the proposed law, we’re going to see that it has a number of other nations ready to follow suit, and stick with me to the very end of this video when I’ll show you how it’s all part of nothing less than the reawakening of a traditionalist civilizational world!"

Ukraine is Running Low on Ugrain,
Russia is Only Running Low on Homo.

Did I say Bite me?!

Scaring Grandpaw

 "Illusions only prevail if they're bought into and embraced... and for decades, we've embraced them. This needs to stop. Not having the courage to stand up or be honest about one's viewpoints is one thing, but actively working to demoralize and depress others is something entirely different, and shouldn't be condoned. It's the western patriarchal and hierarchical tradition that let the reins of power slip from their hands, and its we that need to fight to regain those reins... and not only for our own sake, but for the existential sake of the world at large. As with any species, when the hierarchy becomes sick and malformed, all end up suffering as a result. Just imagine what this new breed could turn this world into, within our lifetimes.. the sheer amount of pain and hardship and depression they'd usher in in exchange for enriching themselves and their masters, without so much as a moment's hesitation. *Reject the black pill*."
Where's the ball?!

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to be given good jobs."
- Henry Makow

ISX said: "Love is blind - and marriage is - an eye-opener!"

Political Ponerology
By Andrzej Lobaczewski

"If you’re a professional journalist, who writes about politics and you still haven’t read Lobaczewski, your terms of reference are severely inhibited by your lack of knowledge"
- Andyay

 Mike D:
@ andyay, 
Fantastic comment! Agree 100% with your take on “Political Ponerology” … it’s a must-read for anyone wanting to make sense of our current state of affairs.


@ andyay, i read this two or three years ago, quite an eye opener, i knew nothing of the author tho so thanks for the explanation of his troubles in getting his book published and his history. btw i found it online as a free PDF.
Ohhh Karen.. I just can’t take my eyes off of you.
Ohhh Klara.. You're just too good to be true, I can’t take my eyes off of you...


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"The Road to Balfour: The History of Christian Zionism" ?

John Nelson Darby and The Rapture with James Tunney

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"Creative Destruction" & Then, 6uild 6ack 6etter (Updated)
June 11, 2022