June 14, 2022

Good Ol' Boys


KnownUnknown said...

Thank you for not posting Rinse. What a liar

S&B said...

Don't you call the Shit a liar! What about the Rense? Need not Rinse.

Tamarillo said...

Rense interviewing Max Igan FOLKS!

He has the odd snippet of interesting information like ALLADIN at the start of his previous video (opening 6 1/2 mins)
but listening to him just grates on my nerves after a while
plus he's always shilling for the jews

One other thing. Wish you guys over at speakfreeradio.com would ease up on the "YOU KNOW" "YOU KNOW" "YOU KNOW"
I usually do and even if when I don't I get sick of hearing "YOU KNOW". Otherwise great shows

Tamarillo said...

One other thing. Yeah he's a fucking demon but unfortunately Klaus Schwab is not this guy


I've heard Guiseppe at least mention Klaus as dressing up like this but it is NOT him

Doesn't do the cause any good throwing in falsehoods like this so a retraction please on one of your upcoming shows

ruxpert said...

22.06.15 T.Kelly & D.Jeffries on The Realist Report

ruxpert said...

'School-Shootings' VS Lock-downs ?

Lockdowns Killed Hundreds of Thousands of Children, Says the UN – Was it Really Worth It?

Scorpio said...

Zap - when are you going to start posting again?
I'm hurting for something to listen to - lol
check in with me on Skype sometime soon

inthemix16 said...

Dave, Well i posted this at the previous board. Anyone with insight why this hasent the explore ..Maybe Buff wasnt about guns ? Maybe they got 2 for the price of 1 deal ? You,Jim,G are really good at digging.

""Hey have any of yall get a gander at this story ?? Be up Fetzer and his investigator buddy alley . Im probable just real late catching this doozy Maybe Buffalo was a 2 for the price of 1 bonanza . Guard Aaron Salter killed. Filing patent for Hydrogen running car. Hmmmm""


Well color me shocked.