June 16, 2022

ISRAEL IS THE JEWISH ISIS - Remembering The Beirut Blast - The War on Whiteness - Obstacles Along the Way - Chariots of Fire - The Ukraine Famine of 1932-33 - Syrian Girl, TRUETUBE, Asha Logos, Douglas Murray, Harbinger, Yukon Jack, Rammstein

“Chariots of Fire”- Israel’s Largest Military Drill in Decades

!!! israHel Nuked Beirut in August 2020 !!!
Down The Memory Crater With Yukon Jack & E. Michael Jones
The Ukraine Famine of 1932-33
Meet The Neo-Bolsheviks
Harbinger on May 2, 2020
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My Syrian Girl
Luna Lee & Voltman
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Look at all those articles with the same title:
 Syrian Woman
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Hugh Beaumont:

Did it ever occur to the cameraman to walk around to the front of the stage?

 Israel Launches “Chariots of Fire”—Nation’s Largest Military Drill in Decades
By Ron Cantor May 17, 2022
"IDF officials say the goal of this year’s exercise is to test the military’s preparedness if attacks come on multiple fronts at once from Israel’s enemies that are positioned at several of her borders."
E. Michael Jones:
“Looks like Gordon Duff Is Right, Israel Nuked Beirut”

zoom 1 - The Beirut Nuclear Blast
 Still on JouTube...!

VT Nuclear Education: The Beirut Nuclear Coverup as Protests Break Out, Oct. 2021 Over Lies

Is Beirut the first major city to be nuked? Would you believe not even close?


Yukon Jack's Discoveries:
The No Fertilizer Theory
Listen to the Beirut Jet Attack
Israel’s Arsenal of Stolen W-54 Warheads


We Got COVID-19

Is Moschiach The Corona?
Is Moschiach Project Talpiot?
The Domination of High Technology by israHel
By Brendon O'Connell
Netanyahu Ordered to Hasten Jewish Messiah's Coming

Very Superstitious Writings on The Wall 

The war...started a long time ago!


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 In his book Douglas Murray asks: if the history of humankind is one of slavery, conquest, prejudice, genocide and exploitation, why are only Western nations taking the blame for it?

"It’s become perfectly acceptable to celebrate the contributions of non-Western cultures, but discussing their flaws and crimes is called hate speech. What’s more it has become acceptable to discuss the flaws and crimes of Western culture, but celebrating their contributions is also called hate speech. Some of this is a much-needed reckoning; however, some is part of a larger international attack on reason, democracy, science, progress and the citizens of the West by dishonest scholars, hatemongers, hostile nations and human-rights abusers hoping to distract from their ongoing villainy.

"In 'The War on the West', Douglas Murray shows the ways in which many well-meaning people have been lured into polarization by lies, and shows how far the world’s most crucial political debates have been hijacked across Europe and America. Propelled by an incisive deconstruction of inconsistent arguments and hypocritical activism, 'The War on the West' is an essential and urgent polemic that cements Murray’s status as one of the world’s foremost political writers."
"I didn't like making this video - the first half, in particular - and especially disliked pausing the creation of the upcoming 'Subverted History' to do so.. still not certain it was the right decision. 
In a world overflowing with grift, in which everybody now seems to be selling something, to the extent that even our art and creative productions are so often a mere pretext or facade for this money-making, it feels self-serving, a distraction, not the best use of time and energy.. so, no matter what comes of this, or what the future holds, I won't be mentioning any of these issues again, come what may.. and I hope this brief interruption will be pardoned/understood.
I don't pass judgment on those who actively seek out ways to monetize their work, especially if in order to make it their exclusive focus. My extreme approach to all things money is a personal one. It helps me sidestep unhelpful temptation, helps maintain complete independence of message/content, helps keep me humble, and helps me maintain a psychological state of gratitude and appreciation.. and I genuinely appreciate (and benefit from) all of these. It's just a path that works best for me." - Asha Logos
The Ukraine Famine of 1932-33
Meet The Neo-Bolsheviks
Assad Must Stay
That's What I Say
 Harbinger on May 2, 2020 at 8:13 pm

The Old World Order has been around for thousands, upon thousands of years and was taken over by the Jews, when they arrived in the west, through deceit, deception and foul play. In fact, Albion, became ‘Perfidious’ after the Jews got back into it, through the funding of the traitor Cromwell, in his victorious civil war of the mid 17th century.

How many times do I have to tell you this Duke? A JEW, not a ‘fake’ Jew, is one simply through the choice of wishing to be one. “Oh no it’s not. A Jew is one born of a mother who’s Jewish.” Yes, more BS. Judaism is a cult, so stating that a Jew is one because his mother is a Jew, is no different to stating that a Scientologist, or a Buddhist, or a Christian is so, because their mother was. There is no racial/special significance with Jews. You are a Jew because you CHOOSE to be a Jew.

The only people who tell us otherwise, happen to be, lo and behold, JEWS and their mind controlled, nutjobs the Christians. And we all know what category you fall into, don’t we?

Courtesy of the internet, people can read a great deal of literature, they NEVER would have been able to have done before. The ‘cat’ so to speak is out of the bag. No longer can the people be indoctrinated into believing the nonsense that the Christian religion has been foisting up society for the last two millennium. They’re waking up to the lies.

The NEW WORLD ORDER (NWO) is the JEWISH order, which is the destruction of all the GOYIM, save a few left over to be their slaves. The OLD WORLD ORDER (OWO) was NOT the Jewish order, but that which opposed the very ethos of what Jews are – ethnic supremacy, religion, racial hatred and control of all non Jews as sub humans compared to them.

And the reason why the world is a living hell is because the JEW has complete control of every establishment, including your very own religion that you continually promote on this forum, in your attempts to lead people to Jesus and more servitude under the Jew.

You never learn do you Duke? Just constantly promoting your religious BS on this forum, continually quoting your bible, or should I say, blueprint for the domination over the non Jew by the Jew.

Victurus Libertas VLTV – April 24, 2020
The censored JouTube video can be seen here on Bitchute:
Running Out Of Time With Harry Vox & Brendon O'Connell
And Sorass said that he hates "America"...
whatever he means by that...

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 The Pussycat Moonwalker

My Syrian Girl

I want to give to that Partisan Girl
I could be happy the rest of my life
With my Syrian Girl

A painter of wonders, She brightens the night
She's got it together - Pointing Her flashlight
My Syrian Girl

She has the mind of a scholarly girl
Would be so fine just to go for a whirl
With my Syrian Girl!

Her lips her eyes, what a beautiful sight
Her heart is fine, she's a beautiful pearl
Yeah my Syrian Girl!

I'd save Her country now - Hope that they make it somehow
They need another chance - You see She has me in a trance

Mama Mia Mimi al-Laham     
Somewhere...Under The Rainbow...🎼 


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Here is an interesting little collection to look back on.


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