June 01, 2013

Israel belongs to the Rothschilds

Potted history video that explains how the Jews Stole Palestine during the 20th Century.


Anonymous said...

Israel is a people,


not a stool sculpture deity cult compound....

for so-called "JEWS" who are neither SEMITIC nor HEBREWS...

knowing the TRUTH prevents "JEW" worshipping...and serving the interests of the MONEYCHANGERS like the RED SCHIELDS...and the pharisees like DERSHOWITZ and the so-called ...."Rabbi's"

Israel is a people - a company of Nations - the 1st world nations of the WEST..."Europeans" -

.... who are now HIJACKED by the moneychangers & Pharisees...on account of the LANGUAGE....


it's true....see the stool sculpture deity cult compound and AXE YOSELF what "god" do they actually serve...

Anonymous said...

"Israel belongs to the Rothschilds"

No shit ?

"it's true....see the stool sculpture deity cult compound and AXE YOSELF what "god" do they actually serve..."


I 'axed myself' and am now bleeding to death. Quick!! Send that beaner bozo actor down here !! I need a Cowboy Carlos gravity tourniquet.

Try banning even kosher tax, never mind kosher torture of animals (one of the first things Hitler did when his ass came to power) and experience the biggest collective shifit ever seen against the host goyim of white European civilization by the parasites sucking it dry.

Papa Doc John said...

I just wanna say that i dropped LSD and found christianity and mushrooms.


Anonymous said...

David Icke (now the number one guest on Alex Jones) has promoted the Rothschild owned Israel for years. Icke loves to blame the Zionists and then defend Judaism.


never forget that even if Israel is owned by Rothschild the individual Jews are still accountable for their crimes

Israel is like any state, a corporation

the corporation may act as one thing but inside are single individuals making decisions and taking action

hiding behind a flag is no excuse for genocide