June 01, 2013

The Heretics' Hour 2013.05.27

Happy First Birthday to The White Network

Tanstaafl and Hadding Scott join Carolyn for our own little celebration of our first year of operations at The White Network by doing what we like best–talking about what’s good for White people. We discuss the pros and cons of our strictly enforced “Whites only” policy and determine that we are indeed “unique” among all pro-White networks and organization websites and forums for this reason. We are basically satisfied with what we’re doing and don’t feel the need to change anything. Among other topics discussed:
  • White displacement keeps getting worse–one example is the police reaction to Muslim rioters in Sweden;
  • Joe Biden’s speech on “overwhelming Jewish influence” in this country should be used to advance our cause;
  • Preferential treatment for non-White immigrants over White national populations has reached a level of unacceptability;
  • Yet Whites are expected to accept it with grace as inevitable;
  • Do we mind being labeled, for example called an anti-Semite;
  • The question of whether Jewish power is a result of evolutionary psychology or a criminal conspiracy.
Image: Marilyn Monroe, a delectable and utterly charming product of the White race, was taken advantage of by Jewish men and eventually even married one, converting to the religion of Judaism. Now the Jews claim her as their own, though there was not a Jewish bone or gene in her body. What a shame; a truly tragic heroine.

The White Network
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Anonymous said...

They great white mk ultra slut and presidential cocksucker blowing candle, how nice.

Anonymous said...

Marilyn and the Jews


Anonymous said...

White network is a fucking joke. Why this senile idiot Yaeger promotes them?

Anonymous said...

marilyn blowing on a phallus white candle - what an appropriate pic for the white network

maybe you should be more direct in your imagery, a mud colored porn star doing a circle jerk of all male muscular whites

Anonymous said...

the "white" network

tacit admission that whites have lost and now are circling the wagons and talking timidly about white interests

btw every jew I ever met is "white"

Anonymous said...

LOL have a guess which of the 3 has a jew wife and kids... This shit is a joke.

Anonymous said...

"Monroe had resolved to sleep with anyone who could help her attain fame"

This is all you need to know about her.

Hot babe. Shame what happened to her, I guess. But then again you could say that she got what her narcissistic, selfish, greedy ass deserved.

Definitely not a "heroine".

Anonymous said...

12:33 PM you're quite possibly misinformed - at least according to the late Mike 'Wallace'

Morgan Freeman on Black History Month @11-18s :)

Anonymous said...

Theres a fucking race mixer whos married to a JEWESS for crying out loud!!!!!
just more hypocrisy spewing out in the troofer movement

WhineLikeKikesNetwork said...

It should be called the Whine Network. Fuck all they do is whine like a bunch of kikes. New White Network banner :) http://imgur.com/zDXj7jR

Anonymous said...

The White Network???
Carolyn demands openness, BUT her "boys"
Tan, fake name, Married to a Jewess=Racemixer
"Hadding Scott", fake name, 40 year old, nerd, lives at home with his mom, is really a Lefty who say that Jews are not a race and Jews did not create communism
The White Network is False Front