June 01, 2013

Leuren Moret - Google's Sinister DNA Plans

 This clip is the last third of Rense Radio show of Dec. 22, 2010, an interview with Leuren Moret, whistleblowing scientist. In this head-spinning interview, Moret says that every paranoid nightmare that you've ever had is now coming true -- faster than you've ever dreamed.

Kissinger, Eugenics And DepopulationBy Leuren Moret

Download full show here


rodin said...

The NAZIs etc

Nuff said.

DU = U, IMHO, and Nukes don't exist, HAARP is grossly over-rated and B Russell has a hook nose

Anonymous said...

leuren said nazis....what a fool. no wonder on rense

Anonymous said...

DU is not a hoax. You are a moron for implying it.
is willy pete a fantasy also? aka white phosphorous.
pls stop swallowing your toothpaste.

Anonymous said...

More germanic death cult mind kontrolle ufo-nazi whistle blowers!

rodin said...

@ anonymous

Whats the difference between DU and U?