June 01, 2013

Rodney Carrington - Dear Penis


Anonymous said...

This site is absolute trash.

Anonymous said...

Posting relevant and/or interesting information along with this sort of non-sense is what what makes Mr. Grizzom's Blog what it is: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-iNFL4MV-83w/UH4pZQBiRdI/AAAAAAAACqw/61g1tnEq_YA/s1600/corporate-polished-turd-small-69321.jpg

blacksheeple said...

It is called "Mami's Shit" you know, there might be a reason for that.

It might, for example, be an eclectic collection of things that appeal to the diverse palate of Mami.

Or it might be anything the fuck that he wants.

Get it?

Feel free to not come here if you do not.

Consider that there are a whole legion of folk who would be oblivious to your absence.

Anonymous said...

Lets talk about Jesus. I say Jesus saves.

Anonymous said...

2 FBI Agents Involved in Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Arrest, DEAD!


Anonymous said...

10:40 AM

No, it's called mami's shit 'you know', because that best describes his nutlicking braindead followers like you, ya fag. Whole legion eh? why not a division or batallion? lol

Anonymous said...

Let's talk about the penis and post gay pics

lets be obsessed with the ass and penis

then everyone will take this site seriously

Anonymous said...

I recommended this site to many, most of the content is great, this site has gone exponentially popular.

and then there is this post

mamis shit could be great like GLP used to be, anon replies is what attracts us

stupid gay posts make us want to puke

unless you are a gay jew shulte pulling on his stick thin penis in your mom's basement

Anonymous said...

I know this video was put up for some comic relief, and it gave me a chucklel but look at all the comments by the deadly serious who can't take a joke and don't want to joke! It's like you farted in church or something!

Thanks Mami Shit for giving us all a break from all the "I hate Jews and Christians and atheists and Muslims, too" poop.

You need to do one on vaginas though just to keep the balance, mate!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

This site lures scumbags and degenerates in, keeps reasonable people out. It's easy tell by the gatekeepers in the chat 24/7, that this is a funded operation. It's easy to tell by the content it's jew funded.

Anonymous said...

This is great fun for children or those will childlike minds. Enjoy.