October 02, 2013

Jewish supremacists initiate crackdown on Golden Dawn Party

October 2, 2013
Some 22 members of the Greek nationalist party, Golden Dawn, including six MPs and the party leader Nikos Mihaloliakos, were arrested on Sept. 28. The Zionist-owned mass media has tried to link a murder of a left-wing rapper to the Golden Dawn by referring to the suspect, who has yet to be convicted of the murder, as a “supporter” or “sympathizer” with the party. These reckless reports are part of a larger Jewish supremacist-led campaign to destroy the popular Greek nationalist party.
Ronald Lauder, the head of the Jewish supremacist outfit the World Jewish Congress, called for Golden Dawn to be destroyed five days prior to the blatantly illegal and unfounded detention of GD’s leaders. An article on the WJC’s website candidly outlines Lauder’s role in this:



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