October 02, 2013

Spingola Speaks 2013.10.02

Guest: Joe Atwill, Caesar's Messiah:The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus 

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Signifier said...

Disappointing broadcast.

Atwill didn't present his typology system here in any logical coherent, sequential fashion and Deanna and others looked upon the content presented with a pre-set skepticism based on anti-Catholic Protestant ideologies and fixed belief that the Gospels, in addition to be scriptural prophecies, are also historical documents.

It was a polite discussion, all things considered, and Deanna was brave and consistent in allowing a guest to her show who wasn't in harmony with her faith and religious indoctrination.

But the listener must go to other online videos and websites in order to learn what Joseph Atwill's main ideas are -- or in order to learn more, just read his book.

This broadcast can be skipped without loss to any sense of keeping up with current events.

Signifier said...

On debunking Joe Atwill's thesis:

Someone in Deanna's chatroom typed out the following:

Folks, here are 3 links which debunk the guest's book. You can read them after the show, if you like.



While I haven't had the time to check out or read all three links, I can tell you that the first one is completely bogus. Tom Verenna is a known academic fraud and has been deceiving people for a long time -- about his research and academic credentials.

More later -- if I have the time.

Anonymous said...

His whole thesis or philosophy depends on his "typology system", which certainly sounded like flim flam nonsense to me in the ten minutes I listened. Mr. Atwil would do better to stick to the written word in presenting his ideas as I assume he would have done a clear and brief presentation of his thesis if he were able to.

mephistopheles lux said...

She doesn't hold back does she:

Deanna "Is anyone or any group funding you?"

Seems like she really loves Jeebus.

Signifier said...

Deanna S. did fail to ask him whether or not Atwill was Jewish.

He claims to have been raised in a Roman Catholic military school that taught the Trivium, but his ethnicity hasn't been validated.

He does believe in DNA. I got that info from another of his interviews -- on the Fakeology podcast posted here. He'd like to possess, as everyone else would pretty much -- knowledge of what the Elite bloodline is or what it exactly consists of.

Ab Irato doesn't "believe" in DNA.

Signifier said...

Ab Irato on the Fakeology podcast asked Joseph Atwill this question: Since the Quaran contains many of the same religious icons as in the New Testament -- Christ and the apostles in particular -- is it true that the Quaran is also a similar psy-ops operation for the Middle East?

Joseph Atwill immediately stated that he did not feel comfortable giving answer to such a question.

Ab Irato took Atwill's lack of attestation for or against as an indication either that Atwill is afraid of losing his funding -- but Atwill told Deanna nobody is funding him -- or that Atwill is caught up in the 9/11 propaganda and somehow fears the Muslim terrorists or some such nonsense.

Ab Irato seemed to take Atwill's "discomfort" for some kind of evidence, which, in my opinion, is merely jumping to an unwarranted conclusion.

Ab Irato said he would have Atill back on his radio broadcast another time, something that Deanna did not promise Atwill when he was her guest today. :-)

Anonymous said...

Atwill is Anglo Saxon, right away anyone who does not believe in the mythical Rabbi Jewsus is automatically a jew. lol Christianity started as a Sect of Judaism, you could not be a Christian if you were not a jew. Atwill did not want besmirch Allah for fear of decapitation, can you blame him ? Judaism, Christianity and Islam all filth from the desert sand nigger belief systems. Behead all who disagree with them lol

wanda said...

Ab Irato is over the top with the stuff he doesn't believe. He is reasonable in most respects... but to say he doesn't believe in DNA was a bit over the top for me. You would have to throw out paternity testing... prisoners being set free due to testing not matching them to the crime...

I do wonder how many sides we're being played on.

But i don't believe in the God of the Bible and i don't think Jesus was a real, historic person... so to people who believe in words on paper published i a book, i cannot be moral and caring because we can only have morals through religion... oy vey.

I have questions about anyone who claims to be seeking truth who has not challenged their own belief system first.

wanda said...

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Signifier said...


I wonder if we're being "allowed" theses final revelations about the Old and New Testaments so that, once erased, people will openly accept Nature as the God(dess) to be worshipped and protected, so that we'll all sacrifice our private property rights for the sake of sacred Nature who needs (unlike man, apparently to be wild and free, undomesticated.

wanda said...

I don't know about "allowed" because i always found contradictions in the bible and i studied for years, both on my own and in groups. I think the advent of the computer made it easier to compile and contrast all the murders, rapes, pillages, incest, nepotism, bla, bla, bla... ad nauseum, for analysis.

Religious arguments can go on for days, yet they go nowhere. For every one saying, there are numerous and varied contradictions. Religion falls apart on its own merits. It is schizophrenic.

That said, there is merit in what you say in Agenda 21... and fervent protection of nature... which we are a part of and nature protects us, she doesn't need our protection, there is little we can do that she can't clean up. The industrialists, on the other hand, they need to be stopped... they are doing some major damage.

I have little faith in mankind these days. So few seem to want to face reality... so few want to be lead instead of figuring out their own way.

wanda said...

so few want to be lead instead of figuring out their own way. I said that wrong... not trying to be biblical... LOL.

Someboodeh said...

Official religion of are of Aquarius is New Age, so you'd better go along with that.

Jesus is soo last two millenias.

wanda said...

I suspect the Age of Aquarius is just an introduction of a new religion for the new age... as Signifier suggests... HOLEY Nature... separate and apart from humanity... huh, how's that work, but people will follow... the thoroughly indoctrinated will follow that.

The complete and undeniable truth is this:


Someboodeh said...

Two thousand years of Woodstock and granola bars? I don't wanna live no more.

wanda said...

You know... me either Someboodeh. It can't be proven, but i strongly intuit that we will be back here.

I will be so p*ssed if this goddam place is a prison planet when i show back up... so all i can say is... not in this lifetime... because what we do now does matter.