October 02, 2013

Hungary gov’t vows to silence critics of Zionism and Jewish supremacy

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October 1, 2013
Hungary’s Deputy Prime Minister Tibor Navracsics told a gathering of Zionist Jews that he will do his utmost to ensure criticism of Zionist Jewry will be eradicated in Hungary.

The Zionist-sympathizing minister plans to accomplish this by using Bolshevik tactics, stating:  “We cannot allow, especially knowing our own responsibility, anti-Semitism to gain strength in Hungary. We will crack down with legal means if necessary and, while we can, we will make sure through political means that Hungary remains a republic of good men.”

“Good men” appears to be a code-word for men who subordinate the interests of their own people to that of Jewish supremacists.

Anti-semitism is a code-word for criticism of Jewish-Zionist wrongdoings and undue influence.

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