October 02, 2013

The Real World of Money with Andrew Gause 2013.10.02

Socialism is On the Move and It’s Going to Get Real Ugly Real Fast

-The tension in the air Andy is feeling surrounding money and the economy
-Political theatre or is there a chance for The Great Correction? On a one to ten what is Andy’s level of confidence this will happen?
-The boys were up to no good last night shorting gold
-CFTC has cleared JP Morgan et al of any wrongdoing in manipulating silver and gold
-The USG will not default on paying interest on the debt. Period.
-We go over the budget for this year to give you a clear picture of just how big the USG is and where the money goes.
-A lesson in Socialism indeed on this morning’s show
-We do the simple math and what it takes just to stay even.
-The Chinese continue to buy U.S. debt contrary to daily scare reports saying they are selling Obamacare and what it may really be the motive here.
-The pros and cons of buying coins through a network marketing program
-How to buy junk silver at a local coin shop. We do the math

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