December 18, 2013

Edward Snowden "Person of the Year" 2013

 Edward Snowden became popular over six months ago when he leaked various information from the National Security Agency (NSA), revealing the spying details of the US officials over the world leaders. This story led to a huge world known scandal, which caused the worsening of relationship between the US and many European countries.
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Anonymous said...

This guy is playing his role to polarize the entire world, and make America "the new Germany", so that the world will view us as the bad-guy, and not shed-a-tear when we end-up like Germany, except for different reasons.

This is all a dog-and-pony-show, and as hard as it may be to believe that this whole Snowden thing is an extremely massive psy-op, IT IS. We are being set-up for "The Final War", and the only way to have that happen is absolute polarization, and that was the end-result of Snowden's "revelations", which was NOTHING NEW, and was well-known by anyone who gave-a-shit to educate themselves about privacy.

I know that people do not want to believe hard and ugly truths, but just like what is outlined in THE PROTOCOLS, "they" attempt to control all sides as best they can to guide the outcome to their desire, and that is PRECISELY what happened with this Snowden situation. If any of you ever take-the-time to read the comments-section of places like Yajoo! "news", you will see that half of the people view Snowden as a hero, and the other half as a literal traitor, and THAT was the desired outcome--POLARIZATION.